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Where Else Can I Go for a Long Weekend?

One of the biggest advantages of playing at a casino online is that you don’t have to spend any money getting to the casino.  In fact, when you play at Everygame Casino for mobile, you’ll actually be able to take the casino with you!

Some gamers have asked us why that’s so important.  They say that if they want to take a vacation for a long weekend to a land based casino, why shouldn’t they do so?  The fact is if that is really what you want to do with your weekend, go right ahead! 

In this article, we’ll point out a few under-rated vacation destinations for a long weekend or a longer real vacation.  You can play at Everygame Casino on your mobile device WHILE on your vacation....two fun activities for the price of one. 

Since you’ll be playing on your mobile device, you already know two very important aspects of mobile gaming: it lends itself perfectly to short gaming sessions and it is the best way to curl up and just have fun.

Here then, are two very underrated vacation spots that you can enjoy by not spending your vacation time at a land based casino!


Chicago used to be called the Second City because only New York was bigger.  Today, Chicago is still very big but the city has lost population as the suburbs and exurbs have gained population.  This doesn’t matter to you!  Chicago is the capital of flyover country but it very much worth a long weekend or more.


Chicago is famous for its ethnic cuisine.  You can find almost any kind of restaurant there from exotic Chinese to authentic Mexican to Middle Eastern and many others.  Restaurants do come and go but a quick online search—see how we fit the virtues of online into the narrative—can help you find the best ethnic restaurants in the city.

Every year Chicago Magazine runs a survey of the best pizza restaurants in the city.  There are a small number that always get into the top ten.  Chicago style pizza has a thick crust and a lot of high quality sauce and cheese to fully cover the crust.  A recent variation on the theme of Chicago style thick crust pizza is stuffed pizza with a huge amount of chees and other exquisite additions in a kind of pizza sandwich!

The Lake

Chicago sits on Lake Michigan.  There are twenty-five miles of lakefront in the city most of which is given over to city beaches.  The city has two huge lakefront parks.  In Grant Park on a summer evening you might hear a great concert at the band shell.  Lincoln Park has a famous zoo and sponsors many activities all year long.

Museums and Night Life

Chicago has many world-famous museums including the Museum of Science and Industry and the Art Institute.  There are many more excellent museums in the city including a planetarium.

Chicago boasts many theaters, clubs, pubs, and other night life venues.  You can sing Irish music with native singers, vibe to salsa and other Latin music, or take in a classical concert or opera.  Chicagoans may dress like rubes at times as we saw Bill Murray wearing a Chicago style winter hat at cold football games but Chicagoans are not rubes.

We highly recommend Chicago for that out of the ordinary long weekend instead of a ho hum long weekend at a land based casino.


This is a small country in central Europe hidden between much larger and more famous Italy, Austria, Croatia, and Hungary.  Slovenia has a great deal to offer Europeans looking for a great long weekend or for people from further afield for a longer vacation.

Slovenia was once part of communist Yugoslavia but the people were never really very communistic at all.  When communism was failing in central Europe in 1989, the Slovenian people voted 88% to establish an independent, non-communist country.

The Yugoslav army went to the border to stop them from doing so but the small native Slovenian army joined by policemen and citizens “fought” a ten day war of independence and won their freedom.

Friendly People

Today, the Slovenian people are among the friendliest, most open people in the world.  They love to welcome tourists and despite being as close as it is to many very popular tourist destinations, there are relatively few tourists in Slovenia except in July and August when a few thousand more people show up.

Slovenia is more homogeneous than Chicago so you’ll find fewer ethnic restaurants.  However, you’ll delight to native Slovenian dishes.  The Slovenians have several soups that no other country cooks.  They may just be soup but they are absolutely delicious!  Every family owned restaurant has its own unique story and the owners or their children will be happy to tell you their story. 

Slovenia is a small country with a small population.  It has a small population not because the weather is bad because the weather is wonderful.  The population is small because the people have always had small families and they don’t go out of their way to encourage people to move there.

A Small Country with a lot of “Country”

Two-thirds of the country is forested.  One in every twenty families raises bees for honey.  The bees fly off looking for bee food in the forests and come "home“" later.  You can easily find a bee keeper who will give you a tour of his bee keeping operation and will then sell you his honey and possibly some wine and locally made souvenirs.

Bee Yourself

As you can imagine, most bee keeping operations are small.  Country-wide, bee keeping is big business but every individual bee keeper runs a relatively small operation.

Slovenia may be the cleanest country in Europe.  We have been to many places in Slovenia and we have never seen a young person throw a candy wrapper or any other trash on the ground!  Needless to say, they learn not to litter from their parents and other adults!

Jealous of Freedom

Having spent many years under the thumb of communism, the Slovenian people are very jealous of their freedom and cleave to the notion of small government.  A running joke in Slovenia is that New York City has 7,000,000 people and one mayor while Slovenia has 2,000,000 and 240 mayors!


The capital of Slovenia is centrally located in the country.  It boasts a castle and a wonderfully maintained old city.  The old city is small enough to be easily traversed.  There is a large outdoor market where you can buy almost anything you can fit into your suitcase.

Explore the World Rather than the Casino Floor

We hope that we have shown you that taking a real vacation has value far above spending a few days at a land based casino.  Always keep in mind that if you do want to play casino games while on vacation, Everygame Casino Red is always at your fingertips with hundreds of great games.