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Which Helps Players Deal with Cravings More: Land Based or Online Gaming?

This is going to be another article in which we talk about the advantages you have playing at an online casino instead of playing at a land based casino.  In this article, we will approach the subject from the standpoint of dealing with cravings.

Everygame Casino is fully committed to helping you deal with gambling cravings.  Most land based casinos say that they are also but their high operating costs and several of their behaviors belie this commitment.   In addition, the very fact that you’re playing online casino games means that you can and should stop when you need to pay attention to your other necessary everyday activities.  When you’re at a land based casino, you are formally setting aside all of those everyday activities in favor of playing casino games.  This leads inexorably to gambling cravings.

Where are the Windows?

Land based casinos want you to think that they support responsible gaming.  So why aren’t there any windows in land based casinos?  The reason is that they want you to think that day is day and night is day!  In other words, you can play, play, play 24 hours a day never knowing it's nighttime or feeling sleepy.

Where are All the Clocks?

Land based casinos reveal their true intentions by leaving you in the dark as to whether it’s light or dark outside.  Not only are there no windows but there are also no clocks.  This ploy works less well these days because everyone has a cell phone but who is looking at their cell phone when they are so busy indulging their gambling cravings?

Would You Like Some Free Whisky?

Not only do land based casinos want you to get confused about day and night, they want you to get a bit tipsy so that you’ll continue to spin those reels or will start to make poor decisions at poker, video poker, and blackjack.  Because your poor betting decisions are income for them.

What are Cravings?

We all have cravings.  Some people crave food.  Some crave salty food and some crave sweets.  Some crave television.  Some crave travel.  In short, we all have to deal with cravings because, by definition, they are desires that can get out of hand if we don’t deal with them properly.

Online Gaming Puts You in Control

As we said, when you play online you are either at home or on the go with just a few minutes or less to play on the Everygame Casino mobile platform.  First, you can control your gaming because it isn’t the only thing you’re doing today, tomorrow, or the next day.

When you’re at a land based casino, you can gamble, eat, drink, sleep, or maybe if you have enough money catch a show.  The main thing is the gambling.

When you’re home, your gaming serves to calm you, relax you, and help you unwind.  It is not the be all and end all of that day’s activities.

Gambling at a land based casino is very often the opposite of calming.  You might exhaust all or most of your bankroll on the first day.  Then what do you do?  Land based casinos are full of players just wandering about because they have nothing else to do.

This wandering about eventually leads in many cases to indulging the craving to buy more chips and get back to the slots and video poker terminals, to the blackjack tables, or to the roulette, craps, keno, or baccarat tables.

When you set a time limit for gaming at home, you should stop at the pre-set time whether you’re ahead or behind.  Online casino gaming is always intended to be a happy and fun pastime not the main reason for your being where you are.

Curling Up at Home

When you’re home, you can curl up on your favorite chair or sofa and play a relaxed gaming session.  There is no comparable thing at a land based casino.

How Players Deal with Gambling Cravings

It is a lot more difficult to deal with gambling cravings when you’re at a land based casino.  So, the first step in dealing with these cravings is to avoid land based casinos! 

They offer package deals for flights and hotel rooms, free meals, possibly show tickets.  All of this is intended to feed your desire to play their casino games on and on even though you’re hungry, even though you’re tired, and even though you really do need to visit the lavatory!

So, do all your casino gaming online.

Set a Strict Budget

You absolutely have to set a strict gaming budget.  If you lose all the money, you simply stop.  That is the only way to handle the desire to add more money to your account.  It’s just like going on a diet.  You have to push away from the table and you have to walk away from the casino.

Set a Strict Time Limit

In addition to setting a budget, you have to decide how long you’re going to play.  When time’s up, you stop.  Ahead or behind, you stop.

Setting strict financial and time limits on your gaming won’t immediately end your cravings but they will set you on the right path toward that end. 

Gaming is Entertainment

Every craving we have is a feeling that takes us away from enjoying an activity to "needing" it above all rationality and reality.  That’s why we say again and again that you have to look at online gaming as a form of entertainment.

Land based casinos don’t do that.  They have entertainment in the shows.  On the floor, you gamble.  At an online casino, you play and then you go and do all the other things you need to do that day.

So many things we do to relax or to just feel good are entertainments.  Some people play sports and some love to watch sports.  Some people like to cook and some like to try out new cuisines at restaurants.  Some like to bake fancy pastries.  Many people have collections.  They might spend some time every day or so on their collection.

Gaming is no different.  Some people like to play slots.  We offer over 200 slots in many different theme categories.  You can get wonderful vicarious pleasure from that comfortable curled up position by going from slot to slot just having fun.

Some gamers like the challenge of blackjack or video poker.

In all cases, playing online naturally makes it difficult to go from entertaining fun to an irresistible craving.

So, indulge your desire for some fun time at Everygame Casino Red.