Aladdin slots characters

Aren’t All Slots Basically the Same?

Everygame casino offers you a couple of hundred exciting and entertaining games from SpinLogic Gaming, one of the most respected names in online casino games development.  We've got online games in several gaming categories.  The biggest set of games is slots.  This is very common in online casinos since there are more themes and features in slots than in other games.

Slots come in theme categories.  We can’t cover every slot or even more than a few in one article so we will start a series of articles about Everygame Casino’s slots with reviews of three popular slots.

Aladdin’s Wishes

This is one of the most popular progressive jackpot games.  It is set in the desert but features the splendor of desert oases as well.  Players love going for the jackpot and they love being transported to a Middle Eastern desert culture that most players can only experience through literature, movies...or slots.

Aladdin’s Wishes exemplifies what we say often about slots: that they give players vicarious experiences.  A vicarious experience is a chance for you to release your imagination and go far afield from your daily routine.  For most gamers, going back in time to a Middle Eastern desert culture is a quite exciting vicarious experience!

In ancient Middle Eastern literature there is a book that we still can read today called One Thousand and One Arabian Nights.  One of the stories in that book is about Aladdin and the magic lamp.  The Disney Company based its great movie hit Aladdin on that story and SpinLogic Gaming based this slot on the Disney movie!

So, the slot is based on helping Aladdin achieve his dreams and wishes.

Aladdin’s Wishes stars Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, and the genie.  Aladdin is the wild symbol and makes every one of the twenty pay lines a potential gold mine.  Since this is not a mining based slots game, the gold comes in giant sacks!  The characters also include a monkey, fruit, castles, vases, swords, magic carpet, crown, and palace.  Each symbol has significance in the hot desert culture of Arabia.  Whereas we consider fruit to be a commonplace treat, in the ancient Arabian desert fruit was a luxury.

Aladdin is the wild.  The magic lamp is the scatter symbol and the princess and the genie pay off very big!  Three scatter symbols send you to the bonus round which is different than the standard free spins round.

In this bonus round, you choose from five lamps.  One has 25 free spins while the others represent multipliers that are from 2 to 100 times your bet.  Finally, the progressive jackpot is totally random.  You might win it but even if you don’t you’ll have a great time interacting with Aladdin, the princess, the genie and all of the other characters!


Some players say that Cubee is the strangest slot ever devised by SpinLogic Gaming or any other game developer.  Cubee doesn’t have reels in the classic sense.  The reels in this awesome slots game are circular, what some call orbital.

This is a game that makes our standing offer of unlimited free play a great value as it gives you a chance to learn how to play the game without making any bets.  It does take some time to get the hang of this game and once you do know how it works you might find yourself coming back to it again and again.

You form combinations of characters from three to eight characters in each combination.  When you play for real money, you bet from $1 to $20 on the entire screen since there aren’t any reels!  Most players play for $20 since the multiplier for getting a difficult yet achievable combination is 50,000x!  That’s right; 50,000x!  That means that the top prize in Cubee is a cool one million dollars!

You control Cubee.  When you click on spin, the Time Travel Portal opens.    Then you see eight “enemies” floating around the space environment.  Your job is to help Cubee defeat these enemies.  You get weapons to shoot them with and energy balls that make the enemies obsolete.

Here’s the thing.  Cubee starts out at level 1 and he can defeat enemies who are either at his level or below it.  So, on the first round of battle, Cubee is limited.  But as you get better at controlling Cubee, he’ll get stronger and go up in levels until he can defeat every enemy.

By the way, Cubee is not really a he or a she!  But we wanted to avoid calling her an it!

Cubee gains strength through energy balls and loses strength when there are weapons about.  In fact, Cubee can also be defeated.  When that happens, you enter a new “era”.  You can get free spins in the Piracy Era so it’s not a bad thing at all to go to a different era.

All in all, Cubee has been one of the most popular slots games we offer from the first moment even though it’s not exactly a slot!  Whatever it is, a lot of gamers go to Cubee for fun, excitement, and fantastic entertainment.

Gods of Nature

This slot is a perfect example of how varied the slots we run from SpinLogic Gaming are.  As we said earlier, Aladdin’s Wishes is a great way to enjoy the Arabian desert and the occasional oases that dot the dry and barren landscape.  Gods of Nature uses the five elements of nature plus the sun and the moon in a synergistic relationship that bedazzles players.

The game is actually based on true ancient Chinese philosophical thought.  The five elements of nature are fire, water, wood, metal, and earth.  In Western thought, these five elements exist independently of each other.  They can combine at times but are essentially separate.

In ancient Chinese thought, these elements exist in a unified form where each element may appear independent of the others but they work best when in cooperation or synergy with each other.

You never expected a slots game to be so deeply immersed in Eastern thought and in such diametric contrast with Western thought!  That demonstartes the great ability of the creative teams at SpinLogic Gaming: they can take a theme, even the very first kernel of a theme, and run with it until they have achieved a perfect combination of theme and game!

You will enjoy how the five elements of nature interact with the sun and the moon to achieve both universal harmony and big wins for you!  There are 30 pay lines and you can win up to 50,000x your bet on a winning pay line if everything is aligned in perfect harmony!