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Revisiting Steve Wynn’s Notorious Comment “Not Much” from Five Years Ago

Five years ago, Steve Wynn, the entrepreneurial owner of Las Vegas casinos, was the keynote speaker at the Global Gaming Expo.  He was asked what he thought of online casinos and he answered quite bluntly, “Not much”.

In his eyes, just five years ago, no online casino had any present, long term, or lasting value.  He went on to praise his competitor and land based casino colleague, Sheldon Adelson, who was leading the campaign to make it illegal to operate an online casino anywhere in the United States.

Now, five years later, we at Everygame Casino would like to set the record straight.  The “not much” that Wynn, Adelson, and most land based casino operators sneered at five years ago has grown to become “very much” a part of the gaming landscape throughout the world including the United States.

Let’s see how the big, fancy, top heavy land based casinos compare to our sleek, modern, efficient, and flexible online casinos!

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The first thing that jumps out from Wynn’s comment is that only five years ago, 18 years after the very first online casinos, such as Everygame Casino, began operation, the online casino niche in the world of casino gaming was not even invited to attend the Global Gaming Expo.  Five years ago, the Global Gaming Expo was oriented entirely toward land based casino gaming.  That’s why a major player like Steve Wynn was asked to deliver the keynote speech.

Land Based Casinos are Top Heavy

By this we mean that for every new game or table the casino puts in it has to take something out.  They might have a dozen or more terminals of the most popular slots.  That means that as many as a dozen gamers can play these slots at the same time!  Everyone else who wants to play that particular slot is either waiting or playing their second choice.  And if their second choice is also occupied, they are playing a choice way down their list of preferred games!

At Everygame Casino and every strong online casino, as many as a million people can play the same slot at the same time!  No one ever has to wait for a terminal! 

At a land based casino, you might want to play blackjack at the $2 table.  In many cases, the casino doesn’t even have a $2 blackjack table.  In other cases, it might have a $2 blackjack table but there isn’t any room at the table when you would like to sit down.  So, players end up either playing at the $5 table which puts a strain on their bankroll, they play a different game altogether, or they wander about the casino not playing.

It is common to see people just wandering about a land based casino.  There is also a financial reason why this happens, as we shall soon see.

At Everygame Casino, no matter how many people want to play blackjack at the same time, there is always room for one more.  And no one even has to “scootch over” to make room for the new guy!

Land Based Casinos are Fancy

A land based casino that isn’t fancy in some way will have less to attract players.  Why would someone travel for hours to a drab and dull “big box casino”.  We don’t mind going to a drab big box store when we are looking to buy a refrigerator but for gaming we want something else!

Online Gamers Travel from their Family Room to their Living Room

Oh, the exertion!  Oh, the cost!  Oh, the effort! NOT!

One of the big advantages online casinos offer gamers is that they, the gamers, don’t have to travel.  No extra arrangements.  No airport inconveniences not to mention high prices for bottled water!  No hotel reservations.  And, if you have a reservation for a flight, a hotel, maybe a show, and suddenly you find out that the work project you’ve been involved with has to be finished by Monday, bye-bye long weekend at the casino!

Will you get any of your money back?

If you were planning to spend some weekend time playing at Everygame Casino, you simply postpone the gaming fun and replace it with “finishing the project on time fun”!

Mobile Gaming is the Perfect Platform for an Online Casino

Millions of gamers all over the world have discovered that mobile gaming is a great way to enjoy casino games while perfectly relaxed curled up on a soft chair, sofa, or bed.

Why would anyone travel to a land based casino just to play on the casino’s mobile platform?

But online mobile gaming has come a long way in terms of the graphics and game play in the decade or so since mobile gaming first started to catch on with the gaming public.  The gaming public loves mobile gaming platforms because these platforms are the perfect way to play with your significant other!

Everyone Loves a Hotel

It is true that hotels are usually comfortable and a fun place to spend some time at when you want to get away.  Land based casinos aren’t just hotels.  They are casinos.  In this sense, they force you to include the casino in your desire to pamper yourself a bit at a hotel.

Online casinos allow gamers to have real vacations.  When you want to pamper yourself and your spouse at a hotel, wouldn’t it be better to choose the perfect venue rather than being compelled to choose the casino’s venue?

Land Based Casinos Have High Operating Costs

Guess who pays these high operating costs?  You guessed it! Gamers pay them!  That’s why the return to player rates at online casinos are generally higher than the return to player rates at land based casinos. 

Online Casinos Give You More Control

When you play online, you can decide to play for let’s say a half an hour.  At a land based casino, why would you travel there just to play for half an hour?

When you play at an online casino, you can play as many games as you like without giving up your seat.  At a land based casino, there often is someone waiting for your seat.  So, online casinos offer a much more varied gaming experience.

Land based casinos know that you are stuck in some way gaming.  After all, what else is there to do besides play their casino games, eat, sleep, and maybe catch a show if you can afford the ticket?  So, land based casinos have scantily clad waitresses offering free alcoholic drinks to gamers.

You can only imagine how much money players lose when they have had just a little too much to drink!

At an online casino, you can delay drinking because you control your gaming.  “After I play for a half an hour or so, we’ll go out to the pub and drink a few brewskies while we listen to the music.”

It sounds like the perfect plan!

So, is it any wonder why the land based casino moguls want to outlaw online casinos and why online casinos continue to make great strides in every gaming demographic?