smiling gamers curled up to play slots on laptop

What Attracts So Many Gamers to Slots?

Here is an interesting development in online casino games.  At the same time that online poker, video poker, and blackjack are becoming more and more popular, online slots continue to be the favorite game played by online gamers.  How, you might ask, is that possible?  We, at Everygame Casino, see this phenomenon at work every day.  It’s possible because of the nature of blackjack, video poker, and casino poker on the one hand and slots on the other hand.

It also shows that as the world’s population becomes more affluent, they spend more time at online casinos as part of their entertainment activity.

Poker, Blackjack, and Video Poker

This article is about the joys of online slots so just a word about “those other games”.  Many new gamers, perhaps such as yourself, are looking for intellectual stimulation in their online casino games.  These are the same people who like Sudoku, kakuro, hidato, and griddlers to name just a few logic games that we find in print in newspapers, magazines, and online.

The attraction these games have is that they require intense attention to small details.  There is a huge amount of pleasure some players derive from making the correct play time after time in these games.


Slots are different.  The great attraction that slots have for many gamers is that they are a pure form of entertainment.  You can sit back and enjoy the game for itself without having to think too hard.  In a real sense, slots let you go with the flow after a long day at work where going with the flow might lead to mistakes in those "other" games.

This is far from the only attraction slots have for their loyal players.

Stay at Home

So many gamers love the online slots at Everygame because they don’t have to travel to play them.   This is really a big deal.  When you travel to a land based casino, you might have to fly.  Even if you don’t fly, you might have to drive for several hours.  Most players at land based casinos stay two nights.  So you have the cost of travel plus the cost of a hotel room.  Add to all this, the cost of restaurants, drinks, taxis, gifts that you simply have to buy for the people back home, a show if you can afford the price of a ticket to the 4:00 am performance, and many other costs of not being at home.

Play Several Games

This headline has two meanings.  First, Everygame Casino offers hundreds of slots and adds new ones every month.  So, we can keep you in slots heaven forever!

The second meaning of this headline is that you can go from slots to slots without losing your seat or waiting to play a game you like or want to try out.  At an online casino, if you get up, someone else might sit down so, many slots players at land based casinos play one slot for hours on end.

They say they like it but online players have the best of both worlds: you can play any slots game for as long as you like and you can play as many slots as you like even at the same time.

If slots are a pure form of entertainment, as we often say they are, then being able to play many slots games in a session is more entertaining than being forced to play only one slot during a gaming session.

Why Do You Play Slots?

Here is where slots differ from poker and blackjack.  Slots are a story wrapped around a set of symbols that spark your imagination and all standing upon a wagering edifice.  In other words, the gambling aspect of slots is secondary to the flights of imagination you always have when you play slots for fun.

Every slot fits into a general story category.  We call these story categories themes but they are really stories in the best sense of the word.  It’s like you’re at a campfire and someone is telling a story about the ancient Aztecs or Greeks, about space travel or deep sea exploration, about a wonderful romance or a great summer vacation.

There are so many storylines that slots players never really run out of fun times and moments to sit back and enjoy as the reels spin.

An Exercise in Imagination

We talk about vicariously experiencing a faraway country or a historical event.  Slots allow our imaginations to soar to great heights and to plummet to great depths (underwater themes).  And they are fun as well!

What Makes Slots So Much Fun?

First is the story line, but there is so much more to a good slots game.  The characters have to be drawn so that they draw you in.  RealTime Gaming is known for the imaginative way they “tell the story”.

The wild symbol should always do more than just substitute for the other symbols except the scatter, of course.  So some slots will have a multiplier attached to all wins with the wild symbol; some will have expanding wilds; some have stacked wilds; there are also sticky wilds that stay on a reel for a specific amount of time.

The great slots at Everygame Red have all of these features and many more!

Bonus Rounds

As you probably know, three scatters get you to the free spin bonus rounds.  A good slots game adds a lot of extra excitement to the free spins round.  The multipliers might be higher; you might be able to retrigger the free spins; the wilds might be even more wild; and the wins might be bigger.

Many bonus rounds have stages or levels.  The fun is to go from one stage to the next until you have reached the apex of the game.  Then you might experience Valhalla or simply gain a big win!


These days, almost everyone has a modern mobile device.  So many of the gamers at Everygame Casino tell us that they curl up on a comfortable chair or sofa and play slots to relax.  Some play for free since Everygame offers unlimited free play but most gamers place a small wager on every spin.  For the thrill of the win!

It’s a lot more exciting to win a small amount of money playing slots than just waiting for the lottery with your ticket hidden in a drawer! 

It is also a lot more fun to play slots with your favorite friend or lover.  You can play her game for a while then his game.  Slots are the perfect game for couples while poker and blackjack are best as individual games.

So, enjoy the slots at Everygame to the hilt!