Player relaxed and playing at Everygame

Why is it a Good Idea to Join Everygame Casino?

It is not unusual for new gamers, or someone considering registering at an online casino and depositing money for the first time, to feel some twinges of guilt.  What if my friends find out?  What if my close family members find out?  Everygame Casino is publishing this article to show you that online casino gaming is a perfectly reasonable and acceptable activity as long as you follow a few elements of responsible gaming.

Play for Small Stakes

Everyone likes to gamble.  In fact, we gamble all the time without actually realizing that we are gambling.  Here we don’t mean that getting out of bed in the morning is a form of gambling.  We mean far more serious forms of gambling.

Many people switch jobs even though their previous job was quite satisfactory in terms of salary, contact with colleagues, personal advancement and so on.  Many people want new challenges especially in their youth.  Some people change professions midstream.  Most of us know about a doctor who left medicine to become a carpenter.

In terms of online gaming, millions of blackjack players do so for the tremendous challenge they feel to make the best decision on hand after hand.  Making the best decision and still losing teaches very important lessons that help us professionally.  We are reminded of the American football coach who consoled his weeping daughter after the team lost that year’s championship game: “You can’t win them all.”

As much as you try, you can’t win every time even if you make the right decision every time.

So, whether you make large bets or small bets, the challenge in games of skill like poker and blackjack is the draw rather than the possibility of winning big.


If you hear about a new restaurant that you would like to try, you might do an internet search to find out the general menu and prices.  If the prices are too high, you’ll eschew going there.  That’s because we know that restaurants are a form of entertainment, gastronomical entertainment to be exact.  But we don’t entertain our taste buds at all costs.  We try to stay within a fair budget for all forms of entertainment that include restaurants, adult education courses, movies, theatre, books and dozens of other forms of entertainment.

One of those dozens of forms of entertainment is online casino gaming.  When you see online gaming as entertainment, it becomes a lot more acceptable emotionally.  The key is to always see it in this way.  One of the biggest mistakes gamblers at land based casinos do is they buy more chips hoping to “just get even”. 

If they do somehow get even, they almost never quit while ahead because they don’t see gaming as gaming.  They see gaming as a separate activity in which they can win enough money to be able to afford luxuries that otherwise would be out of their reach.

Play for Free

The best way to stay within yourself while playing at Everygame Casino is to play in our unlimited free play mode.  Some gamers divide their gaming between free play and wagering.  This keeps play in perspective.  That means that, even though you put some money on the line for a specified period of time, the activity is ultimately a game.

If you go bowling with a friend, you might put a small wager on the game.  Unless you are both high rollers, you might bet one dollar on a game.  That way, whoever wins will not feel that he or she has gotten rich at their friend’s expense and the loser will shrug off the loss.

Understand the Odds

The game with the highest return to player rate is video poker.  The rate is close to 100%.  So, if you play for a couple of hours and bet a total of $200, you might win a few dollars or lose a few dollars.  This is functionally the same as the above example about gambling on a bowing game.

By understanding that video poker will not make you rich, you are emotionally released to be able to simply enjoy the game for its own sake.

Play in Your Free Time

We play sports in our free time.  We play table games in our free time.  We should also play casino games in our free time.  Our free time is quite limited in the modern world as we work long hours, sleep, and have family responsibilities.  However, we have more free time than people have ever had before!

In the past, many of the activities we take for granted involved hard work.  These included fetching water, cleaning clothes, baking bread, keeping homes lit, hunting and gathering food, and many more activities.  As much as our time is in demand in many ways, we still have lots of free time.

So, healthy gaming means playing when your time is not in demand in another area.

Sample Many Games

We think that you could see online gaming at Everygame Red as a form of leisure time shopping.  If you go to a book store, you likely take many books off the shelf.  This is especially true of used book stores.

If you go shopping at a discount mall, you might go into several stores that essentially sell the same items just “to see”.

Online gaming is so much more convenient than land based casino gaming because you can sample all of Everygame’ games from the comfort of your chair or sofa.  This is impossible at a land based casino!


Once again, online gaming is one way many people get their minds off of everyday concerns.  The same applies to watching or attending sports matches, going to the movies or stand-up comedy shows, binge streaming television series, attending a cooking class, or climbing El Capitan.

In other words, everyone has their own way to divert their attention from everyday concerns.


Online gaming is a fun way to pass time when your time is truly free.  As long as you stay within yourself financially and emotionally, online casino gaming can be a very rewarding way to enjoy your free time.

If you have been wondering if you should register, we hope this article has shown you that online gaming at Everygame Casino is a wonderful way to have fun!