The Great Wall of China

How to Build a Successful Gaming Strategy for Yourself

We see the term “strategy” bandied about so often that it has begun to lose some of its meaning.  Part of the reason is that the internet is full of articles that ballyhoo perfect strategies for slots and most other online games, betting systems “that work” or many other misuses of the term strategy.

The fact is that there is only one surefire strategy for slots; all others are fake and we at Everygame Casino tell it like it is!   The one strategy that may work in slots is to bet the maximum if you’re playing a progressive jackpot game.  If you don’t bet the maximum, you won’t qualify for the really life-changing progressive jackpot.

If betting the maximum puts that progressive game out of your budget, then the best strategy is to play a different slot.  And remember that slots are entirely a game of chance!

Personal Strategy

In this article, we are going to take the term strategy in a different direction.   We’re going to make it personal.  That is, we’re going to talk about strategies you can adopt to make your online gaming better.

Always Play for Fun

This is one of the most important advantages an online casino offers over a land based casino.  At a land based casino, you are for all practical purposes “stuck” either gambling, eating, sleeping, drinking, or finding another way “to kill time”.

When you play online, the gaming is one of many pastimes you have in your daily lives.  It is always possible to play for fun alone at an online casino.  You simply set two budgets and stick to them.  The two budgets are a financial budget and a time budget.

Tell yourself that you’ll quit after, say, one hour even if you’re ahead.  Remember, the Random Number Generator doesn’t know that you’re ahead.  You could just as easily hit a losing streak.  At a land based casino, where the reason for being there is to gamble, most players gamble too much whether they are ahead or behind.

So, set a time limit and quit when your gaming time is up!

Play for Free

It is difficult to impossible to play for free at a land based casino but Everygame Casino offers unlimited free play!  The two best reasons to play for free are a) to conserve your bankroll while enjoying the games and b) playing for free is the best way to learn new games.

So, it follows that learning new games well is also a great strategic action you can take to make your gaming better.  At a land based casino, you might find that the only blackjack table has rules that you don’t know well and that change the best betting strategy for that blackjack variation.

At Everygame online casino, you can always play at no cost as you learn a new variation of any game including the games of chance.  Roulette, for example, is a game of chance but there are low risk bets and high risk bets.  By playing for free, you learn which bets are best for you.

Play All of the Games

No one can play every game at a land based casino in a short weekend holiday at the casino floor.  That is true even if you never have to wait for a chair at a slot, video poker terminal, craps or roulette table, or blackjack table.

At Everygame Casino, you never have to feel pressed to get in as much gaming as possible.  At Everygame, you are not on holiday; you are gaming for fun as a simple, innocent pastime, one amongst many.  So, you can set as a goal to play all of the games we have on offer over the course of several months!  As the song goes, time is on your side!

Playing every game means that you get the full flavor of the casino.  You don’t have to come back to a game that is less fun to play than others but it’s always good to try every game out.  Many gamers discover that a game they never would have thought would be one of their favourites actually turns out to be one of their favourites!

One of our gamers wrote to tell us that playing all our games over time reminded her of the first time she went on an ocean cruise on a very big cruise ship.  She and her husband spent the first day walking the length and breadth of every level of the ship.  They didn’t visit most floors after that but they found a lounge that suited them and went there often.

Were it not for their foray into cruise ship discovery they might never have found their go-to lounge.  So play around (so to speak) at Everygame to find your go-to games.

Take Advantage of Bonuses

You don’t have to accept every bonus, obviously.  But you should accept some bonuses.  When you are thinking about making a deposit, wait until you find a bonus offer that turns your deposit into an instant growth stock!  We offer regular bonuses that can double your bankroll instantly and we also offer occasional bonuses that might help your bankroll grow even more!

Eat Well, Sleep Well, Exercise Well

As you already know, these are generally good rules to follow.  They apply to online gaming as much as to your overall everyday well-being.  The strategies for gaming are: please don’t play when you’re hungry; please don’t play when you’re tired; and please don’t play when you should be out walking or at the gym riding the stationary bicycle.

There are enough hours in the day so that you can stay healthy and get online to play when you feel your best.

Go on Holiday to an Exotic Place

When you play online at Everygame Red, you can save your holiday time for more interesting places.  As the woman we spoke about earlier, she plays online and she and her husband enjoy going on cruises!

Some people have an ambition to walk on a glacier, swim the Great Barrier Reef, look inside a gurgling volcano (think Hawaii), go on a safari, see the Great Wall of China, hike down the Grand Canyon….you get the idea: when you play online, you can save your holiday budget for real holidays!