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Welcome to Everygame Casino!

At Everygame Casino, we have a very clear idea of the type pf gamers we want to attract to the casino.   We offer a wide assortment of online casino games that we feel will satisfy the gaming desires of every player.  Here are the key elements we hope to find in every gamer who joins the Everygame Casino family.

Play for Fun

This is by far the most important aspect of gaming at Everygame from our point of view and also, we hope, from your point of view as well.

The second characteristic of gamers we hope to find follows directly from the first.  That is, when you play primarily for fun, you will likely play within your own means.  We sometimes refer to this as responsible gambling.  However, responsible gambling is generally understood to mean knowing when to stop playing so you can take care of all of your other responsibilities.  But it means much more....

Responsible Gaming is Easier Online

In the world of online gaming at Everygame, responsible gaming also means understanding that many of the advantages of gaming online is that the medium of gaming from your home computer or from a mobile device makes it much easier to know when to stop playing.  This is in contrast to playing at a land based casino where there is really not much to do but eat, drink, sleep, and gamble, for days on end as long as your visit lasts.

Responsible gambling is a lot easier to do at Everygame simply because you have so many other things to do that require your attention.

Playing within Your Means

So, to us at Everygame, we see playing within your means as purely financial.  Some people can afford to be high rollers and shrug off big losses but certainly not everyone can.  To a large extent, we rely on our gamers to set their own gambling limits and to stay with them.

It is always tempting to continue on when you’ve been lucky and, conversely, it is always tempting to continue playing “just to get even” when you hit a string of bad luck.

Our advice is to set a budget and stay within it.  We also have mechanisms built into our system whereby a player who chooses to can self-limit his daily or weekly spend.  When he's reached that limit, he'll be notified by the system that he's reached his limit and asked how he wants to proceed.

Know the Games

As much as we want every gamer to play every game, we also want all of our plyers to know the games you play.  In order to make it possible to know every game you play before you put real money down on the games, we allow unlimited free play.

We hope that every player will try out each of the more than 300 games we offer - slots, poker, blackjack, video poker, roulette and more and more.  We've chosen to work with the Real Time Gaming (RTG) game provider due to their innovation of game features and high quality graphics and production of the games. 

Because you're playing online, it's easy to jump from game to game and try every one of the games we offer.  The variety of games, themes, and features is huge.  Take your time, play for free - we're sure you'll find some new favorites you might not have tried out otherwise.

We Love to Hear from You

Then let us hear.  We love to get feedback about your gaming experiences.  What game did you like?  What game didn't you like?  Any suggestions?

Our customer service desk stays open around the clock every day.  We train our representatives to be informative and courteous and to never, that means never, pretend to know an answer that they really don’t know.

So call, email, skype or live chat anytime.  We appreciate your feedback! 

We Appreciate Reasonable Players

In any online business, there will be disagreements and disputes.  We take a great deal of pride in resolving every disagreement with gamers.  However, one element that we appreciate a great deal and that we want you to understand that we appreciate is simple reasonableness by our players.

Here are a couple of examples:

Some players question why we ask for more identification to put a withdrawal request through.  The simple answer is that we do it to protect you from hackers on your end of the transaction.  We need to be double sure it's YOU asking for the payout.

Some players question the wagering requirement for bonuses but usually understand that online casinos in the past lost a lot of money when players took a bonus and then immediately cashed out their accounts.

Unfortunately, we sometimes have to explain to a gamer that, he didn't win the big extra jackpot for a Royal flush in video poker, because he didn't bet the max on the game.  The same is true for the big jackpot in progressive jackpot games.

We know that gamers appreciate it when we are reasonable in coming to an agreement in a touchy situation and we appreciate reasonableness on the players’ part as well.

But, again, here our highly trained support team can help sort it all out - and in the most pleasant way.

The Final Word

To review the type of players we love to attract to Everygame Casino Red, we:

  • Love players who enjoy the fun of Everygame.
  • Appreciate players who play for set and responsible periods of time.
  • Encourage players who set a gambling limit for themselves and stick to that limit.
  • Suggest players use our unlimited free play mode to both enhance their gaming fun and to learn the games before betting real money on them.
  • Love to get feedback.

Come join the ranks of satisfied Everygame Casino players - you won't regret it.