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What to Look for in an Online Casino?

There are so many online casinos these days, unlike way back in 1996 when Everygame Casino started out, that many gamers wonder how they can define the characteristics of a good or great online casino.

Here are just a few—actually quite a few—characteristics of good online casinos.  We found that the elements that make good online casinos can be generally divided into two categories: the games and everything involved in them and the trustworthiness of the casino.

We’re going to start with the trustworthiness of the casino for two reasons.  First, gamers really do want to play but they want to play with complete confidence and complete confidence comes only if the gamers trust the casino fully.  Second, the discussion about the games is a lot more fun than the discussion about regulation and related elements so we felt it would be more fun to end the article talking about games.

Safety and Security

This is quite sensibly the first question new gamers ask of an online casino.  How is my money kept safe?  Is my personal information kept secret?

A good online casino begins with these questions.  Everygame Casino protects your money by using the most sophisticated encryption software that scrambles your information, including everything connected to your casino account, from the unwanted eyes of internet hackers.

We cannot emphasize this enough.  An online casino like Everygame is a bank of sorts because you keep your money at the casino waiting for you the next time you play.  Players at land based casinos generally cash in their chips (and subsequently walk around with a lot of cash in their pockets) when they stop playing but online it is easier simply to leave the money in your account.  You'll be back to play again and your account will be funded already!

Certification and Regulation

It is not enough for the casino to tell you that your money is safe.  You should want to hear it from an independent body.  When Everygame Casino came online in 1996 there were only a few casinos and most resisted outside regulation and certification but Everygame embraced them from the start.

We understood that only with independent regulation and certification could we offer our players an official stamp of approval.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Online gamers are not one size fits all.  So Everygame offers many different ways to deposit money into your account.  Many gamers use their credit cards but another large number of gamers have come to use ewallets and other more private ways to deposit and withdraw funds.

Everygame also now allows deposits in bitcoins.  We serve the gaming public so we offer every banking method you might want.

When you join the casino, we ask a few personal questions.  When you ask to withdraw winnings, we ask for more proof that you are you.  That’s because our encryption software can’t protect you on your end of the transaction.

That means that we protect your money until it goes into your personal banking or ewallet account.  But unless we asked for more proof of your identity, we can't be sure it's you saying you're you!

This is one of the most sensitive aspects of online casino gaming.  We hope that you realize that the extra proof we require when you withdraw actually is an aspect of the trustworthiness of Everygame Casino.

Responsible Gaming

Online casino play should always be gaming and not gambling even though real money is involved.  Responsible gaming means two things.  First, it means that you play within a set time frame so you don’t play so much that you fail to meet all of your other responsibilities.  Second, it means that you play within your financial means. 

We even allow self monitoring when it comes to your weekly or monthly spend.  If you choose to you can limit your expenditure.  If you should go over it, our system will contact you and ask how to proceed.  This is another sensitive aspect of a good online casino.  We are always looking out for you.

Welcome Package

We finally get to the fun part of this article.  The fun at Everygame Casino begins with our Welcome Package for new players.  The package begins with a 100% bonus for up to $100.  It then continues with three more bonuses.  The first is for 50% up to $100; the second is for 75% up to $150; and the third is for 100% up to $200.

We top off your Welcome Package with a $25 no deposit bonus.

At Everygame You Get a Lot More Bonuses

We don’t stop offering bonuses with the Welcome Package!  We offer you daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses.   

One of the aspects that makes Everygame such a popular online casino is that our wagering requirement is lower than the standard rate.  The wagering requirement is the amount you need to bet with bonus money before you can withdraw winnings.  Our wagering requirement is very fair, indeed - lower than most online casinos!


Everygame also runs many weekly and monthly promotions that are fun to participate in.   Gamers love our slots tournaments.  The buy-in fee for these tournaments is either very small or free altogether.  That makes our slots tournaments pure fun to play in.  We run a very large number of tournaments.  Some last one day and others last a week or more.

We run a comp points promotion that everyone joins automatically when you sign up to play at Everygame.  We convert your bets into points and later on you get to convert the points back into casino chips.

Gaming Platforms

Everygame offers the standard download platform.  However, most gamers these days choose to play in our fantastic Instant Play format.  This lets you play directly on your internet browser.  The graphics are so good that you never feel that you are not playing in the download platform.

We also allow unlimited free play.  This is one way to conserve your bankroll.  We are happy to provide free play for just that reason.  The other good reason to play in our free play mode is to learn new games.  We always want our gamers to know the games they play so free play is perhaps the best way to learn the ins and outs of any new game.

Mobile Gaming

Finally, we offer a great mobile gaming platform.  Within seconds you can sign up for a new account and be playing in the mobile Instant Play format.  The graphics are phenomenal.  They are so good that mobile has become the most popular platform we have.

Game Variety

Everygame offers over 300 games from RealTime Gaming, one of the most respected game providers in the market.  The games all show the creativity RTG brings to every new game they bring out.  RTG introduces a new slot every month and has in its game library many variations of video poker plus a fine collection of table games and two wonderful specialty games.

Customer Support

A good online casino has to have excellent customer support.   Many gamers have questions and Everygame offers support around the clock every day of the year - by email, phone, chat and skype