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What Makes Online Blackjack and Poker so Valuable?

It is a well-known fact that slots are the number one game in terms of both popularity and variety at Everygame Casino.   There are many good reasons why we offer so many slots and why you, our gamers, like playing them so much. 

Slots have many themes, slots lend themselves to excellent and varied graphics, they are the perfect online casino game for quick play when you’re in a hurry and have only a short time to play on your mobile device, and the storylines in slots can also be enhanced with great animation and sound. 

However, we also offer many other games including blackjack, roulette, poker, and craps.  In this article, we will talk about the other games we offer, why the type of players who play them tend to be different than the ones who play slots and why everyone should take advantage of the flexibility of Everygame online casino to play all of our games.

When we discuss poker and blackjack, we will see that playing these games at Everygame online casino is simply wonderful entertainment.  But, they are also the best way to improve your game so you can either compete well against other players as in poker or simply learn the game so well that you win regularly in blackjack.

Before Online Casinos

Before there was even a single online casino—Everygame Casino started out in 1996—there were only land based casinos.  Twenty-five years ago, the only land based casinos in the United States were in Nevada, mostly in Las Vegas.  People travelled from every corner of the United States and beyond to play in Las Vegas casinos.

Craps and Roulette

The most popular casino games fifty years ago were craps and roulette.  This is because both of these games have large tables that a lot of players can “crowd” around.  When the roulette wheel began spinning, the crowd would whoop and holler urging the wheel to stop with the little ball on the number they had placed their bet on.

The craps table was even bigger so it could accommodate even more players.  When the shooter rolled the dice the length of the table the crowd also gave them loud verbal encouragement to end up as they had bet.

In both craps and roulette, strangers became fast friends and celebrated wins and commiserated with each other over losses.

Who Plays Online?

The excitement of craps and roulette is actually best replicated online in slots.  For that reason, Everygame casino has more slots players per capita than there are slots players at land based casinos.

You also can play all of our online slots without changing your seat.  The excitement and the massive flexibility of Everygame online slots are the main reasons why they are so popular at Everygame.


Fifty years ago, poker was still considered the game that grizzled cowboys played in rooms so full of cigar smoke that it was hard to see the cards!  The online poker revolution changed all that!

The biggest event in the history of poker was when Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker way back in 2003.  However, in order for Moneymaker to win the tournament he needed to hone his craft for many hours playing poker online.

Chris Moneymaker was an accountant in those days.  So, he could play poker only in his after-work hours.  He studied every hand he played.  He took learning poker to another level by studying every hand he didn’t play!

As a man comfortable with numbers, Chris Moneymaker also learned the mathematics of poker.  Nowadays every poker player from veteran pros to fuzzy-cheeked neophytes has to learn the mathematics of poker.

Not every poker player is as comfortable with numbers as Chris Moneymaker.  So, we offer you the chance to learn the mathematical esoterica of poker by playing for many hours online at Everygame.

Another great way to improve your poker skills is simply to learn how to recognize hands.  We offer video poker with the chance to play up to 100 hands at the same time.  Video poker can teach you in real time the odds of getting any given hand.

Many gamers come to like video poker over all other forms of poker.  The return to player rate is close to 100% so they can play for hours and their bankroll probably won’t change much in either the win column or the loss column.

But, if you use video poker to make you a better tournament player, you can play endlessly in anticipation of the tournaments you’ll enter online.

Everygame Red poker players tend to be players who both love the game and want to get enough better that they can successfully play in poker tournaments.


This is the opposite of poker in the sense that the game never had the hardened pro aura about it.  At one time, blackjack was the favorite game in some land based casinos.  This began when people started to demonstrate that with excellent strategy you could win regularly.

Blackjack became the game of casino intellectuals!  Even today, as we have become aware of the health value of taxing our minds in games, blackjack is one of the best ways to keep your mind sharp.

Blackjack never became the loud, boisterous games that epitomized roulette and craps.  Blackjack players didn’t become fast friends.  They didn’t celebrate or commiserate together.  More than likely, at a land based casino, one blackjack player would criticize another for hitting with 12 points and “ruining the hand for everyone”!

Blackjack is a game with the most counter-intuitive strategic plays.  Many new blackjack players think that they should always stand with 12 points.  However, there are actually a lot of situations where it is a mistake to stand with 12 points.  In some situations, the difference between the best play and the play that seems to be the best play may be less than 1% in terms of the odds of winning.

Still, a difference of 1% may be the difference between winning and losing in a session!

Online blackjack players tend to be those who love blackjack above all other games.  Online blackjack offers so many things that land based blackjack cannot offer. 

First, you spend no money “getting to the casino” when you play blackjack online.  Second, you can always find a seat at the table.  Third, you can play more hands and improve dramatically as a result.  Fourth, there won’t be any foolish player to criticize every decision you make.  Finally, you can play for as long as you wish and then get on with all of your other activities and responsibilities.

Online Casino Gaming

The advantages of online casino gaming are so big and so numerous that many gamers who used to go to a land based casino several times a year now spend almost all of their gaming time at an online casino such as our very own....Everygame Casino!