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Why are Short Gaming Sessions Often Better than Long Sessions?

In our opinion, and in the opinion of many managers, psychologists, and gamers, one of the biggest advantages an online casino has over any land based casino is that it is easier to manage your time well at an online casino.  You can play all the games at Everygame Casino in short gaming sessions and you can both come back the next day for more gaming and still get on with taking care of all of your other responsibilities.

All of this, of course, begs three questions:

  • Why is time management so important?
  • Are short gaming sessions always better than longer ones?
  • Why can’t I let go of my many responsibilities for a great long weekend at a land based casino?

We will answer these questions in depth.  As we go along, you will clearly see that the three issues are actually interconnected. 

Time Management

Very few people have enough time to do everything they want to do.  There are some clichés that speak directly to this point.  “There are only 24 hours in a day.”  “There is always more to do.”  “Time is of the essence.”

In order to do as many things as we can and do them well we need to manage our time.  One of the things we also have to set aside time for and to do these things well is simply to have fun!  Here is another famous cliché: “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”  It’s true even if Jack is a man and even if she is a woman!

This cliché was first written in the 17th century!  That shows that fun has long been considered as important as seriousness. 

In order to have fun in the service of your more serious endeavors and to be serious in the service of your fun activities, you have to manage your time well.  It is much easier to manage your time when you play online than at a land based casino.  When you travel to a land based casino, you already have costs.  Players tend to play and play, long after they are too tired to play effectively or too hungry to play effectively.  The entire atmosphere at a land based casino is play, play, play.

Business management knows well how important it is to manage your time well.  Even when you’re gaming, you should set a time limit so that you can use the gaming for fun and rejuvenation without sacrificing your other tasks at hand.


One of the biggest problems for time management is distractions.  At our desk we might get endless texts that “demand “a quick response.  These are a serious distraction.  We shut off our text signal to stay away from the constant texting.

But when it comes to gaming, land based casinos lead the world in distractions.

Land based casinos have brighter than bright lights, bells and whistles coming from every direction, a stimulation overload that is thoroughly distracting to many gamers, and, how shall we say it, some very scantily-clad waitresses who would love to bring you some free alcoholic drinks.

When you play online at Everygame Casino, you can eliminate every possible distraction.  When you do so, every minute you play is a powerful rejuvenation tool and a lot of fun besides!

Short Gaming Sessions

This gets back to gaming when you’re tired or hungry.  At home, you can easily take a break, get something to eat, take a nap, and if you choose to, you can come back to the casino.  You aren’t “stuck” at the casino.

When you go to a land based casino, in most cases you really are stuck at the casino.  Many people go to a land based casino with a group for a long weekend and lose their bankroll on the first day.  These people are helplessly stuck at the casino.

When you play at home or on your mobile in what are naturally short sessions when you are generally on the go, you should never lose your bankroll so quickly that you get “stuck”.  Managing your money is also much easier when you play online!

Playing short sessions also helps us use our time most effectively.  We all have so many things to do that we have to learn to use our time as effectively as we can.  Developing the discipline to play in short sessions can have positive effects on many other aspects of our lives as well.

Instead of cleaning the entire house in one fell swoop which might take a few hours, we can take a few minutes to wash a floor, another few minutes to vacuum a rug, and so on.  There is a story, possibly apocryphal, about a college student whose parents were coming to visit.  There were so many dirty dishes in the sink that, rather than wash them, he simply put them all in the oven knowing that they would never cook while his parents were there.

Had he washed even one dish at a time, there probably wouldn’t have been any dirty dishes in the sink to hide!

What Defines a Great Vacation?

The immediate availability of Everygame Casino means that you never have to go to a land based casino for a vacation.  Even if you want a great long weekend excursion away from home, there are hundreds or even thousands of other ways to pay to get somewhere and then to have a great time while you’re there.

Why pay to go to a casino when you can carry the casino with you through our mobile gaming platform?


At Everygame Casino Red, we recommend that you play for relatively short sessions.  We have examined several benefits of playing for a limited time.  We all need to develop many disciplines in the modern world and time management is one of them.

As important as time management is in the business world, it is also vitally important in the leisure-time world.  We absolutely have to play to be well-rounded human beings and we have to play for the optimum effect.  Short sessions teach us the value of time in our recreation even as short meetings force us to be precise, quick, and clear in business settings.

Finally, when we have a great online casino such as Everygame Casino available to us, why would we go to a land based casino when what we want is an exciting vacation or long weekend away from all of our daily responsibilities?