Why is it Important for Everygame to Have Easy-to-Read Terms and Conditions?

In this article, we are going to show you how Everygame Casino goes out of its way to make the “rules” easy to understand.  In many games, following the rules is the difference between winning big or winning small.  The rules are called the “terms and conditions”.

Every casino has terms and conditions.  This includes land based as well as online casinos.  The terms and conditions are often the “same” at a land based casino or at an online casino but each type of casino has its own unique features that have to be explained.

These features are all explained in the terms and conditions.

Everygame Makes Reading the Terms and Conditions Easy

Here we have the first step in a casino making it easy or hard for players to understand the rules.  Many casinos, land based or online, make the terms and conditions either too long or too complex or both.

At Everygame Casino, we make the terms and conditions both short and easy to read, follow, and understand.

Every game we run and every promotion we offer has its own set of terms and conditions.  The casino as a whole also has general terms and conditions that you can find at the bottom of Everygame Casino’s home page.  If you click to open the terms and conditions page, you will notice a couple of things before you start to read them.

First, the fonts are easy to read.  This includes both the size of the fonts and also the type of font and the background you get on the page.  We want you to read the “rules” and we do everything we can to make it pleasant for you to read them.

Second, we organize the page into bite sized sections.  Every sentence is a different rule and every sentence is as short as we could possibly make it.  This contrasts with many casinos where the sections are very long, the sub-sections look like a complicated tax code, and the wording is hard to understand.

In Alice and Wonderland, the author coined the word gobbledygook.  That means really confusing language especially when the thought could have been expressed so much more easily.  Well, the terms and conditions at most casinos are a form of gobbledygook and at Everygame Casino we did everything we could to eliminate every vestige of gobbledygook from our terms and conditions.

General Rules Need Only One Page

At the terms and conditions page at our home page, you’ll also see that the general terms and conditions take up one page and one page only.  There are many casinos where the terms and conditions take up so many pages that no player ever gets through them all.

Keep in mind that we also have terms and conditions for every game and promotion.  If you want to take part in a promotion, we urge you to read those terms and conditions too. 

What is a Term?

Terms are simply the words we use to describe something.  If you are old enough to remember the beginning of the computer age, you will remember that suddenly we had a new use for the term “mouse”!  Today, no one thinks twice about this but back then, in ancient history, the computer mouse was a strange concept indeed. 

The plural of the little mouse creatures is mice.  The plural of a computer mouse is mouses (just a little interesting ditty....).

Betting Credits

To see how we try to make our terms easy to understand, look at Section 2 sub-section 2.2.  “All bonuses awarded to players shall be considered as betting credits only.”  That means that the money the casino gives you is still the casino’s money but the casino is letting you use it to bet with.

If you win with the bonus money, you can then withdraw it if you follow the next rule.

What is a Condition?

A condition is a requirement, a policy, or a set of rules.  For example, a slot tournament is a term but the rules that govern each tournament are conditions.  One of the conditions that our players often ask us about is the codes.  We use codes for bonuses and codes for slots tournaments in the casino and poker tournaments in our poker room.

The main reason we use codes is because we offer so many bonuses and so many tournaments that many players take more than one bonus and play in several tournaments at the same time.  The codes help us keep track of every bonus and every tournament.

We need to keep close track of all bonuses because of the next condition.

Standard Wagering Requirements

This is the amount you have to bet before you can withdraw winnings from the bonus money.  Every casino has a wagering requirement for bonuses because in the past some players took bonuses and immediately cashed out their accounts.

Online casinos learned a very important lesson quickly in the early days so now we define bonus money as “betting credits” and we ask you to bet a factor of the bonus and the deposit before you can withdraw the betting credits as money.

Progressive Jackpots

As we said, you should read the terms and conditions for every game.  A progressive jackpot is one where the jackpot keeps increasing until someone wins it.  That is the simple definition of the term.  The most important condition governing progressive jackpots is that you have to bet the maximum on the wining payline in order to win the big jackpot.

It does happen that a player hits the jackpot but didn’t qualify for the big jackpot because they hadn’t bet the max.  When this happens at a land based casino, it makes headlines.

Video Poker

This term refers to poker games that you play at a terminal as opposed to poker that you play at a table against the dealer or against live players.  It also refers to a type of poker game that involves trying to achieve a winning hand.  This definition applies to both online and land based casinos.

In other words, video poker is game between the player and the pay table.  The dealer doesn’t play at all!  You only need to play top strategy to have a very good chance of winning.  Every video poker game has its own special rules.  Some give extra bonuses for certain fours of a kind.  Some video poker games have wild cards which affect the pay scale.

So, always read the terms and conditions for every video poker game you play.  The most important rule in video poker might be the rule that governs the extra payout for a Royal Flush.  In order to qualify for that extra payout, you have to bet the maximum on the hand - don't say you were never told....

Play within Your Means

There are some players who never play progressive jackpot games because they can’t afford to bet the max on every payline and you only win the max when you've bet the max.  Some don’t make the maximum bet in video poker for the same reason.  This is because they know the rules.  This is one of the major benefits of reading the terms and conditions for every game you play!

Maximizing Fun

The “rule” that we always follow at Everygame Casino Red is to maximize fun.  We also inevitably have many terms and conditions that govern everything at the casino.  We do everything we can to make our terms and conditions easy to read, follow, and understand because we know that that is one of the best ways we can maximize your fun!