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Everygame Casino Runs Many Phenomenal Promotions

One of the things that all new gamers at Everygame Casino notice is that we offer many promotions, very frequently.  Many of these same players have quite a bit of experience at land based casinos and they say that the most common promotion at land based casinos is free alcohol!

This is not the case, by the way, but it often seems like it is.

Let’s talk about the Everygame Casino promotions and how promotions at an online casino differ from promotions at land based casinos.

Lots of Players versus Less Players

Every land based casino is limited by two factors.  First, the casino floor is just so big and no bigger.  Second, despite all the tricks the casino plays on gamers such as having no clocks or windows, there will always be fewer players on the casino floor between midnight and 8:00am than there are between 8:00am and midnight.

In contrast, a good online casino such as Everygame Casino has world-wide reach.  When it is midnight in one hemisphere, it is only noon in another!  So, an online casino usually has far less fluctuation in the number of gamers playing at any one time.

Secondly, the casino floor at an online casino is called cyberspace.  To the best of our present knowledge, and we know that scientists are hard at work determining this very point (LOL), cyberspace is unlimited.  So whilst a land based casino might be able to accommodate a few hundred players at one time, Everygame can accommodate an unlimited number of players at all times!

One final point about the number of players who can be accommodated on the floor of a land based casino.  Anyone who has ever been to a land based casino knows that a lot of the so-called players are not actually playing.  They are just roaming around the casino floor.  They may have lost all or most of their bankroll but their flight or bus home is not until the next day!  They may simply be conserving their bankroll.  In any case, it points to one of the biggest disadvantages of going to a land based casino: there is really very little to do besides sleep, eat, drink, and gamble.

When you play at an online casino, you play and then you go about your everyday life which we are sure includes a lot more than sleeping, eating, and drinking!

Higher Return to Player Rates

Because land based casinos are housed in actual buildings, they have operating costs that far exceed the costs of running an online casino.  Land based casinos also devote a lot of floor space to attractions.  In Las Vegas, one casino has an amusement park where they could have casino games.  The thinking there is to attract players to the amusement park and they will play slots or other casino games around enjoying the amusement park.

We find many different types of attractions at many land based casinos.  Due to these higher operating costs, their return to player rate is much lower than online casinos - approximately 60% as opposed to +97%.

At an online casino, gamers can enjoy more games and the casino can return more of their profits to players through bonuses.

Online Casino Bonuses

It is a lot easier to offer deposit bonuses to online gamers than to gamers at land based casinos.  Online casinos get to know their players.  Land based casinos see players come and go, some never to return.

There is one aspect of deposit bonuses that makes them far better at an online casino than at a land based casino.  Every cash bonus comes with a wagering requirement.  This means that you have to bet a specific factor of the bonus before you can withdraw winnings.

The wagering requirement is fair in that without it some gamers would accept the bonus, play a few spins or hands, and cash out the account.

At a land based casino, you might end up going home before you finish the wagering requirement so the money you deposited would stay in your account until you come back.  This is only hypothetical, since land based casinos don’t generally offer deposit bonuses.

There are two classes of land based casino gamers who do get deposit bonus offers: VIPs and frequently returning players.  All other players get free drinks, meals, possibly free accommodations or free tickets to shows.

The bonus offers at land based casinos are usually for free spins.  Online casinos now also offer free spins plus no deposit bonuses and very lucrative cash deposit bonuses.  After all, when you play online, you can take as long as you need to complete the wagering requirement.

Comp Points

Land based casinos offer a player’s card that records bets and converts those bets into comp points.  This is a very good promotion but it has two major flaws that online casino comp point promotions don’t have.

The two flaws are both based on the real fact that the land based casino gamer has to actually use the card to get the comp points!  How often do we have a coupon or other scrip that offers a discount and we forget to use it?

So, land based casino gamers often come to the casino with their handy player card and then they forget to use it!  Even more common is that they have their player card at home and forget to take it with them when they go on their annual casino junket!

At Everygame Casino, every player is automatically enrolled in the comp points promotion and every bet is automatically converted into comp points.  You can’t forget to use your card at Everygame because there isn’t a card; we record your comp points automatically!

Mobile Gaming Promotions

We offer a special bonus to players who access Everygame Red through their smartphone or tablet.  Mobile gaming has actually become more popular than desktop gaming because of the convenience and the exponential improvement in mobile graphics in recent years.

Now, why would anyone go to a land based casino and play on his or her mobile device.  In fact, it has begun to happen!  Some land based casinos are offering a mobile link so people can continue to play/bet in their hotel room!

Nevertheless, online gaming and mobile gaming go hand in hand whilst mobile gaming and land based casino gaming seem like a classic contradiction in terms.


The single most important aspect of online gaming with reference to bonuses is that our online gamers come back to Everygame often.  We offer so much in the way of promotions because we have a kind of family relationship with our gamers!

It all begins with the big Welcome Package.  So try Everygame out and you’ll see how much fun you can have playing our games with our money!