person travelling by plane while playing mobile slots

Where Can I “Go” with Everygame Casino Slots?

One of the great features of playing online casino games here at Everygame Casino is that you can imagine that you are travelling to faraway places and times while safely curled up on your living room sofa or heavily upholstered chair!  What fun!  We can’t travel “all the time” as much as we would love to do so.

In this timely article, we’ll take you around the world in a few of Everygame Casino’s most popular slots.

What if I am Already Travelling?

Just as a side comment, if you are actually on holiday, you can take Everygame with you!  Just download the app to your mobile device and you’re off not only to your actual destination but to any imaginary destination you wish to visit!

And, did you know, that mobile gaming at Everygame now exceeds desktop gaming?  It’s no wonder since the graphics on the mobile casino are so much better than ever and we already mentioned curling up on a soft chair or sofa!

So, let’s review a few great slots for an around the world tour.

Penguin Power

Even though this is an icy slot, the winning chances and extra features make it one of the hottest slots in our entire collection!  The penguins live on ice sheets.  Did you know that although most penguins live in Antarctica there are many penguin groups in the southernmost areas of South America?

So, with Penguin Power you can imagine that you are either on a scientific mission to Antarctica or simply traveling in Chile to the glacier-filled land of the penguins.

Penguin Power has five reels and twenty paylines.  The baby penguin wild symbol doubles all wins.  The scatter symbol is an igloo which proves that penguins and people can interact peacefully.  Have you ever made your own igloo?  You need to cut large blocks of ice out of the glacier.  It’s actually quite cozy inside an igloo if you keep your clothes on!

The bonus round has 25 free spins to start with more free spins possible and a giant 100x multiplier if you discover something scientifically important or just for curiosity’s sake about penguins!  The great Penguin Power slot will help you make all the discoveries you need to win big!

Secret Symbol

It’s super appropriate to go from the frozen country of the penguins to the steamy jungle.  Did you know that the largest jungle is in South America even though Africa has a pretty good sized jungle of its own?  We call it a rainforest because it rains so much there but even when it doesn’t rain it’s super steamy.

A jungle is distinguished by permanent heat, wildly overgrown plants, snakes (yikes), and many other animal type creatures that live easily in the jungle but would have a hard time surviving in a great modern metropolis!

In Secret Symbol, you travel through the jungle in search of the Aztec God’s pyramids.  You need to follow the drums as you venture ever deeper into the jungle.  You’ll encounter many obstacles and hazards on your trek through the jungle but the big wins are certainly worth the effort!

While your quest in the jungle is to reveal the many Aztec secrets, you’ll still be traversing the modern jungle.  Cutting through the dense overgrowth with your handy machete, you might actually forget that a cold drink is just a few steps away in your refrigerator!  That’s the great side of slots at Everygame: you imagine that you’re somewhere else and the fun ensues.


Since you were just in the deep tropical jungle of the amazon River basin, you might like to go north to colourful Mexico.  The culture of the piñata has been central in Mexico for many generations and Popiñata takes that cultural icon to new heights of entertainment.

If there are piñatas, it must be a party!  Popiñata is the party to end all parties and you’re invited!  Once you burst the first piñata, the graphics take over in a display of fireworks and the prizes come “raining” down.

Did you see how we connected the rain of the rainforest jungle with the prizes raining down?  That’s the great appeal of the many slots here at Everygame Red.  Even when the themes are quite different, there are many similarities to entertain and fascinate you.

Popiñata is all about having a great time at the party.  Since it’s a slot game, we thought that you might like to win a lot of money and prizes.  Every piñata you break has a cascade of prizes for you!  The multiplier can get up to as much as 250x the bet so keep spinning; the piñata you’re looking for is well within reach. 

Since we are now in Mexico and we are looking for great treasure hidden in the piñatas, we thought that we should take the central non-human character from the great epic movie “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” and make it the wild symbol.  Namely, we chose the burro!

The burro expands during the bonus round so it not only carries your heavy pack but it also makes it a lot easier for you to win!

Coyote Cash

Since we went north when we left the jungle, we should continue north into the land of varmints and rattlesnakes, the dusty desert lands of giant Texas.  Coyote Cash features robbers and the po-lice who try to stop them.  Whose side are you on?

In Coyote Cash, you’ll probably want to be on the side of the robbers since they are always happy to give you all of their loot!  In the regular game, you can get a giant multiplier of 10,000x your bet!  Even with such a giant win, the really big bucks are in the bonus round!

Did you know that it takes 24 hours to travel from El Paso at the southwestern corner to the far northeastern corner of the state?  Did you know that Texas has more Spanish place names than any state north of Mexico—even more than New Mexico?  Did you know that Texas is so big that in the east they get a lot of rain and in the west they get very little rain? 

But just as the piñatas in Popiñata rain prizes, the desert of Texas is full of cash.  You just have to know how to tickle it out of the dry landscape!

More Travels Coming Soon

This feature in which we review a few of the many slots on offer at Everygame is so popular with our gamers that we will return to this theme again soon.  In the meantime, have many a happy virtual travel session!