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Apex of Online Gaming at Everygame

Every generation thinks that it is super special and that the generation that came after it is spoiled rotten.  This is true in spades for baby boomers and millennials.  Everygame Casino began during the beginning of the millennial era in 1996.  We were the first online casino for many baby boomers and now enjoy a healthy millennial gamer base.

How do we do it?

What is a Baby Boomer?

This term describes all the little tots that were born after World War II.  No one knows for sure when the baby boom era ended and the next generation began so we won’t play semantic “games” with exact dates.

What is a Millennial?

This term describes people born more or less around the turn of the century.  The first important distinction to note between baby boomers and millennials is that baby boomers think of the turn of the century as the end of the 20th and the start of the 21st century and millennials live and think ONLY about the 21st century.

Why is All of this Important?

Baby boomers and millennials have very different mindsets and they reflect the way these two groups play casino games. 

Baby boomers’ parents lived through the Great Depression.  Their parents likely were poor.  Even the well-educated in those days were poor.  Their parents also lived through World War II with its great uncertainties and dangers.  Baby boomer parents in Europe and Asia lived the war up close and personal.

Millennials were born after Western countries had long overcome the poverty of the depression and war years.  Millennials grew up in bigger homes with more conveniences and larger budgets for entertainment - not to mention electronics - a word that didn't even exist while the baby boomers were growing up.

Land Based Casinos

Baby boomers came of age when there were only land based casinos.  A trip to a land based casino was a vacation.  On the other hand, millennials have grown up in the digital age.  It took baby boomers a long time to fully understand the term “digital”.  To millennials, digital was like milk and cereal: something totally natural that they had known all their lives!

For millennials, a trip to a land based casino is merely an excursion.  It is not a fully formed vacation.

Online Casinos

Everygame was one of the first online casinos and we came online in 1996 exactly at the time the millennial generation was hitting first grade.  For baby boomers, an online casino was an odd thing indeed.  Everything online was odd to baby boomers.  Everything online was normal to millennials. 

Everygame has always fashioned itself as doing everything we can to appeal to both the older gamers of the baby boom era and the younger gamers of the millennial age.


The millennial generation has only known affluence.  Even hard times are only relative.  Millennials have a lot more disposable income and like to spend it in many ways.  Online gaming is just one.  We know that we are competing with the entire entertainment industry so we offer great promotions and new games every month.  Even more important, Everygame is at the forefront of every innovation in graphics and gaming technology.

This doesn’t mean that graphics aren’t important to older gamers.  They are.  But to older gamers, great graphics are an amazing development.  To millennials, great graphics are expected.  Anything less than the best would be unacceptable.  That’s why we at Everygame make sure that the graphics in all our games are always top of the line.

Did You Say Screens?

While baby boomers grew up with television, millennials grew up with screens.  This difference shows most sharply in the massive popularity spurt in mobile gaming that occurred just as computer graphics were getting a lot better, smartphones and tablets were coming to the market, and millennials were old enough to afford one (or more) themselves.

The easy comfort millennials have for mobile devices means that mobile gaming will likely continue to grow in popularity as long as Everygame continues to be a leader in innovating for mobile.

Millennials are a lot more savvy about all things digital than are baby boomers.  Millennials are the ones making long commutes on commuter trains.  They are what were called Yuppies way back in the 1980’s.  Millennials don’t play mobile casino games exclusively during their long commutes.  They might also work.  But they are totally comfortable with short diversions surrounding long periods of work.

Everygame Casino

Finally, let’s look more closely at how Everygame serves both he millennial and the baby boom generations.


We continue to improve our slots in terms of graphics, design, storyline, and imagination.  When a millennial plays a slot based in ancient Greece, they actually think that they may be able to go there someday.  Millennials have grown up seeing the impossible happen and become commonplace.

We also realize that the kind of storylines that were acceptable in previous decades may not be so acceptable today.  We have to be as sensitive as our gamers.


We accept bitcoin for deposits and withdrawal.  Millennials are fine with the concept of a cryptocurrency while baby boomers look at bitcoin as something out of a futuristic movie.


We offer many bonuses and other benefits.  Cashback, comp points, and deposit bonuses make the promotions at Everygame accessible and exciting for everyone.

Changeability is not the Same as Flux

Baby boomers came of age in a simpler time.  Fast moving events at times threw them for a loop.  Millennials have grown up in a fast-changing time so they adapt to any changes a lot more easily.

We make changes in a timely manner but we are sensitive to the need for baby boomers to go slow even as we are going fast.

The Future

Even we don’t know what the future will bring!  We do know that we pay attention to the future every day.  We see it as our duty to serve the present while preparing to be the best online casino in the future as well.