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Everygame Casino Promotes Gaming Fun in Many Ways

Every so often we run an article with tips for making your online gaming better.  Online casino gaming is a lot more than placing a bet and watching the slots reels spin.  We at Everygame Casino would like you to enjoy the online games we offer in full rather than the way most players at land based casinos play.  They stay at one terminal and watch those reels turn endlessly and aimlessly.

We have a different idea.

Use All of Our Promotions

An online casino can offer more promotions than land based casinos can because we have a long term relationship with gamers while at land based casinos, the makeup of the players changes all the time.

For example, we offer special promotions depending on the day of the week.  You can take advantage of all of the Everygame Casino promotions every week.  You can play with the bonus money you get for far longer than you can at a land based casino.  Think about it.  If you get a bonus at a land based casino, you might have to go back home long before you have completed the play through requirement for that bonus.

At Everygame Casino, you have as long as you need to complete the play through requirement.

The promotions we run are all based on the idea that you’ll come back to play at Everygame Casino many times.  How often can you return to a land based casino to play?

Use Free Play

We offer unlimited free play for a good reason.  At Everygame, you can play over 300 games from the comfort of your computer seat or, if you play on your tablet or smartphone, from the comfort of your sofa or padded chair.  Remember that figure: over 300 games!

At a land based casino, you can play one game from the so-called comfort of a high backed chair at a single terminal.  If you want to play a different game, you have to get up and find an empty seat.  If you are like most people and you go to a land based casino on the weekend, you might find a seat hard to find!

Since we have unlimited space at Everygame, we gladly offer you unlimited free play.  In that way, you can play all of our games - 300 games will take a while, but it can be done.  You would be amazed at how often you find a game that you really like that you would never have discovered at a land based casino.

Play Games You Know

At Everygame, you can become familiar with over 300 games!  At a land based casino, how many games can you really get familiar with?  Many people play craps or roulette—games that have a lot of possible bets—and never fully understand how all of the bets work.

When you play for free, you can learn every game.  You will enjoy gaming so much more when you play games you know!

Play for as Long or as Short as You Like

Land based casino gaming is based on the notion that players come to the casino and incur all of the expenses that entails in order to play, play, play.  At Everygame, we encourage gamers to play and to do all of the other things they like to do.  Gaming is good fun but we understand that it isn’t the only good fun you can have on the weekend.

On the other hand, it might be the best fun you might have on a weeknight after a long day at work!  In other words, the length of your gaming sessions at a land based casino are determined by the fact that you came to gamble while the length of a gaming session at Everygame might just as easily be because you need an easy and inexpensive way to unwind.

Unwinding and Eliminating Frustration

Dealing with frustration is a tremendous challenge in many areas.  It can also be a challenge to casino gamers.  Why, then, would someone go to a land based casino where frustration hits almost every player at least one day before their “fun excursion” is over.  Online gaming allows you to unwind, as we said above and to deal with frustration easily because you can always close the session.  Come back another time with a fresh perspective.

Smile and the World Smiles with You

If you have ever been to a land based casino, you might have noticed that many people are trying to smile or are faking a smile.  Online gaming allows you to keep that smile on your face.  You never have to, nor should you, play long after it was time to quit. 

A land based casino might have a few hundred players on the floor at any one time.  They do whatever they can to keep those players in place.  At Everygame, there are usually a few thousand players or more.  We encourage safe and responsible gaming.  So, play online and never feel that you have to stay because why else are you there.

Call Us

We want you to call us!  We encourage you to call us!  We welcome your calls with open arms!

One of the best ways to get to know Everygame Red is simply to call us.  We can answer any question.  If the representative doesn’t know the answer immediately, he or she will find out the answer!  Our call staff is not overworked but at most land based casinos, the staff is dealing with other matters and doesn’t really have the time to take questions.

Play for Fun and Play for Profit

Obviously, if you play a progressive jackpot game and you get lucky, you can win millions of dollars.  The same is true of giant state lotteries.  Most gamers accept that they will play online casino games primarily for fun.  If you manage your budget well, and play mostly for fun, you can also enjoy a profit on some days.

The fun comes from the enjoyment of playing and the profit is like the cherry you get on top of the sundae.