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Online Casinos are Like a Big Tree: They Catch a Lot of Wind

Online casinos have proliferated greatly in the last twenty-five years.  One of the fallouts from such fast growth is that there are a lot of misconceptions about casinos online, generally that may be true about some.

None of these misconceptions refer in any way to Everygame Casino and this article intends to show exactly that.

Misconception #1: Casinos Don’t Honor Winnings

An online casino has to be well financed in order to pay out every penny players win.  The problem that under-capitalized casinos have is with progressive jackpots.  The Random Number Generator is software that alone decides every gaming outcome.  It doesn’t know when the last progressive jackpot was won.

So, a big jackpot could hit quickly after the previous one hit and a poorly financed casino might not be able to pay out the second jackpot.  Everygame Casino was established in 1994.  We were extremely well capitalized back then and we are even better capitalized today.  We always pay out wins.

Misconception #2: The Casino Decides who Wins and who Loses 

The simple term is to claim that the games are rigged.  This may be true at some disreputable casinos but it is most assuredly not the case at Everygame Casino.

Here, again, the Random Number Generator is the key to debunking this misconception.  First, in the early days of land based casinos, there may have been rigged games.  But in those early land based casinos even the slots were mechanical devices so if the casino wanted to it could, possibly rig some games.

The Random Number Generator makes that impossible at reputable online casinos.  We use the best RNG on the market and we have ours inspected every month by an independent watchdog. 

Online casinos and land based casinos can calibrate the RNG to give back a percentage of all bets over time.  Ours are general set to give back between 96% and 98%.

The actual rate might fluctuate because the RNG is entirely random.  Thus, in one inspection the return to player rate at Everygame Casino might be 95% and in the next it might be 99%.  Land based casinos have higher overhead costs so they calibrate their RNG to give back as low as 70% or less.

Misconception #3: Deposit Bonuses are a Bad Deal

We really have no idea where this thought came from.  A deposit bonus at Everygame Casino means that you can increase your new bankroll by as much as 100% depending on the exact bonus offer.  We always say that when you are planning to make a deposit, you ought to wait to get a deposit bonus offer.

A bonus means that for the time you use the bonus money to play, you are playing and possibly winning big with the casino’s money!

Some players complain about the wagering requirement to offset the deposit bonus.  The wagering requirement says that a gamer has to bet a factor of the bonus before he or she can withdraw winnings.  The reason for this requirement is simple.  In the early days, some unscrupulous gamers simply cashed out immediately after their account was credited with the bonus.

So, in order to be able to continue to offer the many deposit bonuses we do offer, we, and all online casinos, have to require players to play a bit before withdrawing winnings.

The wagering requirement at Everygame is generally about 30x which is quite fair given that most casinos require 40x or more.

Misconception #4: Online Casinos Cause Gambling Addiction

This is one of the worst misconceptions because it is so wrong.  In fact, governments themselves are the biggest promoters of excessive gambling.  Think about how big government lotteries are marketed.  Your chances of getting rich by winning one of those massive government lotteries are extremely small.

On the other hand, we at Everygame never say that you can become rich playing at our casino.  We always emphasize online casino gaming as a fun pastime rather than a get rich quick scheme.

Land based casinos are also responsible for a lot of excessive gambling since people go to those casinos for a long weekend or other short holiday.  When you’re at a land based casino, there isn’t much to do besides gamble and eat, drink, and sleep.

In addition, land based casinos don’t track their players’ betting practices since players come and go so often.  The gamers at Everygame Red usually stay with us for years.  We track every bet so we can give you comp points and other benefits.  Tracking also shows us when a gamer is making irresponsible and excessive bets and we stop them from being able to continue.

Everygame Casino is dedicated to responsible gaming.  It is in our business interest to make sure that our players are playing primarily for fun and it is our civic responsibility to make sure that no one bets beyond their means.

Misconception #5:  Online Casinos Don’t Let Players Withdraw Winnings

We guard your money from the moment it arrives in your account until the moment it re-enters you bank account or any other account you send your winnings to.

What we do do is ask for extra proof that the person asking to withdraw your winnings is really you.

So, yes, it is easier to deposit than to withdraw money but every gamer who asks to withdraw and proves that he or she is who they say they are gets their money.  In the end, the inconvenience only takes a few more days to process the withdrawal.

Five Unhappy Misconceptions

These are the five biggest incorrect thoughts and accusations thrown at online casinos.  We hope that we have successfully debunked them all.  In the end, online casino gaming should be one of many fun things you do in your free time.