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Everygame Casino is Committed in Every Way to Your Gaming Pleasure

We, at Everygame Casino, are committed to making online casino gaming so enjoyable, fun, and entertaining that you come back often to play our wide assortment of games.  As part of our ongoing commitment to helping you play with the best results, we will talk in this article about some unnecessary mistakes online gamers make.

The mistakes we will talk about here befall experienced as well as new players.  They run the gamut from misunderstanding Everygame casino promotions to simple betting mistakes.  So, let’s get going.

Time and Money Management

Many gamers come to our online casino after they have had some experience playing at a nearby or far away land based casino.  For all the lights and glitter of land based casinos, one of the reasons for all the hoopla on the side is that they make it easier for land based casino gamers to mismanage their time and money.

No Windows and No Clocks

At land based casinos there are no windows and no clocks so players think that it’s still daytime when it long before became nighttime.  Tired players make gambling mistakes. 

The mistake we want you to avoid but which can happen to an online player is that they play as if they are at a land based casino where there is little to do besides gamble, eat, drink, sleep, and did we mention gamble? 

At Everygame Casino, we know that you’re either at home or taking a short break to play a few spins or hands before getting back to work.  We encourage you to set a time schedule for your online gaming in the same way you should set a time schedule for television, streaming, concerts, reading, cooking, and every one of the hundreds of things you do on a regular basis when you aren’t stuck in a land based casino with “nothing to do” except gamble.

We also suggest that you stick to the time schedule you set for yourself whether you’re ahead or behind when the alarm sounds.  This teaches good discipline and good habits, major benefits of proper time management generally.

Set a Strict Budget

This is the second side of the mistakes some players make when they transition from land based casino gaming to online casino gaming.  At a land based casino, if you are down and (in theory, at least) you have exhausted your bankroll, the most common practice is to buy more casino credits.

After all, what are you going to do when you have three more days in your casino junket but you have run out of gaming money?

When you play online, you can close the session if you have run into some bad luck and go on to any of the aforementioned hundreds of things you do regularly when you’re “home”.

Setting a monetary budget and a time budget are actually two of the biggest characteristics of successful professionals, entrepreneurs, and happy people.  You never suspected that online gaming could set you on a track for success in your everyday activities and pursuits, did you?

Understand Promotions

Every one of our many promotions has rules.  We call these rules “terms and conditions”.  The terms and conditions are legal aspects of gaming online.  We have written all of the terms and conditions for every promotion in language that any non-lawyer can readily understand.

We encourage everyone to read the terms and conditions for every promotion.  One common mistake is to enter the wrong code when entering a promotion.  If you enter the wrong code, you won’t get properly credited for your participation in a promotional game.

Some promotions have a strict time table.  You need to know when the promotion ends so you can avoid “playing towards the big prize” after the promotion ended.

Understand Jackpot Rules

Two of the jackpot rules misunderstood are the extra bonus for a Royal Flush in video poker and the progressive jackpot in games that have one.  In both cases, you have to bet the maximum to qualify to win the jackpot or the big bonus.

In video poker, the best strategy changes if your budget doesn’t allow you to bet the maximum and in progressive slots you might find the games to be too volatile, meaning that the wins are less common even though they may be bigger.

Many players who started out playing progressive jackpot games switched to games without such a big jackpot because the betting requirements were more in line with their bankroll and because they prefer playing less volatile games.

Play for Free as You are Learning a New Game

This happens a lot more often to new players.  Experienced players have usually learned that we offer unlimited free play which helps conserve budgets as well as giving you the chance to learn the rules at the casino’s expense for any game you want to play that is new to you.

Players who are in transition from land based casinos are amazed at the wide assortment of games they can play at Everygame Casino Red.  After all, it is well-known that land based gamers like to “hoard” their place at the table or the terminal they are playing at. 

Online gamers don’t have to hoard anything!  You can play all of our games and there will always be room for you when you come back to a game you left a while before!

Bonuses are Good

It is true that bonuses are a great way to increase the size of your bankroll.  But we also want every gamer to understand that some bonuses come with a deposit.  You need to budget your deposits as much as you budget your overall gaming.

Bonuses also carry a play through requirement.  This means that you have to play a factor of the bonus before you can withdraw winnings.  In the early days of online gaming, some players took casino bonuses and cashed out almost immediately.  This cost the casinos a pretty penny, to say the least!

You need to know how the play through requirement works for every bonus you take. 

A Case of Mistaken Identity

Some online gamers want to remain as anonymous as they can while they play online.  One mistake that does happen occasionally is when a player gives the wrong personal information when they sign up to play.  This is a big mistake because it makes it literally impossible for those players to withdraw money.

Here’s why.

We ask for some personal information as proof of identity when you sign up to play.  We ask for another piece of identifying information when you ask to withdraw winnings.  If you gave the wrong information when you signed up, you won’t be able to identify yourself as that "fictitious"person when it comes time to withdraw winnings.  If you signed up as Betty Boop, you will probably, most likely, have a hard time presenting documents showing us your name is Betty Boop.

To us it will look like a case of stolen identity.  The reason we ask for another piece of identifying information is that we want to be 100% sure your money is getting to you.  We protect your money when it’s on deposit in your casino account with encryption software but most players don’t have such sophisticated encryption of their identities outside of the parameters of the casino.

Surely, you can see how important it is to give us completely true information.

Fun, Enjoyable, and Entertaining Gaming

Our goal is actually the same as your goal!  We sincerely hope that you avoid all of these gaming mistakes so that your gaming at Everygame Casino Red can be the most enjoyable, the most entertaining, and the most fun!