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Come Explore Aztec’s Millions, Megasaur, and The Spirit of the Inca

August was a great month for three progressive slots—Aztec’s Millions, Megasaur, and Spirit of the Inca—featured here at Everygame Casino.  In this article, we will look in-depth at these three amazing progressive slots from Real Time Gaming, our games provider.

Online Casino Progressive Slots

Before we take a close look at the progressive slots, let’s take a moment to explore one of the main reasons why progressive slots have become so popular at Everygame online casino.  The chances of winning the big progressive jackpot is exactly the same whether you play at an online casino or at a land based casino.

That’s because the random number generator determines every outcome in video slots and in every game offered at Everygame.  However, online casino gamers can pick and choose when to play a progressive slot and how long to play for the big jackpot.  The difference is in our mobile gaming platform.

We have found that many gamers play progressive slots often but for short periods of time on our stellar mobile platform when the players take a short break from their otherwise busy days and want to chill with the chance to win millions of dollars.

At land based casinos, you can also play progressive slots for long or short sessions but no one travels to a land based casino in order to take a short break from their busy day!

Now let’s take a closer look at our three most popular progressive jackpot slots.

Aztec’s Millions

We learned about the Aztecs in school.  The Aztecs didn’t have the same sense of the value of gold as the European explorers did so the Europeans were able to win the Aztec’s Gold without much of a fight!  Today, the Aztecs know quite well how valuable gold is.  The progressive jackpot in Aztec’s Millions often gets well above one million dollars!

The Aztec king is the wild symbol.  As with all online slots wild symbols, he substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter.  The king expands to cover an entire column making wins even easier in both the regular game and in the bonus round.

The Aztec idol is the scatter and it sends you to the free spins round where you get 5, 15, or 25 free spins.  All wins in the bonus round carry a 3x multiplier except the progressive jackpot itself.

If you get a scatter while reeling your free spins, you get another free spin.  The number of extra free spins goes up as the number of idols appearing on the reels increases.  So, it is possible to extend a bonus round for a very long time and get that 3x multiplier for each win!   With just a little luck, this feature can become quite lucrative as the game goes on.

In addition to the king and the idol, the other symbols are a beaded necklace, a jaguar, the Aztec queen, the Aztec’s Millions logo, and a historically accurate Aztec headdress plus the normal number and picture card symbols.  When you get five Aztec queen symbols on one of the 25 paylines, you get a $1000 bonus.  Five jaguars are good for a $500 bonus.

Players love Aztec’s Millions for the giant jackpot, of course.  But the wonderfully drawn characters also give us a sense of the majesty of the ancient Aztec culture.


This is also a historical slot but one that involves the rise of the giant dinosaurs rather the rise of the majestic Aztec dynasty.  Many people wish that they could have “walked among the dinosaurs”.  At Everygame Casino, we think that actually walking among the dinosaurs would have been very scary indeed.  Far better to experience these giant creatures from the comfort of your online casino screen!

Megasaur is an interactive slot since the ferocious green and red megasaurs “eat” the other dinosaurs.  The game features a varied selection of unpronounceable dinosaur names: pterodactyls, triceratops, diplodocus, and velociraptors.  These dinosaurs plus the red and green megasaurs give a giant dollop of credibility to our long held view that slots are great for vicarious experiences!

In Megasaur, you get bonus money for spotting dinosaurs.  The pterodactyls cast a large shadow on the reels.  That is one of the tell-tale signs that a big dinosaur is in the vicinity!  You can win 250 coins for spotting a pterodactyl or a velociraptor; 750 coins for seeing a diplodocus; or 1000 coins for keenly discerning a triceratops.

The green and red megasaurs are the wild symbols.  They devour the other symbols but this is a good thing for you as it makes it a lot more likely that you’ll win!  The volcanoes are the scatter symbols.  If they explode, megasaur civilization—if we can use such a term after we have spoken about the Aztecs and will soon speak about the Incas—will disappear.

If that happens, it might take many more millennia until a games provider of the future recreates this great slots game!

The volcanoes also erupt when a lucky gamer gets five of them on a valid payline.  That explosion you hear is a gamer whooping and hollering that he or she has won the big jackpot!

The Spirit of the Inca

There are five progressive jackpots in this wild slot!  Each one can be triggered by getting to the boiling point.  You reach the boiling point for any of the five jackpots by playing and contributing to the jackpot.  Each jackpot has a preset boiling point.  If your contribution to the jackpot triggered its boiling point, you win that jackpot!

This slot exalts in the ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu which can actually be visited although it is very high in the Peruvian Andes!  The slot features many symbols that glorify the Inca culture such as flowers, artwork made from jade, jewelry made from bones, beads, bracelets, and necklaces made from precious metals, a pyramid, a papyrus scroll, a shaman’s wand made of a precious blue mineral, and a vase that rivals anything the ancient cultures in other parts of the world created.

The spirit of the Inca symbol is the wild.  The spirit of the Inca was so powerful that as a wild symbol it expands to fill an entire reel!  The spirit of the Inca is also so powerful that it can substitute for the scatter symbol and allows the scatter to substitute for it! 

This feature shows up when the wild appears on the first and the fifth reels.  Then the bonus round can start even though the scatter symbol wasn’t used at all!  In the bonus round, you choose three boxes that determine the number of free spins you’ll get, the fourth box you choose determines the multiplier in the free spins round which ranges from 1x to 10x, and the fifth box determines if you’ll get an extra prize of the Spirit of the Inca’s choosing.

Three Great Progressive Slots

If you have been reading faithfully, you must have felt that these great slot games can be fully appreciated only by playing them!

If you are a new player at Everygame Casino Red, we invite you to avail yourself of the giant Welcome Package we offer new gamers.  The package can reach $5555!  With all that bonus money, you can experience the ancient Aztec and Inca cultures and walk with the dinosaurs and possibly win millions in the process!