Royal Flush Poker hand on a mobile

Video Poker is Fast Gaining in Popularity.  Here’s Why.

Every online casino gamer has a favorite game.  This is the game they come back to after sampling some of our other games.   We at Everygame Casino always encourage players to play all of our games because each game category has so much entertainment value.   

Our biggest game category is slots, of course.  Many of our most loyal gamers play slots almost exclusively.   Even though slots are games of chance and video poker is to a very large degree a game of skill, we still encourage even our most dedicated slots players to take advantage of the Everygame Casino promotions for free cash and use it to try out video poker. 

In short, every game we offer is fun to play.  In this article, we will explain why we so strongly recommend that players try out video poker.  We're sure you'll be back to play them often.

Learn the Game for Free

First of all, we always remind our gamers that they can play in free play mode for as long as they wish.  Slots players don’t need to play in free play mode so much since the games are games of chance.  But in games of skill like blackjack and video poker, we strongly recommend that you play for free until you are confident that you know the game well enough to begin playing it for real money.

Highest Paying Game

The return to player rate in video poker is the highest in the casino.  When you learn the best strategy for playing video poker, you’ll see that by making choices that are only slightly better than the next best choice, you bring your expected rate of return close to 100%.

The nature of video poker is that players have a very good chance to finish a session with a win.  Video poker is a variation of five card draw.  If you have ever played five card draw in friendly games with friends, you probably know that in most games, you can draw only three cards and in some games you can draw four cards if you show your ace.

In video poker at Everygame Casino, you can always draw five cards if you choose to do so!  That alone brings the player almost even with the house in terms of the odds of winning.  The reason we are pushing video poker in this article is because if you follow our advice you could have a session in which you score a huge win!

Big Extra Win for a Royal Flush

A Royal Flush is truly a very uncommon hand in any poker game.  But since thousands of players play video poker every day at Everygame Casino, there are a lot of Royal Flush wins every day.

In order to qualify for the extra win for a Royal Flush, you have to bet the maximum on every hand.  If you do bet the maximum, you are, by definition, playing for a Royal Flush - shooting for the big win.  The key point is that the best strategy for winning at video poker involves “going for” a Royal Flush in certain situations even if you already have a winning hand!

Multi-hand Video Poker

We offer several multi-hand options in our video poker games.  The most games you can play at the same time are 100 games and, of course, you can also choose to play only one game at a time.

It is always important to manage your bankroll properly.  So, if playing 100 hands at the same time in video poker is out of your budget, then you should play for less than the maximum or you should play one hand at a time.

We think that playing 100 hands at the same time is a lot of fun even if you play it for less than the maximum.  The best strategy does change when you aren’t going for a Royal Flush, however.

How Does Multi-hand Video Poker Work?

You get five cards as in any video poker game.  Then you choose which cards to hold and which to discard.  The software then deals out cards to replace the ones you discarded.

In multi-hand video poker, you start with the same five cards and you choose the ones you want to keep for all 100 hands but the software deals different cards to each hand.

Here is where multi-hand video poker gets exciting.  The game has a counter that registers every win as the hands receive their new cards from the dealer.  Many gamers tell us that watching the counter register winning hands from simple jacks or better pairs to the higher paying hands is a big part of the game’s fun.

Playing for a Royal Flush

Every so often, you’ll get three cards to a Royal Flush or even four cards to a Royal.  When this happens, you’ll be drawing to 100 hands with good chances to register one or even more than one Royal Flush.

Even if you get three cards to a Royal Flush and you end up with no Royal Flushes, you will likely have a large number of wins since you win with jacks or better in any case.  If the three cards are jacks or higher, you will have many chances to pair one of the cards for a minimal win and you will also get three of a kind a few times.

Getting Good Hands

It is not uncommon to get very good starting hands.  For instance, getting four to a flush is not rare.  Then you have 100 chances to get the flush and if any of the cards was a jack or higher, you have chances to pair some hands and win them as well!

The same is true when you get four to a straight.  You have very good chances to get a number of straights especially if you are drawing to an outside straight.  With two pair, you are sure to get several full houses.

So, you can see that playing a large number of hands at the same time can result in turning many good starting hands into nice wins or, in the case of a Royal Flush, into a number of really big wins!

In Conclusion

We understand that some players like different games.  In this article we sought to show how playing video poker can be very lucrative as well as being a lot of fun to play with and a very high return to player rate.

Our final caveat is that you do need to know the best strategy very well in video poker.  That’s why we offer unlimited free play!