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Everygame Casino is Adept at Adapting to New Conditions

Twenty-five years ago, there was not one online casino.   It was at that time that Everygame Casino came online.  The biggest question Everygame and all the online casinos that followed had to answer was how to adapt land based casino games to the online casino game format.

Random Number Generator

The first thing that we understood was that at an online casino, everything had to be offered digitally.  On land, the players all saw the roulette wheel spinning or the dice rolling across the craps table.  Blackjack players saw the cards come out of the boot. 

In those days, even slot machines were still, to a large extent, mechanical devices with an arm that a player had to pull to get the reels spinning.  Someone needed to invent software that would digitally replicate all of the physical actions that took place at land based casinos. 

And what about results? A software to determine the spin of the reels or the dealt card or the drop of the roulette ball also needed to be developed.  That software is the Random Number Generator (RNG).  This software determines every outcome of every game.  Land based casinos began using a RNG for their video slots and video poker games.  But online casinos use them for every game.

Online casinos had to convince the gaming public that the RNG was fair and honest.  For that reason, online casinos have not only accepted but have embraced outside certification and regulation.


Since every game at an online casino is run by the RNG, the graphics of those games had to be better than great to attract and keep gamers.  It was the great growth of online graphics that completely changed the world of online slot machines.

Whereas land based casinos were happy to have the same three-reel fruit slots, the need for great online slots graphics also spurred game providers into developing many slots with many different themes.

Today, online casinos generally have about 200 or more slots with themes that range from space exploration to deep sea diving; from Christmas joy to birthday joy; from travelling back to ancient cultures to traveling into the future to a world that exists only in the imagination.

In short, the need for great graphics turned slots into the single most imaginative game in the casino!  Online casinos such as Everygame, which was one of the first online casinos, led the way and land based casinos followed.

Blackjack, Roulette, and Craps

Roulette and craps have always been the most challenging table games for online casinos.  We revamp our roulette and craps games whenever new and better graphics come along.  We are always looking for ways to make these two games more dramatic.

Blackjack has always been a solitary game even when a gamer plays it at a land based casino at a table full of other patrons.  There is little camaraderie at a blackjack table.  Instead, there is often a lot of criticism of one player’s decisions that changed everyone else’s luck.

A lot of our gamers who love blackjack also prefer it at Everygame over at any land based casino because they can simply play without the hassle of hearing how they made a bad play and cost their neighbor a hand.


This is the game that revolutionized casino gaming!  Online poker took off after Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker in 2003 after he learned the game and improved tremendously by playing poker online in his free time.  Now, there are many online poker rooms and poker tournaments.

Online poker is a lot better than land based poker for getting better at the game.  Online poker players set their own schedules.  They play when they are fresh.  Land based players have to follow the set schedule and often play when they are tired.   Real online poker, in simple games or in tournaments, is the only online game that is not determined by the RNG, due to the large element of player strategy.

Video Poker

The RNG is the software behind another poker revolution, that of video poker.  There are millions of players who love poker but don’t love having to deal with bluffing either on their part or on the part of an opponent.  For them, video poker is a great alternative to hard-nosed poker.

Video poker is a form of five card draw.

It helps that the return to player rate in video poker is close to 100%.  This is simply the way the game is.  In video poker, you can muck all five of your cards.  In normal five card draw games with friends, the general rule is that you could draw only three cards unless you had an ace in which case you could draw four cards but you had to show the ace.

If the rules for video poker were that you could draw only three cards unless you had an ace and that you could never draw five cards, the return to player rate would be far less than 100%!

Online video poker expanded exponentially in the 21st century.  Multi-hand video poker expanded the attractiveness of video poker even greater.  One great advantage online video poker players have is that they can always find a game that pays 9-6 which means 9 coins for a full house and 6 coins for a flush.

Land based casinos are always looking for profits from their smaller pool of players and the higher operating costs so many of these casinos offer 8-5 on video poker.  Instantly, the return to player rate drops considerably.  That is one reason why gaming at Everygame is so much more amenable to most players’ needs than playing at a land based casino.


Online casinos offer more promotions than land based casinos do because online casinos have returning players whilst land based casinos might have a full 100% turnover every week.  Since promotions are so much more amenable to online gaming, online casinos had to come up with creative promotions.

This process is ongoing as the increase in no deposit bonuses attests.  In addition, online casinos can offer monthly promotions whilst most land based casino gamers are long gone by the end of the month.

In Short

Online casinos have many advantages over land based casinos and that is reflected in the time and effort online casinos devote to adapting to new conditions, the changing nature of casino gaming, and the changing demographics of their gamers.