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Online Gaming Lets You Make Your Vacation a Real Vacation

We speak fairly often about the advantages of playing at an online casino over a land based casino.  One of the big reasons we site is that at home at Everygame Casino you can play for a while and then stop to take care of domestic and work responsibilities.

In this article, we’ll address one of the objections we have heard from our loyal gamers that, “We don’t want to take care of our work or domestic responsibilities.  We want to go on vacation!”

We All Want to Go on Vacation

We agree fully with the above sentiment our gamers express often.  The point we would like to make is that, when you go on vacation, you should make it a non-gambling vacation!  Keep your casino games play in check at home and go have  a great vacation!

If You Live in the City

City folk, which today means the vast majority of people in developed countries, don’t get many opportunities to get back to nature.  We are not suggesting deep country hiking with heavy packs, tents, cooking equipment and so forth.  We mean that a lot of us need a chance to experience the clean air and fresh smells of nature rather than getting all of our nature when we take our kids or grandkids to the park and there are a few trees that provide shade!

In developed countries there are many so-called state parks and national parks.  You can find easy loop hikes up to more challenging longer hikes.  The point is that it is much better, in our estimation, to go on a few country hikes, dip your feet in a cold mountain lake, and breathe in the cool, refreshing country air rather than spend endless hours in a land based casino with artificial lighting, recirculated air, and distractions that range from the ridiculous such as employees dressed in the costumes of people from long ago times to scantily clad waitresses bringing free alcohol.

If You Live in the Country

The opposite is the case for the few people who live in truly rural areas.  Go to an exciting big city for your vacation.  Every developed country has several great urban getaways.  If you do live in the country, you never get a chance to visit a variety of museums, see an eclectic blend of shows and concerts, sample ethnic food from many different cuisines, and just soak in the atmosphere in a city.

Cities are loud and boisterous and the deep country is quiet enough that you can hear the animals.   In each case, going outside of your normal environment will on the one hand be a great experience and on the other hand give you more appreciation of where you live!

Tricks Land Based Casino Play

This is one of the great truisms of modern life!  One of the biggest tricks that land based casinos play is to make a long weekend at the casino seem like a great way to spend the weekend.  They know that it is hard to manage one’s budget well in a land based casino.  There aren’t any windows or clocks!

There really isn’t all that much to do at a land based casino besides play casino games.  Even if the casino gives you a great deal for a flight, hotel room, meals, and a couple of hundred dollars to gamble with, if you lose the original stipend, you’ll buy more chips - they're counting on it.

Bells and Whistles

A land based casino sometimes sounds a lot like a modern supermarket with background noise that most resembles the barcode endlessly being scanned!  Casinos like to mesmerize gamers in this way.  If someone a few terminals from you wins a large jackpot, many players feel that the same will happen to them soon.

When you play at home, you are a lot more in control.  Everygame Casino Red always pushes online gaming as part of your entertainment choices.  Rather than chase the difficult big jackpot, we encourage every player to chase the easy win to achieve a fun time at the online casino!

Fun Times with Friends

Some people organize a long weekend at a land based casino with friends.  There is one very glaring problem with such an excursion.  At least one person in the “happy” party will lose his or her entire gambling budget in just a few hours or less.  Then they will have a few unpleasant choices.

The first is to pretend that they are doing all right.  “I’m holding my own” is a commonly heard statement by someone who is just hanging around with no more money to gamble with.

The second unpleasant option is to buy more chips.  This is not the happy choice some might think it is; the gamer who exceeds their budget in order to continue playing will play with little joy.

The third option is to hide away in their room or at the pool.  No more fun times at the casino for them.  If they wanted to hang around at the pool, they could have gone to a nice country hotel with a pool!

Online Gaming Fun Times with Friends

Here we will suggest a sure fire way to have a great time with friends and to feel like you’re on vacation.  Have a weekend gaming party!

Party with a Fixed Budget

The first way to do this is to have a fixed amount that the party-goers can bring for the gaming activity.  If you keep the sum small, they can all play for several hours in partnerships and any losses they might incur will be small.  The fun side of everyone playing games together on a big screen or several big screens can last a long time.

When the gaming is over, you can have a party meal with alcohol and good cheer!

Play for Charity

Tell your friends that you are throwing a gaming party for charity.  Tell them that everyone should bring a specific amount of money to play with and that all wins will be donated to charity.

You can divide the money into direct charity, in which case many gamers will play in free play mode, or you can simply say that all wins will be kept in a separate account so that there are in fact winnings at the end of the evening to give to charity.

If you do this and keep the amount of money relatively small, say $100, you’ll find that a lot of your friends are into the idea.  They’ll play every game Everygame Casino offers because the idea is just to have a good time and to benefit charity.

Online Gaming in Ascendancy

Especially because of mobile gaming, more gaming is done at online casinos than ever before.  We hope this article has pointed you in the direction of making your vacations real vacations and your gaming real fun!