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Why is Social Interaction at Land Based Casinos Less than Meets the Eye?

Everygame Casino provides all of our online gamers with over 300 excellent games in many different categories.  That means that you can have hundreds of hours of fun going from game to game or staying with a few favorites.  One of the interesting sidelights of casino gaming is that many players like the camaraderie they get when playing.

It is a bit harder to have social interactions when you’re playing online casino games.  We recognize that social interaction is a part of the overall fun you can have here at Everygame Casino.

Chat with Poker Players

Everygame Casino is affiliated with Everygame Sportsbook, Everygame Casino Red, and Everygame Poker.  As a member of one, you are automatically a member of the other.  We have found that poker players are much more inclined to chat than casino players or sports bettors.  Most of our online poker players enjoy chatting with other players.

The tournaments are run as extremely low risk fun activities.  In many cases, you don’t even have to pay a fee to enter the tournament!  So, players are very willing to share their thoughts about the games, about the weather, and even occasionally about generally taboo subjects such as (gasp!) politics.

Downside to Social Interaction at Land Based Casinos

The term social interaction can have both a positive and a negative connotation.  Camaraderie, on the other hand, is a purely positive term.  So, most people who go to a land based casino once in a while expect to find some camaraderie there. 

They never expect to find the negative side of a social interaction.  Here are a few of the unexpected and unwanted social interactions you could find at a land based casino.

Players Looking over Your Shoulder

At a land based casino, there might be someone standing over you waiting for you to give up your seat at the slot he or she wants to play or at the video poker game they want to play. 

If you’re playing video poker, you might have a rude player not only waiting impatiently for you to leave the terminal, but he might also be criticizing your decisions.  Of course, this never happens at Everygame Casino for two reasons.  One, there is never anyone impatiently waiting for you to give up a “seat” because there is an infinite number of seats in cyberspace!

Two, you never, ever have to give up your seat to anyone at Everygame!  You can play every one of our more than 300 games from the comfort of your favorite chair or sofa if you are playing on a mobile device or from your comfortable desktop computer chair.

Dealers are Passive at Best

A land based casino has cameras everywhere.  They are looking at players for a number of reasons.  Sometimes a drunk player has to be escorted out of the casino.  Sometimes, the casino discovers that a blackjack player is counting cards.  This is not illegal but if a card counter is winning a substantial amount at blackjack, the casino will cordially escort the player out the door!

Even more importantly, the casino is watching dealers.  There are many ways a dealer could collude with a player so that the player wins and gives a nice tip to the dealer.  We read in the news at least a few times every year of a scam that involved hundreds of thousands of dollars and was basically collusion between a dealer and a player.

So, land based casino dealers are very leery of any interaction between them and players.  Most dealers are also bored since their shifts are long and the job is incredibly repetitious.  Especially at the two games where the players make the most noise—craps and roulette—the dealers or croupiers can’t join in the loud fun since it might appear that they are favoring one player over another.

In short, the average supermarket check-out person smiles more than the average dealer!


Many online gamers tell us that they prefer the anonymity of online gaming.   Their experiences at craps and roulette play a role in this preference.  At carps and roulette, the players do make a lot of noise and to some extent congratulate the winners after a spin of the wheel or the shooter makes or misses their point.

However, everyone is also rooting for their own bets to win as well.  If one player is having a lot more luck than others, the people will start to turn against them.   It also happens that a person who wins again and again and makes a lot of noise will have a frustrated player berate them for shouting too much.  Frustration fueled by free alcohol can make for very unpleasant social interactions at land based casinos!

You Ruined the Hand for Me

At a land based blackjack table, a player using the proper strategy will often hit with 12 or 13 points.  They might even hit with 15 points!  Whenever a player hits with 12 or more points, the players around the table will blame them if they all lose.  Most land based blackjack players love the game but don’t know or use best strategy so they always stand with 12 or more points and they bitterly criticize players who don’t.

Blackjack is one of the most significant reasons why online players prefer the anonymity of playing blackjack at Everygame Casino Red.

Avoid Bumping into a Player

Free alcohol at a land based casino can create an unpleasant situation if you merely bump into another player.  A crowded craps or roulette table can end up involving a lot of bumping into the guy next to you.  If he/she is even slightly inebriated, it could easily create a scene.

In general, you want to be careful who you are standing next to at a crowded games table.  You don't want to be accused of making unwanted advances to the person next to you and you don't want them making unwanted advances to you.  Best to find another spot at the table or find a different game!

Don’t Look at a Man’s Wife

Bumping into a man’s wife can trigger some unpleasantness but merely looking at her may also trigger a response from her husband.  Making matter worse is that many women at land based casinos let their inhibitions down especially in the way they dress.

Don’t Look at an Unaccompanied Woman

It is a proven fact that the majority of gamers at online casinos are women and a large number of them say that they prefer the anonymity of online gaming over the constant leering, gawking, and overt flirting they encounter at land based casinos.

And Others....

And we haven't even touched on the seedier side of land based out for pick-pockets, con artists, and people who are inappropriately overly-friendly.  Enough said.

Tons of Fun

Many players try out Everygame Casino, join and stay with us for the long term and tell us that the overall gaming experience is better than anything they ever experienced at a land based casino.

So, social interaction can certainly be a positive and also a negative.  We mentioned above that poker players like to chat especially when they are playing in low stakes games or tournaments.

Let us finish by pointing out one of the most positive aspects of “social interaction” at Everygame Casino.  You can play on your mobile device with great graphics and smooth game play and you can do so curled up on a soft sofa or in bed with your favorite “other”!

That’s the best definition of gaming “fun” we know!