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Why Do We Always Refer to Online Gaming as a Great Pastime?

We received an interesting message from a gamer who asked why we keep referring to playing the games at Everygame Casino as a pastime.  He asked what we mean by a pastime and aren’t online casino games just games?

In this article, we will try to answer that player’s question and we hope all of our present and future gamers will see gaming in a different light after you all read the article.

Playing Games is a Pastime

In surveys, the most popular pastimes are watching television, listening to music, reading, interacting with other people, and playing games.

At Everygame Casino, we feel that every pastime, even those that are much less popular in aggregate terms, is important.  We are well aware that many gamers will incorporate online casino gaming along with a large number of other pastimes they enjoy.


Many surveys use the term “hobbies” to describe a pastime.  We believe that most people would not call watching television a hobby although it certainly is a pastime.  Swimming and active participation in other sports are also pastimes more than they are hobbies.

Most people think of collecting things as hobbies.  They see putting models together or doing puzzles to frame and hang as hobbies.

So, when we talk about online casino gaming as a pastime we have a few important details in mind:

  • We understand that most gamers, especially those who have the freedom of online casino gaming as opposed to the “stuckness” of being at a land based casino for several days will play our games for a relatively short periods of time and then will go on to do other things.
  • A good pastime brings joy to people.  Having friends and interacting with them in person rather than on social media is a healthy pastime.
  • A pastime takes the participant outside himself or herself.  This release of imagination enables people to experience many things outside their everyday circumstances.
  • Pastimes help us develop as well-rounded people.

Let’s look at how online gaming fits in here as a pastime.

Taking the Time to Do Many Things

We would all say that watching television for many hours every day is not a great way to pass the time.  There are so many other things we can and should do such as music, reading, walking, visiting with family and friends, writing, and many more things.

Just as watching television ad infinitum is not a great pastime, playing online casino games for hours on end is also not the pastime we have in mind.  As an online casino, we feel that players should use our site as a way to spend some time among the many other things you do to be full and productive adults.

Online gaming is a great way to relax after a long day at work.  The games of chance such as roulette and slots take very little effort and no difficult decisions.  They are the perfect way to unwind. 

Release Your Imagination

Television is designed to reach the lowest common denominator among the public.  The slots we offer are designed to release your imagination.  They can give you a great deal of vicarious entertainment.  In a short period of time you can go from ancient Rome to outer space to a vacation at the sea shore to an adventure under the sea!

We fully agree that our games are only one way among many ways to release your imagination.  That’s why we constantly talk about online gaming as a great pastime not a be all and end all in itself.

Land Based Casinos and “Stuckness”

We used that term to describe the feeling many players get when they have arranged a long weekend at a land based casino including round trip air fare, hotel accommodations, and maybe show tickets for the 3:00 am show, and are actually ready to go back home at the end of the first day!

These people are stuck!  Online gamers can and should close a session and go do any of many other things they enjoy as well as gaming.

Joy to the World

Stamp collecting brings joy to some people.  Collecting restaurant napkins does the same for others.  When we were kids, we collected baseball cards.  We had games we played with them and the cards and the games filled a lot of time.  They brought us a lot of pleasure.

We never spent an inordinate amount of time with our baseball cards because there were a lot of other things to do.

Online games are designed to bring joy to the people who play them.  We are so committed to making online gaming enjoyable that we offer unlimited gaming in free play mode.  While most gamers don’t play slots or blackjack in free play mode for long, Banana Jones is a rollicking fun game that you can enjoy even without putting money down on the outcome!

The key is always spending time pleasurably.

Here are a few other pastimes and how they fit in with online gaming:

  • We highly recommend participating in sports for the health benefits.  However, you can play sports only for so long.  Afterwards, you might enjoy a little online gaming as a winding down exercise.
  • There are many pastimes that are highly challenging.  Sudoku has taken the world by storm.  There are many variations of Sudoku and other logic games.  Still, after a while you want to relax.  Here is where slots and other games of chance can help.
  • Everygame Casino Red also has a selection of logic games such as video poker and blackjack.  The same is true for video poker and blackjack: after a while you want to relax.  That’s another reason we offer slots on so many theme categories.
  • Games of skill teach good habits and improve your ability to learn new things.  In other words, playing games of skill enhance our ability to acquire other skills like analysis and strategy building.
  • Online gaming teaches good habits in time and money management.  We always recommend setting budgets for money and time.  There are too many other excellent ways to spend your precious time and money to spend them all on casino games.

Still, gaming is a wonderful way to spend some time!

  • Learning new games teaches patience.  This is one of the top characteristics of successful people.
  • We saved the best for last.  Online gaming especially on a mobile device can be a very romantic way to begin an evening with your significant other!

Gaming is a Great Pastime

We hope that we have answered the gamer’s question to his and everyone’s satisfaction.  We see Everygame Casino as a facilitator of fun and pleasure and as a great way to pass the time.  We're sure you'll feel the same way.