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Enjoy Three Great Gaming Platforms at Everygame Casino

Everygame Casino offers gamers two great gaming platforms: Instant Play and Download.  Actually, we also offer a third platform: mobile.  However, mobile is a different type of platform than the two we will talk about here.

The history of the online casino gaming experience is that there has always been a form of Instant Play and there has always been a download version.  So, the lingering debate among online casino operators and players as to which platform is “better” is in some ways superfluous.  Here at Everygame Casino, we don’t want to enter the debate.  Instead we would like to present the case for both platforms and we’ll leave each of our gamers the chance to decide for him or herself.

Instant Play

Many online casino gamers have always had personal computers that were already overloaded before they discovered online gaming and started playing.  A lot of online casinos have hundreds of games and in some cases over a thousand games.  Everygame Casino has about 300 games so it is actually much easier to download than many other online casinos.

In the early days of online casino gaming, the graphics on what was the Instant Play of that time (not so long ago, actually) were, to be judicious, not the best.  People who had to play in the Instant Play format that existed then often stopped playing online casino games simply because they weren’t fun to play.

When Everygame Casino came online, you had to download it because we knew that the game play in the other format wasn’t good.

A few years ago, we introduced our Instant Play platform to great acclamation.  The graphics are great, even stunning.  And, let’s be fair, even 300 games take up a lot of space on your hard drive.  So, a very large percentage of our regular gamers play directly on their internet browser with our Instant Play platform.

Reliance on the Server

When you log off the Instant Play platform, you also log off access to Everygame Red.  You need to go to your server and log in every time you want to play.  This is not a burden to a large percentage of gamers but some of our players around the world don’t have high speed internet or reliable servers.

If your internet is very slow or if your server is online sometimes and offline sometimes, you may be better served downloading Everygame Casino to your hard drive.

100s of Games

Some other online casinos offer a reduced number of games on their Instant Play platform. This is not the case at Everygame Casino - our full slate of games is offered in our Instant Play.

Online gaming is better, in our opinion, than land based casino gaming because you have access to so many games and you can play them all without waiting or “losing your seat”.  So, if an online casino offers fewer games in their Instant Play platform, they are actually denying their gamers full gaming entertainment and fun.

At Everygame Casino, we offer all of our games in both formats so you don’t have to download the casino if you don’t want to and you get every ounce of gaming fun in Instant Play!


When you download the casino, you can play without going to the internet.  This may not be a big deal to most but it is a big deal to some - those with slow or inconsistent internet connections - which yes, is still the case in some more remote areas.

The graphics in our Instant Play platform and our download format are of the same quality so that’s not an issue.

And don't think that downloading the casino makes you dependent on that computer or device for all of your online casino gaming. No, no, no - even if you've downloaded the casino for all the convenience that offers, you're still able to play on the Instant or Mobile platforms when that is more convenient. 

Your one casino account is accessible from each platform - you don't need an account for each.  This is very important, because some casinos require a separate casino account on each platform.  Not Everygame - at Everygame, you access your same, single casino account from all three platforms!


Here is actually where mobile gaming comes in.  The modern world is one of increasing convenience.  So, many players feel that downloading the casino to their desktop computer is very inconvenient and, with easy access to the games on their mobile device, totally unnecessary.

In order to play on our mobile platform, simply open your mobile browser, get to Everygame casino, and you're on your way.

Furthermore, most gaming these days is done on mobile devices.  It’s more convenient for one.  That is obviously true.  It is also more comfortable.  You don’t have to sit on your desk chair to play.  No matter how comfortable your desk chair is, it doesn’t beat curling up on the sofa for comfort.

Mobile is also the best format for playing casino games in bed with your partner.  The games that are the most fun to play are also the most fun to play from the comfort of bed.


Each platform has its pros and cons.  Some players have very powerful desktop computers so they download to their hard drive and also have the mobile app.  Some players with very reliable, high speed internet play on the Instant Play platform.

The best thing is that you can always change your mind!  If you want to play on the Instant Play platform because you have upgraded your internet service, you can do so.  If you want to download the casino to your computer hard drive because you have upgraded your personal computer, you can do so. 

And the mobile platform allows you to take the casino with you wherever you go, whenever you go!

Remember, at Everygame Casino, the guiding principle is to make it as easy, comfortable, and convenient for gamers to have fun playing our games!