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How Have Slots Changed Over the Years?

Slots are still the most popular game we offer at Everygame Casino.  However, we believe that most of our modern slots players don’t know the fascinating history of the game nor do they know the myths that have surrounded slots since the game was first introduced to the public.

So, in this blog, we will tell you all about the history and mythology of slots and especially how they impact playing slots at your favorite online casino, Everygame!

Brooklyn Owns the Bragging Rights

Most of the games we love to play at casinos have murky histories.  We can conjecture but we don’t know for sure.  That is not the case with slots.  The first slot machine was developed in Brooklyn, New York only about 130 years ago.

The first slot machine had images that were based on poker cards.  That may be why in Australia slots are still called pokies.  Another interesting fact about the first slot machines is that they didn’t pay out money.  They paid out tangible items.  Smokers especially loved the slots because they could have fun and win a cigar for their efforts!

Another connection to the history of slots, er, pokies in Australia is that the first slot machines there were placed in bars and other business establishments but not in casinos.

Entirely Mechanical Machines

Digital technology wouldn’t come into wide use for another 75 years or so.  That meant that the early slot machines were entirely mechanical.  The first myth that has surrounded slots and haunts slots to this day is the notion that the proprietor of the slot machine could rig the game so the house took in a lot more than it should have based on pure statistics.

The “one armed bandit” moniker for slot machines surely came about because of this myth.  Even though the machines were totally mechanical, it would have been very hard for a proprietor to manipulate them to such an extent that he made a higher return than he should have.

Slot machines were designed mechanically to bring in a good profit!  The owners didn’t have to do anything untoward to get a good profit out of them.

Random Number Generator

At Everygame Casino, and every reputable online casino, the slots are totally digital.  The same is the case at most land based casinos these days.  The outcome of every spin is determined by the Random Number Generator (RNG).  We can set the RNG to return to our gamers the percentage we choose which is about 97-98%.  Land based casinos set the return to player rate lower because they have a lot of business overhead.

Once the RNG is set, we can’t affect the outcomes at all.  We frequently have our RNG tested for fairness and accuracy so you know that our slots have never been manipulated.  They never will be!

Charles Fey

At about the same time that the first slot machine was under development in Brooklyn, Charles Fey was working on a similar machine 3000 miles away in San Francisco.  Fey’s machine had fruit symbols so most slot historians credit him with inventing the slot machine.

The Fey slot machine proved to be extraordinarily popular.  He set up his own company and then teamed with another company to market his machine.  The slot machine stayed standard until the company that had teamed with Fey decided to make some cosmetic changes in the 1930’s. 

So, the first slot machines stayed the same for twenty-five years.

Modern Slot Machines

In the modern digital world, a slot machine cannot stay the same for as little as one year.  That is, a single machine can stay the same and even become a classic but game providers have to come up with new playing wrinkles at a dizzying clip.

Just a few years ago, there were no 243 ways to win slots but today there are many.  Just a few years ago, the wild symbols had only one function.  Today the wild symbols are incredibly wild with stacked wilds, expanding wilds, sticky wilds, multiplier wilds, and many other features that make the wilds evermore wild!

From a Few Fruits to an Amazing Array of Possibilities

The fruit slot reigned supreme for decades.  Many gamers played fruit slots for many years before they were shocked to discover that a new type of slot was on the block.

These are the modern slots with themes, creative characters, many paylines, free spin bonus rounds, amazing storylines and the full range of possibilities from going back in time to far ahead in time; from traveling in space to going beneath the sea; and from waxing romantic to celebrating holiday in style!

More Slot Myths

The RNG is the basis for debunking most myths about slot machines.  We spoke about the house being able to manipulate the outcomes.  In digital slots, such as 100% of the slots we offer at Everygame, that is impossible.

Another myth is that a slot can be hot or cold.  Once again, the RNG decides what symbols come up and each spin is 100% unrelated to any other spin.  In other words, gamers could win a progressive jackpot on two consecutive spins!

Modern slots players have created a myth that you can win more by betting less.  The real source of your wins in slots is luck.  Pure luck!  So, if you feel lucky, you should bet more.  If you want to extend your gaming fun on a limited bankroll you should bet less.  The RNG makes all decisions regarding results so you need to be on the RNG’s good side, which, honestly, is impossible since the RNG is just software!

You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Slot machines are more popular today than ever before and that’s saying something considering how popular they proved to be from the very beginning.  The popularity of modern slots has to do with the huge number of ways you can win, the exciting characters and story lines, and the ability of gamers to imagine themselves in the scenes depicted on the screens.

Slots are also a powerful tool for relaxing after a hard day at work.  Modern mobile technology has taken the slot away from desktop computers and put them in the palm of your hand.  Many gamers curl up on a comfortable soda or chair and play some slots to unwind.

Complement to Blackjack and Poker

Slots, as a game of pure chance, is the perfect complement to the games of skill such as poker, video poker, and blackjack.

At Everygame Casino Red, you can play games of chance and games of skill from the comfort of your sofa and never give up your “seat”.   Not only have slots come a long way but gaming at Everygame casino has also come a long way since we started out in 1996.