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What are the Advantages of Playing in Free Play Mode at Everygame Casino?

We know that most online casino gamers want to put some real money on the outcomes of the games.  Playing for real money is a big part of the attraction to casino online gaming.  We offer unlimited free play for two main reasons: our fervent desire that all gaming at Everygame Casino fall in line with the precepts of responsible gambling and as a way of introducing all of our games to you, our veteran and new gamers alike.

Responsible Gambling

Putting money on the outcomes of games—gambling—is far from the only thing we have to be responsible about doing.  Everyone has to eat and almost everyone—pity the exceptions—loves to eat.  We love pizza, cheeseburgers, chocolate, and everything else that has a lot of calories and fat.

So we need responsible eating!

Most people like alcoholic beverages.  We like boutique beer, world famous beer, great, smooth, aged whisky, and wine.  But too much alcohol drunk too often is not healthy nor is it safe.

We need responsible drinking!

A lot of people love to lie in the sun.  We all know that too much sun can result in sunburn or even skin cancer.

We need responsible sun bathing!

Actually, the list of things we need to do responsibly is long and nearly endless.

Set Budgets in Money and Time

Responsible gambling means that we set a budget in advance before we play the casino games we love.  We also should set a time budget for gaming.  The financial budget simply states how much we can afford to gamble within this session.  For most gamers, the amount will be small in the same way that most people who love restaurants set a budget for how much they are prepared to pay for a meal at a good restaurant.

The time budget is less obvious.  Even if we are ahead, and even if we are having a run of good luck, we should stop when our time budget expires.  This does require a good deal of discipline but it is very important.  It is one of the many good habits we need to cultivate for overall success in our professions and personal relationships.

You didn’t think that responsible gambling extended into your everyday life, did you?  It does!

Game On!  In Free Play Mode!

Our standing offer of unlimited free play allows gamers who have set a small financial budget for themselves to continue playing after that budget has been exhausted but their time budget still has some time left in it.  Free play lets gamers acquire the sense that we always want our players to have: that online casino gaming is a fun pastime in which we can place some affordable bets on the outcomes of the games.

Hello 200+ Times!

Now, when you go to a land based casino and you find your favorite game, you are likely to play it for as long as you can.  You might even take a larger gambling budget than the one you use when you play online because what else is there to do at a land based casino besides gamble, eat, and sleep.

You can shop for souvenirs.

You can surf the internet.

There are things to do but why would you take the trouble to travel to a casino when Everygame Casino is always “right here” literally at your fingertips?

So Many Games!

Gamers who only have experience gambling at land based casinos often don’t know what it is like to be able to play over 200 games.  At land based casinos, if you want to try out a new game you have to give up your seat.  Land based gamers are very reluctant to give up their seats.

An Unlimited Number of Seats!

At Everygame Casino, you can play every one of our games without giving up your seat!  The grand miracle of cyberspace is that there is unlimited space in cyberspace.  So we can accommodate everyone who wants to play.  No crowding, no people hovering around waiting for you to go to the bathroom.

What Games Does Everygame Casino Have?

Here is where free play comes in.  We have over 100 slots.  You don’t know if you’ll like all of them.  So we offer you the chance to try them all out in free play mode.  Then you’ll play the ones you like.

Our slots come in so many theme categories that many gamers like to flit from one of them, say space exploration, to another theme, say Christmas.  Free play allows you to discover games that you didn’t even really know we offered simply because you weren’t used to the great freedom and convenience of online gaming.

Does Everygame Have Games other than Slots?

Of course we do!  We have a large selection of table games.  These games are very different than slots in that they are often games of skill.  In fact, we have several variations of blackjack and table poker.

Do you know the rules for every one of these games?  Of course not!  So we let you play in free play mode as a way of helping you learn the rules of every game and how the game play itself goes.  Many gamers have discovered a love of table games that they were never able to develop at land based casinos!

Is there More?

There is!  We also have many variations of video poker.  This is another game where different variations have different strategies and our free play offer helps you learn the way each variation works.

We have several games with progressive jackpots.  These games also often have high volatility which means that there are fewer winning spins but when you win you win more than on a low volatility slot.  Some slots players love the high volatility slots and some prefer the low volatility with more frequent yet smaller wins. 

Free play is the best way to find out what kind of slots player you are!

Specialty Games

These are games that land based casino gamers don’t generally play.  They are almost pure fun.  Fish Catch is a fishing expedition game.  You can play against people from all over the world!

Banana Jones is a quest for the valuable Crystal Banana which Banana Jones wants to bring to its rightful place in a museum.  But there are snakes in the way.  The snakes and vines remind even the oldest gamers of their childhood favorite game Chutes and Ladders!

Some gamers might not play these games if they had to put money on the outcomes.  Free play frees us to discover worlds we didn’t know about.  Play in free play mode at Everygame Casino Red until you’re ready to play for real money.