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How Many Different Kinds of Software Does Everygame Casino Use?

There is one huge difference between an online casino and a land based casino.  At Everygame Casino, all of our games are digital.  That means that we have to use computer software to be able to bring our more than 300 online games to you.

Many of the games at a land based casino are live.  Blackjack, table poker, craps, roulette, keno, bingo, and other games are played live.  Here is one of the biggest ironies about land based casinos: as the challenge from online casinos grew, land based casinos started using digital software in their most popular games: slots and video poker.

So, whether you are a loyal gamer at Everygame Casino or you still spend all that money and time gong to a land based casino, you might be interested in knowing something about the history of digital online casino gaming.

Everygame Was There at the Start of it All

Everygame Casino came on board in 1996.  That means that we were there at the beginning of the online casino gaming revolution.  Add to that the fact that we  are still around and going strong means that we have adjusted to very change and innovation in online casino gaming.  That includes not just going along with new digital technology but always being among the first to embrace new digital technology.

In the Beginning….

The key elements of online gaming in the beginning were slow software and poor graphics.  Everygame Casino used the best software available at that time but the games ran very slowly and the graphics were poor.  We knew that we had to improve the game play and the graphics quickly and with the help of our game providers we succeeded.

There weren’t many game providers in the early days but Everygame’ game provider realized that the most important aspect of the future success and continued viability of online gaming lay with graphics.

Digital Begins to Come of Age

The online revolution was led by digital slots technology.  Digital slots had five reels and many paylines.  Even more important than the number of paylines and the number of reels was the fact that each game was different.  The games had storylines, not just paylines!  The storylines required interesting characters and the interesting characters required better software to grab and hold the attention of a new group of people that no one had ever heard of before: online casino gamers.

Download or Flash

Also, in the beginning, gamers had to download he casino to their computer’s hard drive.  Looking back, we are often amazed that online casino gaming had the staying power despite the weight the casino placed on players’ hard drives.

The alternative was called flash but the quality of the interface, game play, and graphics between a downloaded casino and playing in flash was awesome.  Most gamers chose to download the casino.

Everygame also knew that gamers seriously wanted and needed better software so they could play our casino games without having to download the casino.  It took some time but now we offer Instant Play where you can play directly through your server thus saving the weight on your hard drive which in the modern world is probably already loaded down with movies, music, pictures, and even work product!

What is a Mobile Casino?

The story might be apocryphal.  An owner of a land based casino was at a business meeting at which a middle manager started talking about the growing challenge from mobile casino gaming.  The younger managers at the meeting were struck that the owner was actually unaware that mobile gaming had arrived even though it was still not very popular.

Mobile casinos started operation in the mid-1990’s but once again the graphics were poor and the game play was slow.  Many people thought that mobile technology would never be good for anything but quick communication.  Like the president of IBM who famously said in the 1940’s that he saw little use for computers in the world, many online casino operators saw little future for mobile.

At Everygame Casino, we knew that mobile would come of age soon.  Even we underestimated how quickly mobile technology would improve. We were very thankful that RealTime Gaming, our game provider, was also at the forefront of every improvement in mobile technology and how that improvement affected mobile gaming.

The result is that our mobile platform runs so smoothly and with such good graphics that it is now the go to platform for a majority of our gamers!

Random Number Generator (RNG)

We talk about the RNG because it is so important in the smooth running of Everygame Casino.  The RNG alone decides what the next number will be, or what the next card will be, or when the reels will stop, or when the roulette wheel will stop and the ball will fall.

The casino has exactly zero to do with any of these decisions.   This was one of the most important aspects of online gaming that we had to present to potential new players from the very outset of Everygame’ operation.  Our gamers reasonably asked us—and every other online casino running at that very early time and every online casino (thousands) that have come along in the twenty-something years since we started out—how we could guarantee that the RNG was accurate, fair, and honest.

We are regulated under the auspices of Curacao and we openly submit the RNG to inspection at least twice a year.  Outside and independent auditors confirm that the RNG we use is running properly and they also certify the return to player rate which we set at between 96-98% for most games.

Encryption Software

This is the last major piece of software without which we could not exist.  Any online company that takes money has to have powerful encryption software to protect that money.   Most online accompanies that take money do not also send money but we do.  In that sense, we are like a bank that receives and distributes money.

So, we use the most sophisticated encryption software so you can play with the complete confidence that your money is safe.

How Much Software Can One Casino Use?

Well, to recap, Everygame Casino Red uses software to present our games in an aesthetic interface; we use software with the best graphics for our slots and mobile games; we use exceptional software so that our Instant Play platform is as good as our download platform; we use the best mobile software so you can now play while all curled up on your most comfortable sofa or chair; we use a Random Number Generator so that you can play with the full confidence that all of our games are fair; and we use encryption software to protect your money.

That certainly is a lot of software!  Now, all you have to do is join and you’ll see how it all runs smoothly together!