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Has a Player’s Feedback Ever Created a Big Change at Everygame Casino?

For us, getting your feedback is one of the most important aspects of the overall business plan here at Everygame Casino.  As much as we think hard about innovations and ideas, we know that we can’t think of everything.  Some Everygame casino promotions have come about directly as the result of players’ feedback.

In this article, we will explore two areas where your feedback helped us evaluate situations in a different way and make changes that we are confident are good for you, our gamers, and for Everygame online casino.

Is it a Forest or a Tree?

Many businesses value feedback from customers, suppliers, and investors because management is so far within the company that it sometimes can’t see the trees for the forest.  At other times, management will be so focused on details that it can’t see the forest for the trees.

These two sayings may be clichés in some circumstances but they are true in many cases.  Businesspeople often get caught up in either the forest or the trees and well-placed, positive feedback can help a great deal.

Contact Us

Every company, organization, or government office has a little “contact us” section.  We don’t know how many of them treat feedback seriously but they all ask for it.  When you stay at a hotel, they ask for an evaluation.  The same is true after you eat at a good restaurant.  The people who run tourist attractions also want to know if you’ll recommend them to friends, family, and colleagues.

At Everygame Casino, we're open to your suggestions and constructive criticism.

Constructive Criticism

This is a very important part of sending the kind of feedback that we will take to heart.  If a gamer rants on and on about something, our tendency is to treat it like a form of road rage.  Call it casino rage if you will.  We try to take everything into account but sometimes a gamer is ranting at us because he or she played too long, bet too much, and otherwise lost the fun side of gaming. 

We might write back to them to look at gaming as a form of entertainment.  We will point out that as a form of entertainment, online gaming at Everygame is like going to the movies, going bowling, joining a bridge club, taking up a hobby, or doing any of the myriad things we do for entertainment.

Constructive feedback doesn’t even have to fall into the realm of criticism.  It might just be a suggestion.  It might be to point out something that we never considered; something that wasn’t obvious to us.

On such suggestion led us to accept banking through ewallets.

Why Do We Use Ewallets?

When Everygame casino started out in 1996, there wasn’t nearly as much ewallet presence as there is today.  For a time, we thought that every gamer would deposit and withdraw with a credit card, a debit card, or a direct bank transfer.

One gamer told us that we should look into ewallets.  His take on ewallets was that they help keep a gamer’s budget in line and that they offer more anonymity when he decides to play casino games online. 

We respect players’ desire for extra privacy.  That’s why we have a formal privacy policy written in clear English so you don’t need to hire a lawyer to explain it to you!  What really turned our heads was the idea that an ewallet could help keep players in line with their budget.

You can only send us any money that you have already put into your ewallet account.  Many gamers still bank with their credit card because they don’t like having to take that extra step but many gamers see that extra step as a self-protective measure to make it hard to overdo it at the casino.

Responsible Gaming

We have always been committed to players gambling only what they can afford as part of their overall entertainment budget.  We offer unlimited free play so players can continue to play for free as a way of conserving their bankroll.  We quickly saw that accepting banking through ewallets was in line with our general gaming philosophy.

Slots Tournaments

When you join Everygame and set up an account, we begin to send you all kinds of information and announcements.  One set of announcements is about our slots tournaments.

One day, we received a mail from a loyal gamer who said that he plays many hours at Everygame Casino Red, most of it in slots tournaments.  His suggestion was simply to recognize that many gamers play for the sheer fun of it and do so on very limited budgets.  He also suggested that we expand our collection of slots tournaments.

We never realized the extent to which so many gamers prefer slots tournaments over every other game we offer.  Many older gamers, those who used to go to bingo halls every week, now play at home in our many tournaments.  For them, mobility might be a factor and the closing of their neighborhood bingo parlor might also have been a factor.

But a big factor was also the convenience of playing for a very small entry fee and in some cases no entry fee at all in several slots tournaments at the same time.

Customer Service

Our customer service office is always open.  While we mainly handle questions, we also receive some feedback through the mail, chat, or messages.  Most telephone callers call with a question.

We would like everyone to know that we value every idea or suggestion you might have.  We serve a very large public and can always use a new set of eyes looking anew at what we see every day.  So, please, remember that we accept all constructive criticism and other feedback with open arms and an open mind.