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What are the Specialties of the Specialty Games at Everygame Casino?

If you are a new player at Everygame Casino or a veteran gamer, we urge you to try out our two specialty games: Fish Catch and Banana Jones.  Here is an interesting fact about Everygame: we call these games specialty games because we think that they are exceptionally special.  In this article, we’ll tell you why we feel that way!

Fish Catch

Fish Catch is a multi-player game in which you can compete with other players or play individually.  It is a shooting game in which you try to “shoot” the fish.  It’s okay, really, the fish don’t actually feel a thing and they like the play as much as gamers do! The multi-player feature makes Fish Catch one of the best online casino games.

The fish are all brightly colored with quite different—even unusual facial expressions (for fish, that is).  All in all, the graphics in Fish Catch are so good that a lot of players say that it’s their favorite game at Everygame Casino.

You are fishing with a kind of gun.  There are five different guns and each has a different level of firepower.   You get to choose which of the five different types of gun you’ll shoot this time.  This is one of the great aspects of Fish Catch.  You can use one gun in one game and then switch guns in the next game. 

The guns each carry a different multiplier for fish “shot”.  Since each gun has different firepower and each fish requires different firepower to “shoot” it might take a few shots to down a fish. 

It might seem that you’ll want the most powerful gun every time you play but the lesser guns can shoot down more fish so you can often win more money with less firepower!

There are four fish ponds so you have to choose one to fish in.  Every fish you catch has a cash value that can add up.  Your competitors will be shooting in the fish ponds of their choice.  So carefully aim and shoot!

Another great aspect of Fish Catch is that you can play it many times and choose a different pond each time.  But the ponds don’t stay the same.  So, you need some luck to get the most money out of your fishing expedition.

Think about it!  You choose between guns and between fish ponds.  Sounds like a lot of fun!  Many players tell us that after a session playing blackjack or poker, Fish Catch is a perfect way to unwind!

The feature that Fish Catch fans love is Mermaid’s Luck.  This feature is different than the bonus rounds in slots.  There you need to get three scatters to enter the free spin zone.  In Fish Catch, Mermaid’s Luck gets triggered automatically and randomly.  You get a roulette wheel and spin it for fun and prizes!

Fish Catch also has a 1000x multiplier for the lucky players.  Even if you get a smaller multiplier, you’ll have a whale of a lot of fun, pun intended!

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Banana Jones

This game resembles the childhood classic Chutes and Ladders except that it uses snakes!  Don’t worry; the snakes can’t come through the screen on your computer or mobile device!  So relax and enjoy watching as Banana Jones goes up the “mountain” to the Temple in search of the Crystal Banana. 

The snakes are the chutes; they will take Banana Jones further away from the Temple.  The vines that the snakes hide in are the ladders.  They get our hero closer to the Temple.

Here’s how it all goes down.  Our intrepid ancient artifacts hunter, Banana Jones, crash lands in the jungle.  To most of us, that would be a problem in and of itself but Banana is on a quest: to find the Crystal Banana and return it to the museum where it should rightfully be displayed.

BJ, as he is affectionately called by his many admirers, knows that he has to succeed in his quest and he needs your help in doing so.  World peace may be threatened if the enemy gets its hands on the Crystal Banana before Jones does (yes, some players call him Jones!).

Banana has to contend with the Leopold the Leopard who has an army of slithering snakes to impeded Banana in his quest.  Banana is about as much in love with snakes as was Indiana Jones, a distant relative who some may recognize.  Indiana Jones’ exploits are well recorded in a few “documentaries”.

You help Banana move closer and closer to the Temple by throwing the dice.  You get five throws for every bet you make and there are ways to earn more throws.  Along the way, you’ll try to pick up as many gems as you can because these gems are as valuable as they are beautiful.

The game has two extra special bonus features.  If you land on the Treasure Wheel, you activate the Treasure Wheel feature.  (Banana Jones is known for its clever names!)  This feature gives you an extra throw of the dice for big prizes.  The biggest multiplier is 2565x!  Now that’s a prize worth going for!

When you manage to get past enough snakes and climb up enough vines to reach the Temple you’ll activate the Crystal Banana Quest feature.  You choose a chest.  Each chest has an array of beautiful and delicious fruits worth varying sums of money. 

By the way, BJ donates any money he makes to the ancient artifacts seekers fund.

Also by the way, we suggest you have a variety of delicious fruits in the refrigerator when you play Banana Jones!  When you see how delicious the fruits look, you’ll want one for yourself!

Extra Special Fun

Every game at Everygame Red is fun and exciting.  Fish Catch and Banana Jones are in a class by themselves.  They aren’t slots, roulette, or craps.  They aren’t blackjack or poker.  They are almost childlike in the way they entertain you.

That’s the essence of the fun you’ll have at Everygame Casino.