different slots players playing Everygame casino slots game

What Kind of Slots Player are You?

At Everygame Casino, we offer over 200 different slots as well as over 100 other games.  With so many slots and so many different slots categories we might expect that we would find a lot of different slots players spinning our reels.

And it’s true!

Here are a few of the many wonderful slots types we have found playing our big collection of exciting slots!

Happy Go Lucky

We might be unusual in the world of online casino gaming but we always stress fun.  Then we stress more fun!  The first type of slots player we love to welcome to our casino is the happy go lucky spinner.  These gamers play with a set budget.  They never try to play more than they afford either in time or in money.

These players also sample every one of our slots and pretty much every game we offer.  Perhaps more than most, the happy go lucky types just like to play our casino games and have fully understood the big advantage gaming at Everygame Online Casino has over any land based casino, to wit, they don’t have to give up their seat to play a different game.

Spin and Grin

These are first cousins to the happy go lucky types.  They love to see how each spin turns out.  Win or come in second, they smile because it’s the spinning action and the way the symbols fall into place that they find so much fun.

The spin and grin players are the ones most likely to play in auto play mode.  They like to sit and watch.  By betting a small amount on every spin, they aren’t really interested in the bottom line.

Spin and grin players also send us the most feedback on every new slot we bring out.  We always look forward to hearing from the spin and grin gamers at the start of every month when the new slots come out!

Researcher or Historian

These two slot gaming types are very similar.  The researcher is interested in every theme we present from history to futuristic fantasy to space travel.  The historians are primarily interested in ancient cultures.

Historians play more slots with themes about ancient Greece or Rome than any others.  They play Egyptian themed slots too but not any more than the next group does!  A lot of gamers play the slots with themes about the big three central and South American empires: the Aztecs, Mayas, and Incas.


These gamers play the same categories of slots that researchers play but they are interested only in the adventure.  These gamers play in auto play the least because, for them, a big part of the overall adventure is the actual spinning of the reels themselves.

Adventurers seek adventure and have very little preference for any specific theme category aside from those slots’ ability to give them a lot of vicarious adventure!  Ironically, adventurers also play a lot of Christmas themed slots.  They especially like the Naughty or Nice series!  We find this surprising and somewhat amazing.

Perhaps a researcher could help us understand this interesting phenomenon! ?


The serious gamers play an eclectic assortment of slots but they seem to be drawn to sports themed slots.  The captain of the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team is Jonathan Toews who is widely known as Captain Serious.  There may be a connection.  Who knows?

Serious slots gamers also play more at their desktop than on their mobile devices.  They seem to take gaming more seriously than other gamers do.  However, we have not found any pattern in their betting behavior.  It could be that the serious gamers simply have a different way of unwinding after a long day at work.

Maybe they are all Wall Street bankers and need to be next to their big screens in the event that they have to look something up.

Children’s Story Players

These players are the type who play for a big win always saying to themselves: “I think I can.” ?  Some are always looking for the slot that is not to hot and not too cold but “just right”. ?  Some gamers make up silly names for the characters in the slots they play such as Inca Pinka or Naughty Bawdy.

Storm Chaser

There are several different types of storm chasers.  First of all, we find that the storm chaser types do not live in tornado alley or in areas that regularly get threatened by hurricanes, typhoons, willy-willies and the like!

The first type of storm chaser is the one who looks for the games with the highest number of pay lines.  These players are more interested in chasing pay lines than in the story lines.  They also don’t care that these slots might have low volatility which means that there are a lot of small wins instead of fewer but bigger wins.

The second type of storm chaser is the exact opposite of the first.  They look for high volatility slots because these slots give them the feeling that they are chasing a big storm. 

In real life, storm chasers are always looking to get as close as they can to a major storm without endangering themselves and their crews.  This leads to wanting to chase the next storm and then the next one after that since it is truly impossible to get to the center of a dangerous storm without endangering themselves and their crew.

This type of gamer is always looking for an elusive big win.  We don’t know for sure but it could be that more storm chasers score big wins than any other slots player category.

The final type of storm chaser is the gamer who plays progressive jackpot games.  These are very volatile games as you might expect given the extremely high jackpots.  It is interesting that many gamers play a small number of spins on a progressive game on their mobile device.

It could be that they use their mobile device for quick action either when they are waiting somewhere or on the commute home.  They almost always turn into a different kind of slots player when they get home and settle down to unwinding with some slots action.

Bottom Line

We offer so many slots and bring out new ones every month because our committed slots players fit into so many different player categories.  No doubt we haven’t covered all of them!  What kind of slots player are you?