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How Does Everygame Casino Keep You, the Gamer, in the Forefront?

People think of online casino gaming as merely gaming.  That is, since we talk about people playing games, there is a tendency to see online gaming as just playing games.  Since they are a pure game of chance, there is the thinking that slots are just games.  We, at Everygame Casino, have understood for a very long time that we are offering a lot more than just games.  We are actually offering a vision. 

In this article and two upcoming articles, we will talk about some of the business concepts that we use every day so that you can have the most fun playing at Everygame Casino.  Our players have the most fun playing our games when you feel that we are giving you something new and special.  

The other two ideas that we will explore at more length in upcoming articles are being innovative and always doing something that surprises customers.  Innovation means thinking outside the box and a lot more and constantly striving to be surprising is quite challenging in every business.

Always Consider the Customer First

In the culture of American business, this sentiment used to be expressed as “the customer is always right”.  One of the ways we strive to show you that we value every opinion you have and that we truly welcome all of your feedback is that we run a customer service office that never closes.

In the past, there were online casinos that closed for important holidays and even some that closed every weekend and reopened on Monday.  We always stay open whether it’s a religious holiday like Christmas or Easter or a national holiday.

Our gamers come from every hemisphere so that when half of our gamers are sleeping, the other half is awake.  There are many things that you, our gamers, do during your waking hours.  You may be at work, you may be fixing dinner for your families, you may be working in the garden, or you may be playing our online casino games among hundreds of possible activities. And we intend to be here for you if, and when, you need us.

Fun is What We Offer You

Of course, we do have to talk about ourselves sometimes.  We talk about our services and our games.  But the thrust of everything we say in our articles and everything we offer you on the “casino floor” is directed at helping you have the most fun gaming.

Here is a short list of all of the things we offer you because we begin with the vision that your fun is why we are in business:

  • Unlimited free play.
  • No waiting, ever!
  • Hundreds of creative games in many categories.
  • Multi-player video poker.
  • High return to player rates.
  • Tutorials.
  • Many different banking methods.
  • Secure banking transactions.
  • Tournaments.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Many bonuses and other promotions.

When you send us your feedback, we sometimes incorporate it into the games and services we offer.  The most recent such change was when enough gamers asked us when we would start to accept bitcoin as a currency for deposit.

Let us look at these services and games to see how they reflect our commitment to your fun.

Free Play

There is enough to go around is a cliché in some business circles.  We take that sentiment to heart and offer unlimited free play.  One main reason that gamers like free play is because when they play for free they have no financial risk.  In other words, unlimited free play allows you unlimited gaming fun at no cost.

No Waiting

Some gamers seem to always have to wait when they go to a land based casino.  This is especially true on busy weekends.  At Jackpot Capital, we offer you all of our games through the modern magic of cyberspace which is itself unlimited.  So with unlimited games, there is never a wait to play.

Creative Games

Our game provider is RealTime Gaming which is now entering its fourth decade in operation.  We work closely with RTG on every new game.  Our goal in every new game is your fun in playing it.  With our input, RTG has innovated in many ways in their slots.  Many of these innovations are in how the wild symbols work to give you more wins.

It is so much fun to play an interesting slot and suddenly to discover that the wild symbol is expanding before your eyes and the wins are following!  That is one of the many ways that we and RTG work together to bring you slots that go from the merely interesting to the fantastic and amazing!

Video Poker

This game continues to grow in popularity.  You all love the fact that the return to player rate in video poker is close to, and sometimes greater than, 100%.  We also allow up to 100 hands at a time in video poker.  It is so much fun to see the win counter grow as a good hand gets much, much better as the 100 hands play out!

Return to Player Rates

We offer close to 100% return to player rates on many games.  We can do so because we have much lower operating costs than land based casinos have.  We love returning your money to you in the form of wins, comp points, bonuses, and more.

Play with Confidence

We protect your money with the best encryption software available.  We know that you need to feel 100% confident that your money is safe.  We also offer many different banking methods because we want you to feel the most satisfied that we helped you deposit and withdraw money in the way you prefer to do so.


We want you to know how to play every game you choose to play.  Our growing library of tutorials can help you play any new game and have a good chance to get lucky and win.


We run many slots tournaments for your gaming pleasure.  Many of our tournaments are free rolls which means that you don’t pay anything to enter.  The ones that do have a buy-in fee are very inexpensive to join.

We run these slots tournaments not to earn a profit since there is little to no profit in running free tournaments.  We run them for your gaming pleasure!  Some of our players play in slots tournaments exclusively.  Be sure to check out our tournaments schedule frequently - it's very dynamic with new tourneys starting every day.

Bonuses and Promotions

We want to help you grow your bankroll.  One way is to offer you many bonuses.  We start with new players who can get up to $5555!  That is a lot of money, but we don’t stop there.  We offer daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses with low wagering requirements so you can finish the wagering requirement quickly.

Customer Service

We want you to contact us.  To that end, we never close the customer service office.  We respond quickly to any emails plus we have a toll free number and online chat.