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Let’s be honest.  A lot of people who are against letting people gamble ask: Why do people gamble?  We feel that this question has the entire matter backward.  Gambling is in our DNA.  We gamble even when we don’t realize it.  Sometimes we gamble for no good reason.  Everygame Casino is a great, safe place to spend some time pursuing what we call “controlled gambling”.

Before we get into why Everygame Online Casino is a safe place to gamble in a controlled manner, let’s explore a few ways that we gamble in our everyday lives, how land based casino gambling often removes the controlling element from our gambling, and then how online gaming at Everygame casino restores control over our gambling and turns it into a fun gaming activity.

We Gamble All the Time

Most people have some sort of investment plan.  Investments are a gamble that the value of our investment will rise over time.  Alas, this is not always the case as investors in Kmart and Sears have found out.

We fly to visit relatives or to go on vacation.  Flying is both a gamble and a very safe way to travel.  Even though flying is remarkably safe, it is still a gamble that the mechanics did a good job restoring the plane, the captain is competent, the weather will not cause a problem, and other considerations.

Driving on the highway at high speeds is also a gamble of sorts.  In fact, it is less safe than flying.

Athletes also gamble all the time.  Baseball players gamble that the next pitch won’t hit them in the head.  Fans accept a similar gamble.  Football players gamble that they won’t sustain a life-changing injury.  Willie Shoemaker, the famed jockey, spoke once about the ever-present possibility of being paralyzed in a racing accident. 

So, we cannot deny that life is full of gambles.  Just getting out of bed in the morning is an act of accepting the risk.  For political reasons, many people would restrict your chance to gamble.  The biggest reason they do so is because gambling can get out of control.

At Everygame, our emphasis is always on fun and responsible gaming.

Land Based Casinos

The gambling that people do at land based casinos is often uncontrolled gambling.  Land based casinos have a number of tricks that make it more difficult for people to control their gambling there. 

Hotel Desk

The hotel desk at almost every land based casino is in the casino itself.  In other words, the hotel and the casino are effectively two parts of the same thing.  Many people will spend some time at the slots or other machines or even at the table games when they really just had a question or were leaving the hotel or coming back.

Windows and Clocks

Almost every land based casino has no clocks and no windows.  This tricks gamers into thinking that it is earlier than it really is.  When gamblers think that it’s much earlier than it really is, they stay longer on the casino floor.  They gamble when they’re tired or hungry - and shouldn't be gambling at that point. 

Free Alcohol

Land based casinos offer free alcohol because it dulls the decision-making part of our brains.  We stay in the casino longer than we should and we begin to make poor decisions.

Contrived Excitement

Most land based casinos have some type of floor “entertainment”.  This gives gamblers the illusion that they are simply watching a show when in reality their attention is being distracted and they make poor decisions.

Vacation Packages

Land based casinos offer packages that may include flights, hotel accommodations, show tickets, and a beginning stipend on the casino floor.  Most packages also obligate the gambler to bet a specific minimum amount.

This amount may be difficult to achieve in a short visit to the casino so gamblers stay on the casino floor long after they might have stopped.  This is the epitome of uncontrolled gambling.

Everygame Casino

None of the elements that contribute to uncontrolled gambling at land based casinos apply to gambling at Everygame.

When you gamble at home, you always can simply look out the window to see if night has fallen.  You can look at your watch to see if it is time to stop so you can take care of your many other responsibilities.  Online casino gaming is thus a far cry from land based casino gambling.

You are never “stuck” at an online casino while at a land based casino, you might feel that you’ve gambled enough and you still have a day or two to hang around before your flight home.

Drink After Gaming

You decide when to have an alcoholic drink.  At home, you can far more easily delay having a drink until you close a gaming session.  You can go to a neighborhood bar or pub and have a few with friends while at a land based casino, you always drink those free drinks on the floor, surrounded by people but functionally alone.  And obviously, drinking and gambling do not mix - better to have a clear head when you're deciding on your next bet.


The value of online gaming at Everygame is that we urge all our gamers to see the gaming itself as one aspect of their overall entertainment “package”.  You don’t need contrivances to have fun at Everygame.  The games themselves provide great gobs of fun without the silly distractions that you get at land based casinos.


The grand irony of mobile is that many land based casinos now offer a mobile gambling platform so you can continue to play in your room!  Why would anyone pay to travel to a land based casino just so they can play on the hotel’s mobile platform?

The mobile platform at Everygame simply means that you can take the casino with you.  It is the exact opposite of the brick and mortar nature of land based casinos.  Mobile provides astonishing flexibility for short-term gaming or longer sessions.  You don’t know the pleasure you can have gaming in bed with your significant other until you try it.  There are fun, laughter, and good vibes.  Why travel to discover that?

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We invite you to enter the wonderful world of gaming at Everygame.  We offer over 300 games, many excellent promotions, and a culture of safe and responsible gaming.