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Can You Tell Me All about Everygame Casino Saving the Welcome Package for Last?

Most reviews of an online casino begin with the Welcome Package of bonuses.  In fact, Everygame Casino recently upgraded our Welcome Package.  Still, we felt that there is a lot more to a casino online that you should know about so we will save the great, new Welcome Package from Everygame Casino for the end of this article!


Some people think that online casinos appeal primarily to older players who can’t easily get to a land based casino.  The fact is that the largest group of gamers at Everygame is in the 25-35 age group!  Why is that?


Millennials are the most affluent 25-35 age group in world history.  Keep in mind that Everygame Casino has worldwide reach and appeals to newly affluent players in many countries.  So, if the payers are so affluent why do they play online instead of at a land based casino?

Many do go to land based casinos if they can for a long weekend.  But most prefer to play online because it gives them much greater flexibility and convenience plus it doesn’t cost any money to get there!

Affluence also means that the new professionals that play at Everygame have more pressure at work than their parents did.  Everygame Online Casino gives these young people a chance to relax and unwind easily and conveniently.

Our mobile gaming platform is by far and away the most popular gaming platform we offer.  Many gamers come home and relax on their most comfortable chair of sofa with a few minutes or more of their favorite online casino games!


Everygame Casino started out in 1996 and we admit that the technology for online casinos has improved exponentially since then.  Today, the graphics in the games we offer are so good that players tell us that the games are incredibly realistic.


That applies especially to our more than 200 slots.  We also offer over 100 games in many other categories but the graphics truly stand out in slots.  Modern slots have story lines and unique symbols and characters.  Only with fantastic graphics could these characters and symbols “come to life”!

In addition, our slots all have scatter symbols, truly wild wild symbols, and many ways for you to win big payouts.  As good as the payouts are, it is the relaxing fun our young gamers enjoy that makes Everygame so popular to this group of gamers.

Games of Chance and Games of Skill

Slots are pure games of chance while many games such as Caribbean Poker, video poker, and blackjack are games of skill.  Most of our gamers prefer either games of chance or games of skill.  However, the convenience of playing at a casino online allows our gamers to seamlessly move from game to game.

This is an awesome aspect of the relaxation process players experience at Everygame.  The opposite is often the case at a land based casino.  There, if you leave one game, you give up your place at that game.  If you want to come back to it, you might find that the game is “taken” by another player!

This is the exact opposite of relaxation!  At Everygame Casino Red, you never give up your seat because there are an infinite number of seats in the world of the internet which we euphemistically call cyberspace.


Our philosophy has always been that online gaming should be fun before all else.  We have described many areas where we try to maximize your fun.  Here are two more.

Free Play

We offer unlimited free play for three complementary but different reasons.  First, there is unlimited room in cyberspace so we can easily afford to let as many gamers play for free as wish to.

Second, we want our gamers to be as familiar with every game they play so when you try out a new game, we encourage everyone to play it in free play mode for as long as it takes to get to know the game well enough to feel comfortable playing it for real money.

Finally, no land based casino can afford to let players play for free.  This is one of the areas that sets Everygame Casino apart from every land based casino.  We know that in order to emphasize fun we have to “sacrifice” some actual betting.  We do so completely willingly!  That’s because we want you to have fun playing our games.


We also want our players to know every game they play from the strategic point of view.  So, we have tutorials for most of our games.  You can find the tutorials in the articles section of Everygame.

Instant Play

At Everygame, we offer you four excellent gaming platforms.  We already spoke about our free play mode and our mobile platform.  In the old days of online gaming, most gamers downloaded the casino to their computer’s hard drive.  This put an extra burden on many hard drives.

Today, we offer Instant Play which means that you can play directly on your server.  There is really only one drawback between downloading the casino or playing in Instant Play.  In order to use Instant Play, you need an internet connection.  If you download the casino to your hard drive you can play even if the internet is down in your area.

It is true that some players download Everygame to their hard drive simply because their internet server is not so reliable.


As another major way of adding fun to your gaming experience, we offer a massive number of slots tournaments.   We design all of our tournaments to maximize fun and minimize risk.  So, the buy-in fees are always small and in some cases there is no buy-in fee at all.

Our slots tournaments allow gamers to play for the maximum amount of fun at the minimum cost.

Everygame is a Four-headed Casino

We offer you gaming at two casinos, Everygame Classic and Everygame Red.  We also have a poker room called Everygame Poker and we have a sportsbook as well.

At Everygame, you have one account for all of our gaming enterprises as one.  You can move from one to the other with a simple click.  So you can be playing in a slots tournament and in a poker tournament at the same time.  While you manage your tournament play, you could also be following your favorite e sports and make reasoned bets on the games.


At Everygame, we offer safe and convenient banking.  We offer many ways to deposit and withdraw money and we use the most powerful encryption software to protect your money in your account and in transit to or from your account.

Everygame is a Haven for Women

As online gaming has become more popular and as many people have become aware of Everygame, we have found that we now have more lady players than men.  One unfortunate but true reason is that many women do not like the looks, leers, sneers, and unwanted attention they get at land based casinos.

In that way, online gaming at Everygame is a great way for these women to enjoy casino games without the negative attention.

New Welcome Package

We have upgraded our Welcome Package so that now you can enjoy up to $5555 in bonuses.  Here are the details:

  • For your first deposit, you can get a 125% bonus up to $1000.
  • For your second deposit, you can get a 150% bonus up to $1500.
  • For your third deposit, the bonus is 125% up to $1000.
  • For your fourth deposit, the bonus is 150% up to $2000.
  • Finally, you qualify for a $55 no deposit bonus!

It’s easy to calculate that the total package is worth $5555 in bonuses!

Welcome to Everygame!