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Everygame Casino Offers Many Banking Options

We have spoken in the past about the different banking options available to gamers at Everygame Casino.  We have heard from some gamers that they find the wide range of choices to actually be somewhat confusing.  So, in this article, we’ll try to help you decide which banking option is best for you.

Gaming and Fun

The first point to keep in mind is that online casino gaming at Everygame Casino should be a great, fun way to spend some leisure time.  We offer banking options so you can deposit and withdraw money easily thereby emphasizing the fun side of gaming.

Transferring Money

Online casino banking is not like regular banking.  Your personal bank makes it possible for you to pay bills and make purchases.  Your online casino account has one singular purpose: to make it possible for you to deposit money into your gaming account and to withdraw winnings.

Credit Cards

Most online gamers simply use their credit card to deposit and withdraw.  This is because credit cards are so prevalent in our advanced economies.  Fifty years ago it was a lot harder to get a credit card but today anyone can get one and they are easy to use.

There are basically two reasons why some gamers prefer a different banking method instead of their credit card.  The first is that they want more anonymity regarding gaming.  This is actually the lesser reason for choosing to deposit and withdraw using a different method.

The more important reason has to do with sound money management.  Gaming has to be a happy pastime.  Most credit cards have a high ceiling which means that the player can deposit larger sums than they know they should. 

For that reason, many players choose a banking option that makes it easier for them to stay within their gaming budget.  In this sense, it’s like choosing a restaurant for dinner.  Many people choose to avoid high-priced restaurants because, even though there are some menu items that fit their restaurant budget, the temptation to order something that costs too much might be too powerful.  Similarly, if a gamer has a large limit available in their credit card, the temptation to deposit more than they should might prove to be too strong.

A corollary of this reason to avoid banking with a credit card is the level of interest they might have to pay to the credit card company if they have to carry over expenses from one month to the next.  Sound money management at any online casino begins with deposits and withdrawals.

Banking and Budgeting

So, it should be clear that many of the alternative banking options we offer at Everygame casino involve making it easier for gamers to budget their gaming wisely.  We understand that in a developed economy, people have many leisure time options and that they want to budget for each one carefully.

A person who likes to travel needs to budget for that.  People who like to eat out a lot, go to concerts or sports matches, buy new books, go to the movies and much more need to be confident that they can budget for all of the things they like to do.  So, we offer many options that make it easy to budget carefully for online casino gaming.


An electronic wallet is a type of middle-man between the gamer, his or her bank, and the casino.  The big key for gamers is that you send money to the e-wallet and from there to the casino.  Thus, an e-wallet offers a lot more anonymity than banking with a credit card because your bank is not involved at all.  It also controls your gaming budget.  Whichever sum of money you wish to play with each month, you send that sum to the e-wallet and from there to the casino.

We also offer the services of a few e-wallets.  They all operate in very similar ways but each has its own unique aspects.  To decide which one is best for you, we recommend going to the e-wallets website or contact them directly.  Using an e-wallet is the second most popular way to deposit and withdraw and continues to gain popularity as people become more familiar with them and understand the small advantages an e-wallet offers over a credit card.

Bank Transfer

A bank transfer is simply a transfer from your checking account to the casino.  This option is less popular than others but we still have a large group of gamers who use it.  Some gamers are still reticent to give their credit card number over the internet so the direct deposit option may be best for them.

Cash Transfer

Another method is to deposit cash in one account and then send that money to the casino.  This option is best for a relatively small number of gamers but we keep the option open for those players who like it.  By being able to send to the casino only the money they put into the go-between account, this option does help gamers control their gaming budget.


Bitcoin is the epitome of the 21st century banking method.  We also allow banking in another crypto-currency: litecoin.  People are just starting to really understand how crypto-currencies work but they do know that they can use such “money” for many purchases online.

Crypto-currencies were created just about a decade ago more as a political statement than anything else.  The idea was to get governments to stop increasing the supply of regular government currencies.  There is the possibility that crypto-currencies might someday replace government money but, for now, that day is truly far away.  Nevertheless, we found that many gamers do prefer to bank with bitcoin and litecoin - the cash of the future.

Bottom Line

In the end, the reasons for choosing any banking option over any other boils down to a few important elements:

  • Convenience. Credit cards are still the most convenient banking method.
  • Anonymity. E-wallets lead in this regard.
  • Money management.  Every method aside from credit cards is good for sound money management.
  • Distrust of government money.  Bitcoin fits this definition.  More gamers use bitcoin now than even one year ago but it is still only an up-and-coming banking option.

Finally, always keep in mind that we at Everygame Red want your online gaming to be as fun as possible.  One aspect of keeping gaming fun is good money management and smooth banking.  For that reason, we offer you a wide range of banking opportunities - we're confident you'll find the best one for you.