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9 Unusual Everygame Casino Tips

You want your online casino experience to be as fun and profitable as possible.  You can find many hints and tips that can help you gain a larger edge or enjoy the games more.  In this article, we at Everygame Casino will give you a few out of the box tips that will enhance your gaming fun.

Meditation and Slots

We say as often as we can that the biggest attraction of the online slots here at Everygame Casino is the many different kinds of stories they tell.  A new gamer wrote to us that she does a few minutes of meditation before a slots gaming session.  The meditation relaxes her and opens her mind to new experiences, the perfect way to enjoy a wide variety of slots.

Here’s the thing.  When you play just one slot over and over like you would do at any land based casino, the experience can get stale quickly.  Players stay at the machine even when the game has become stale because they don’t want to lose their seat.

At Everygame Casino, you can play all of the 300 and more games we offer from the one place you are sitting in!  Meditating before a session puts you in a great frame of mind and makes “wandering about the casino” a lot of fun.  And fun is the reason we are all here today!

Eat Light

We suggest that you eat a small meal before playing or even to delay eating until after the session.  If you eat a big meal before playing, you’ll feel heavy and you might get sleepy tired from the energy your body needs to digest the meal.

A light meal makes your body feel light and that makes your mind feel light as well.  Just as you’ll have more spring in your legs, you’ll have more spring in your mind!  That will put you in a perfect place to really enjoy the games we offer at Everygame.

Drink Light

Everyone by now knows that land based casinos offer free alcohol to get gamers in a loose (ie. losing) frame of mind.  We hope that you know to delay drinking alcohol until after the gaming session.  In addition to avoiding alcohol, we suggest drinking light.  Stick to water, soda, fruit juice and such.

Even coffee, sugary soft drinks, and chocolate (or vanilla) shakes will cause you to breathe more heavily, run to the bathroom more often, feel a bit floopsy in the belly or otherwise feel less than perfect.  And that's sure to affect your game.

Walk Around

As we said earlier, players at land based casinos tend to hold their seats for much longer than they should.  They get stiff backs and necks, minor leg cramps, and other irritating aches and pains but will not give up their precious seat.

At Everygame, we encourage everyone to stand up and walk around at least every half hour.  You will never lose your seat, we promise!  Even if a million gamers come to Everygame while you are stretching your legs, you won’t lose your seat!

Go for It

Let’s say that your gaming budget allows you only a few spins at a progressive jackpot per session.  Watch the board to see the level the progressive jackpots have reached and jump in when the numbers are high enough to give your few spins some extra excitement.

Remember, the chances of winning a progressive jackpot are exactly the same in the next spin after someone has won the jackpot as they are if thousands of spins have been played without a big winner.  That’s because the Random Number Generator determines every outcome of every spin or hand in the card games!  What does increase with time is the size of the jackpot.  The longer it hasn't been won, the more contributions go into it pushing it sky-high.

So, increase the excitement of going for a big jackpot by waiting until the jackpot is really big!

Stop Buying Lottery Tickets

We suggest that you put that money to better use in any of a number of ways.  Save for a pair of great hiking boots.  Put away some money for a trip.  Once a year, go to a fancy restaurant.  Buy a book that you’ve wanted to read for a long time even if the price is a bit high.  Take an adult education course.

Why do we say to stop buying lottery tickets?  Because the possible win in many lotteries is so much money that many people spend all of their entertainment money on tickets.  Then they wait anxiously for the big drawing.

In this way, lotteries increase tension and ticket owners don’t do anything after they have bought the tickets.  When you play online casino games, you play.  You have fun!  You do something!

Before you curl up on the sofa to play some casino games, you won’t feel any tension.  Instead you’ll have a sweet, tingly sensation that you’re about to have fun!

Use Good Strategy

First of all, systems don’t work but strategy does.  Systems are ways that players ostensibly cover losses over time.  They don’t work, period.  When you play with a system and lose, you’ll get angry and frustrated.  We suggest playing every game with the correct attitude.

There are games of chance and games of skill.  Slots are games of chance.  Play them as games of chance and have fun.  Blackjack and poker are games of skill.  Here you need to hone your knowledge of strategy.  The more you improve your grasp of strategy, the more you’ll enjoy playing!

Variety is the Spice of Gaming Life

We have a few varieties of video poker, casino poker, and blackjack.  We think that you’ll enjoy playing every variety but make sure that you know the rules and the strategies before playing.

That’s why we offer unlimited free play: to help players learn new games.

Talk to Us

Our customer service office is always open.  We train our representatives to do everything to answer questions or help in any way they can.  We welcome questions and comments.  We urge you to tell us what you think.  Don’t be afraid to criticize; it is often in reaction to correct criticism that we make changes.

We also appreciate positive feedback.  We have heard from gamers who say that getting something off their chest reduces tension and that offering praise makes them smile!  So both areas are important to us and we are sure that you’ll feel the same if you start telling us about your gaming experience.