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Are Slots More than the Sum of their Parts?

Slots are fun!  That is the simplest way to say it.  However, the slots we offer at Everygame Casino have many more elements to them.  We talk about slots quite a bit because they really are a lot more than the sum of their individual parts.

Slots are a microcosm of the imaginative process, of the ambition to always improve, and of the motivation to entertain.  Online casino slots have the important extra advantage of always being available to you.  You can play at your desktop or laptop computer or on your mobile device.  The mobile device literally allows you to take the casino with you everywhere.

This is in huge contrast with land based casinos which make you come to them rooted as they are in their concrete bases.

Slots Share Many Elements with Successful People

Sure, slots are just a game.  But what is it that gets players to constantly come back to slots?  What is it that makes players anticipate every month’s new slot game?  What is it that accounts for the sheer enjoyment so many gamers get from playing such a simple game?

Here are a few ways that these simple games of chance emulate and demonstrate the characteristics of successful people.


Our game provider, Real Time Gaming, is motivated to produce a new slots game every month.  It isn’t enough to just come out with a new game.  RTG has to make the game so interesting that players will come back to it again and again even though every slots player, and in fact every online casino gamer, has his or her favorite games.

The motivation to be great permeates the atmosphere at RTG.  It also permeates the atmosphere everywhere that truly successful people work, play, and relax.


Truly successful people know that ultimately happiness is a lot more important than making giant amounts of money, receiving awards, and rising up the corporate ladder.  Slots are a perfect avenue to gain some extra happiness after a long day or in the middle of another hectic day.

Remember the mobile platform?  In the middle of a tense day with so much going on, you can play a few slots with happy themes.  People who take just a couple of minutes to spin the reels find the smile returning to their faces.

Slots have so many themes that you can also play adventurous games, games with dark themes, and games that take you back to warrior societies of the past.  But when you want to smile, slots can smile with you. 


Slots can give you a massive range of vicarious experience.  Successful people see every activity as a learning opportunity.  With slots, you can go into the future or into the past.  You can soar above the clouds or above the planet itself or you can dive deep beneath the waves.  You can experience high adventure and low comedy.

Successful people are focused on the tasks at hand.  Slots allow you to step outside your everyday world and let your imagination run.  Successful people also know that as focused as they have to be, they also need to let their imaginations run!

Manage Your Money Well

We always tell our players to play within your means.  The joy of the game should always supersede the hope that you’ll hit the big one.  Successful people often don’t know when they will hit the big one.  Success often comes about suddenly and unexpectedly.

Managing Money Plus Motivation Plus the Pursuit of Happiness Equals Success

This is not a perfect formula of course.  You also often need a good solid measure of luck!  Slots are all about the luck!  Without a solid appreciation of the nature of luck, all the motivation, happiness, and sound money management would likely not equal success!

Did Sam Walton know that he would one day run the world’s largest retail chain when he opened the first Walmart in an out of the way corner of an out of the way state in the US?  Of course not!  He was great at what he did and he was very lucky, too!

Did the Federal Express people know that one day they would be running the world’s biggest overnight package delivery company when they started out delivering packages in Memphis, Tennessee in the US?  Of course not!  They were very good at what they did and they were every lucky as well!

Did the Mars family know as they were going bankrupt not once but twice that eventually they would discover the recipe for the world’s most popular chocolate bar?  Of course not!  They were very good at what they did and they were very lucky too!

Many great companies started out as family businesses.  The entrepreneurs running these businesses didn’t know that twenty or fifty years in the future people would be clamoring to buy a share of their company.

Playing slots for free is the perfect way to manage your money and we at Everygame Casino Red offer unlimited free play. 

Staying Positive

Slots have so much to offer.  One of the most important aspects of slots is that they help you to stay eternally positive.  Every spin might be the big one.  Even though slots are a game of chance and successful people operate in a world of learned skill, the ability to stay positive is always present in the makeup of the most successful people.

In poker, we talk about avoiding tilt.  This term means getting so upset by a bad beat that the player can’t focus on the next hand or hands, makes mistakes, and the mistakes often lead to a deepening tilt.

Successful people never tilt.  They are not the people who succumb to road rage.  They always look on the bright side.  As Maria from the Sound of Music said, “Whenever God closes one window, He opens another.”

Playing slots can teach us to always look on the bright side of things.

Bottom Line

Slots are a fun way to pass the time!  Of that there is no doubt.  But slots also have elements that emulate the attitudes and characteristics of successful people!