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Why Staying Positive is the Most Important Aspect of Online Casino Gaming

Everyone who plays the more than 300 games at Everygame Casino knows that we always emphasize the fun side of gaming. 

Some people come to our online casino to play slots, the purest game of chance we offer.  Others play blackjack, poker, or video poker which are a lot more challenging.  Whichever game you enjoy playing the most, we always want you to find the fun side of the games even when luck has not been on your side.

In this article, we’ll talk about staying positive, and why it’s so important.

Staying Positive and the Chicago Cubs

In 2016, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series of baseball for the first time in 108 years.  It is hard to fathom the enormity of fans waiting so long for a championship.  The Cubs had been to the World Series numerous times in those 108 but had lost each time.

Other teams that had failed to win a single championship in the lifetimes of fans, their parents, and even their grandparents might have lost their fan base altogether.  But Cubs fans always stay positive.  Year after year, the refrain was, “Wait until next year.”

Cubs fans in the days before ticket prices became astronomical knew all of the other season ticket holders in their area of the ballpark.  The Cubs were like a family where the wayward son or daughter can always come home.  The Cubs had so few really good players in most years that the fans embraced the colorfulness of the players they did have.

Staying Positive in the Casino

Even if you use the best strategy, you won’t win every time.  The fun side of gaming can only come when you can accept the losing streaks with equanimity.   Here are a few good ways to always stay positive.

That’s Entertainment

At Everygame Casino, we offer over 200 slots.  We could offer one or two but that would take the fun right out of the game.  The slots we offer have two very important elements that make them so much fun to play.


The first is themes.  Each slot has a different theme.  We have several slots that deal with Christmas, holidays, or ancient Rome but each slot in those general categories is different.

Our game provider, RealTime Gaming, employs a large staff of creative thinkers whose job is to think of ways to make slots even more fun.  Themes are just one such way.  The themes let us experience things that we could not experience in any other way.

For instance, time travel is still not possible so the slots you can pay at Everygame take you to ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, and the Inca, Aztec, and Maya Empires.  Very few people will get to go to outer space so we take you there.   And, no one can go as deep under the sea as we can! 

So Many Ways to Win

We also have a huge assortment of ways to win in all of our slots.  You can win with our wild wild symbols, with multipliers, cascading reels, and free spins.  The power of positive thinking allows you to enjoy any game at any time as long as you play within a reasonable time period and for a reasonable budget.

Stay Positive and Positivity Will Stay with You

Online gaming as a fun pastime has value in our everyday worlds.  Just as we say that when we smile the whole world smiles with us, so can we say that if we have a positive attitude when we play, the positivity will follow us into traffic, at the supermarket, or even at the dentist.

We need to exude our positive attitude.  If we do so, everyone around us will start to feel it too.  We could start a kind of flash dance of positivity.   Some people might say that a mere game could not have such a profound effect on us or on the people around us.  But it does!

How often do we sense that someone had an exceptionally good day the day before?  There are of course many ways to have an exceptionally good day.  One of them is to relax and unwind with a few minutes of fun gaming.

Mobile Gaming

When online gaming began, there was no mobile platform.  When the first mobile platform came out, it wasn’t very good.  But everyone who really wanted mobile gaming platforms to get better, from the businesspeople involved to the gamers maintained the positive attitude that someday a mobile engineer would develop a great platform for mobile gaming.

And so it happened!  Today mobile gaming surpasses desktop gaming among all demographic groups.

Being Positive Takes the Crank out of You

No one likes a crank!  Many people are cranks or at least are cranky some or a lot of the time.  When you play games just for the fun of it, the positive attitude you exude when you’re playing will take all of that crankiness out of you.

We all know people who can’t stand to lose at anything.  They hate losing at card games like hearts or spades.  They hate losing at squash.  Even when they play board games with friends, they are the most competitive.

If they win, they let everyone know that they won because they played the best.  If they lose, they tell everyone that they lost only because they had such bad luck.

People like this desperately need to learn to play games just for fun.  Even if they never learn to play games just for fun, you can!  And online casino gaming, with its colorful interfaces, interesting story lines, challenging decisions, and just pure pleasure can be a major part of achieving a positive attitude and maintaining it.

Effects of Positivity

As we said, a positive outlook can stay with you for a long time but it needs to be recharged.  That’s one reason that online gaming has the potential to be so important in people’s lives.  When we’re positive, we don’t mind so much if we have to wait somewhere.  We don’t go through the motions whether it’s at work or at home with our kids.

So, get positive; stay positive; and you’ll see the results not only in yourselves but in everyone around you!