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Can Slots Help Me Become More Creative?

We have more than 200 slots for you here at Everygame Casino.  Our games provider, Real Time Gaming or RTG, comes out with a new slots game every month.  We usually run a promotion based on that slot.

Different Themes for Different Times

Before big holidays, the slot might have a holiday theme.  Before the winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the slot may feature snow, ice, and brrrrr temperatures.  As spring gives way to summer, many people are planning their summer vacation so the new slot might have a sand and sun theme.

The point here is that modern video slots have different themes.  RTG might make two summer vacation slots in subsequent years but the storylines in each will be different.  Slots players are a sophisticated breed and you want to find creativity and originality in every new slot you play here.

Slots Excite the Creative Side of Your Brain

You can play every one of or slots in the same gaming session.  We don’t recommend it because there are so many slots!  The theme of this article is that you can choose a small number of slots to play each session and you can use those slots to let your imagination soar. 

When your imagination soars, you think of things that you wouldn’t have thought of before and you see things that you never saw before.   A simple slots game can help you create your creative side!

Common Reasons to Play Slots Online

Most articles that extol the virtues of playing slots online list the technical side of online gaming.   Here are a few of the technical reasons to play slots online:

  • More games.  Online casinos have unlimited space so they can offer more games, including slots.  It’s also easy to bring in a new game every month.  At a land based casino, if they bring a new slot in they have to take an old slot out.
  • Bonuses.  Land based casinos are more likely to give freebies such as free buffet meals, free drinks, and free hotel rooms.  That’s all well and good but online casinos such as Everygame Casino offer free money!  We offer many bonuses that also include free spins.
  • At an online casino, you are more in control.  Land based casinos don’t have clocks.  They don’t even have windows.  They want you to think it’s day when it’s very much night.  Land based casinos want you to play when you’re tired.  They give you free drinks so you will play when your thinking is less than sharp.
  • Online casinos want you to play when you are in the mood to have fun!
  • Online casinos have lower operating costs so their return to player rate is higher than at land based casinos.
  • At Everygame Casino, you can play all of our games from one seat.  At a land based casino, you need a different seat for every game you play!
  • At Everygame Casino, you can play for free!  We offer unlimited free play because we can and because it’s the right thing to do.  Land based casinos might want to offer unlimited free play but they can’t afford to have a bunch of free players occupying games that waiting players want to play for real money!

How Slots Trigger Your Own Creativity

As much as we ballyhoo the many different themes in modern video slots, there are in fact a limited number of categories.  The same fact—that things we enjoy are naturally limited— applies to many things we enjoy every day.

There are only a small number of meat or poultry items to eat.  There are many vegetables but not an unlimited number of them.  The same is true of fruit.  Even herbs and spices are limited by nature.

There are over 100 countries in the world so the number is limited by definition.  Some people prefer sea-side vacations while others like the mountains.  At their root, vacations that don’t involve family visits are either at the sea or in the mountains.

So, we might have several slots based on ancient Egypt, Greece, or Rome.  We might have several sea-side slots or mountain hideaway slots.  We might go up in space more than once or down to the ocean depths more than once.

The key is that without great creativity on the part of the teams at RTG, you would lose interest in their slots.  Creativity is something that can come to you through a kind of osmosis.  One person’s creativity can make your own creativity soar.

Slots can help you develop your creativity because they are a part of some of the best general ways to enhance your personal creativity.  Here are a few of the best general ways to grow your own creativity.

Try Something New

Anything new will stimulate many faculties that will grow dull if they aren’t stimulated.  We try new restaurants for a change of pace.  Our brains like to try new restaurants because they stimulate the active and creative side of the brain.  What spice is that?  How did they take a simple salad and change it so amazingly?

Because each slot is a different story, the creators had to think deeply in order to make the story both believable enough to entertain and fantastic enough to stimulate. 

Many psychologists say that if we do something creative before we go to sleep, we will stimulate the brain and it will work while we sleep.  That elusive and happy “Eureka moment” often comes to us in our sleep!

Be Spontaneous

Every spin in a video slot is a spontaneous event produced by the Random Number Generator (RNG) that decides every outcome in online casino games.  We encourage spontaneity when we allow the RNG to stop at its own whim.  This is also connected to the next way to develop creativity.

Take Risks

The simple taking of risks, within reason, is a great creativity booster.  You can let the RNG take the risk for you or you can go up in a hang glider!  Even if you put only a cent or two on a spin, you will feel the risk as a general thing and risk demands creative solutions!

Observe and Daydream

Now, these must seem like opposites but they are actually two sides of the same coin!  When we observe as slots players, we look to see how the team at RTG developed this particular story line.  When we look closely enough, we will suddenly notice that our mind has wandered off in its imaginative ruminations about how the team at RTG developed this slot!

Close observation naturally produces a state that we normally call day dreaming.  At its best, day dreaming is the state that most often leads to a creative solution to a problem.  We doubt that Picasso thought out every brushstroke.  More than likely he painted in a state of both observation and daydreaming.

Don’t Force the Issue

Most creative people have a few projects going at the same time.  Some projects never get finished!  When you play slots, you should also not try to force the issue.  That means playing for a reasonable amount of time and for a reasonable amount of money.  We at Everygame Casino Red always say that staying in complete control of the technical side of gaming makes the emotional and fun side all the better!