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What Interesting Facts Can You Tell Me about Everygame Casino?

Playing at an online casino always seems seamless.  We, at Everygame Casino, hear quite often from gamers that everything appears to be so smooth, from the easy banking methods, to the many Everygame Casino promotions, to the excellent graphics, and clear mobile interface.

In this article, we’ll share some aspects of online casino gaming and operation that you might not be aware of and that might surprise you!

The Random Number Generator Doesn’t Actually Generate Numbers

The Random Number Generator is usually known as the RNG.  It is software that more accurately generates “stops” rather than numbers.  Let us explain.

In all of our card games—video poker, blackjack, baccarat, and table poker—the RNG produces cards.  At an online casino, everything is virtual, so the cards and the decks are also virtual. The RNG is programmed to choose a card from the deck.  So, neither the card itself nor the number or face on it are actually a number; they are merely a stop in the deck as the RNG figuratively rifles through the deck until it is told—by the program itself—to stop.

In roulette, the RNG determines the stop for the wheel.  It determines where the ball will fall.  In craps, the RNG creates stops on the dice.  In slots, it determines where the reels will stop.

The RNG is a vital element in the certification of any online casino and leads us to the next unusual item on our list.

Certification is an Ongoing Issue

First an online casino gets certification; then it keeps its certification.  It has to show that it is honest, fair, and complies with all regulatory requirements in order to get certified.  Then it has to submit to regular audits to make sure that it is continuing to follow those rules and regulations.

That’s what we mean when we say that an online casino has to keep its certification.

The randomness of the RNG is one of the many elements an audit covers.  The RNG can be calibrated to create a given number of winning stops but it cannot be compelled to create those stops in a pre-determined sequence.  That’s why you can play the same slot for the same length of time one day and end up losing and the next day end up winning big!

Everygame Casino is as Safe as Your Personal Bank

Every financial institution has an online presence these days.  You can move money around online.  Many companies do business exclusively online.  Every one of them protects your privacy and your money with encryption software.

At Everygame Casino, we use the same type of encryption software that a trillion dollar bank uses.  Your money is as important to us as it is to your personal bank!

Most Online Gaming is Done on Mobile Devices

The online gaming industry first started reporting this phenomenon a few years ago.  At that time, we said that mobile might take over for desktop in a few years.  Well, those few years turned out to be just a few months!

Three factors have contributed to the fast rise of mobile gaming. 

  • Affluence.  As consumers became more affluent, they have been able to upgrade their mobile devices so that now most mobile devices are new generation devices.
  • Technology.  Mobile graphics are so much better today than they were a few years ago!  We expect the technology of mobile graphics to continue to improve.  It could be that in the future only a small percentage of online gaming will be done at a desktop computer terminal.
  • Convenience.  Everyone knows that a smartphone or tablet are amazingly convenient for communication and internet surfing.  The obvious convenience of mobile didn’t move into the online casino arena until the graphics had caught up to the convenience.  Now they have and convenience reigns!

More Women Play at Online Casinos than Men

The reason for this phenomenon is not such a happy one but it is true.  Many women find that they prefer the exponentially greater anonymity of online gaming to land based gaming.  In short, women at land based casinos get hit on.  When someone just wants a little gaming fun, getting hit on by men who likely have had a little too much to drink is an unpleasant experience.

Video Poker has the Highest Return to Player Rate

Most new online gamers think about slots and then blackjack or poker.  Video poker seems to be an afterthought for many gamers.  In fact, the way video poker runs and the special rules that you get at Everygame and that you won’t find in a five-card draw game with friends give video poker almost a 100% return to player rate.

Most players maintain a fair and reasonable bankroll so they aren’t high rollers.  For this vast majority of video poker players, an average session will end up with them a little bit ahead or a little bit behind.  In this way, video poker has become one of the most fun games to play at Everygame Casino.

Bingo is Gaining in Popularity

Bingo has always been a favorite game of "more mature" folks.  As the number of land based bingo halls decreases, the number of online bingo players has increased.  It is also true that most online bingo players are women but retired men are also finding out that bingo is fun to play online.

Older gamers find it hard to travel to a land based casino.   The neighborhood bingo hall in many places has closed.  So both women and men now enjoy online bingo.

Online Casinos Offer Free Play

Land based casinos need players to play for real money.  First, they have limited space so they can’t let a gamer take up a valuable machine playing slots or video poker for free.  It would be untenable for blackjack players at a land based casino to sit at the table and play for free.  The other players would leave the table!

At Everygame Casino Red, we welcome players who want to play for free.  We have unlimited space so come and play!  We can also afford to accommodate free play because our operating costs are so far below the operating costs of land based casinos.

Many Slots Tournaments are Free to Enter

This is another way that Everygame can afford to emphasize fun over profit.  We offer many slots tournaments.  Some last one day and some go on for a week.  The point about slots tournaments is that the top prize is never very high; it’s a few hundred dollars at the most.  But then....

Many of our tournaments are free rolls which means that you can play for no entry fee at all.  Slots tournaments are the go to online casino entertainment for a growing group of gamers.  They just love those slots and love playing them in low cost or zero cost tournaments.

It’s Really Easy to Get to Know Everygame Casino

Many people who go to a land based casino are lost for a long time until they get oriented to the layout of the casino.  At Everygame, you can play all of our games at your leisure.  That means that you don’t have to get in all the gaming you can in a single long weekend.

We encourage you to take your time; get acquainted with our games in free play mode; and enjoy at least trying out every game.  It’s free if you want it to be free!  You might discover a game that you never would have expected to like!