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What is the Best Part of Deposit Bonuses at Everygame Casino?

Everygame Casino is a top online casino.  So, it makes a lot of sense that we claim that gaming at an online casino is superior to gaming at a land based casino.  In this article, we’ll examine that claim from the standpoint of the benefits of online casino bonuses.

What is a Bonus?

There are essentially two kinds of casino bonuses: deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses!  We would venture to say that if you were to google a search such as sign up bonus casino, you would probably be sent to online casinos exclusively.

We at Everygame Casino specialize in bonuses and other promotions.  Let’s see why online bonuses are superior to any “bonus” you might get at a land based casino.

Online casinos can offer many different types of cash bonuses for one simple reason: you as the player can “work off “ the bonus in your own time and at your own pace before you can withdraw any money that remains from the bonus.  To work off a bonus, you need to wager a factor of the bonus.  This prevents other players—certainly not you—from taking the bonus and immediately cashing out.

In fact, that is exactly what did happen in the very earliest days of online casino gaming!  So, all online casinos now have a wagering requirement.  Our wagering requirement is generally about 30x the bonus which is very fair.  The bets you make don’t have to be winning bets.  Millions of online casino gamers have found that it doesn’t take a long time to wager 30 times a bonus.

However, it may take more than the few days you have to play at a land based casino!

Time is on Your Side

When you play online, you play when you want to and when you can.  There is no time limit on the wagering requirement.  When you travel to a land based casino, you play during the time you’re there.  Gambling becomes the main reason you are in the casino in the first place.

Land Based Bonuses

Land based casinos can’t really offer the size of deposit bonuses online casinos can offer.  The simple reason is that you will soon go back home and may never come back to this casino.  Even if you do intend to come back to the casino “next year” do you want a deposit bonus just sitting in your land based casino account for a year?

As a result of this quite understandable impediment to land based casinos being able to offer the same level of deposit bonuses as online casinos can offer, there are three types of “bonuses” land based casinos generally do give: free alcohol, free food, and free hotel accommodations.  Some casinos might also give you free tickets to the show.

Let’s look at these so-called bonuses and understand them for what they really are.

Free Alcohol

The free drinks land based casinos offer are not truly free at all.  The more you drink, the more you’ll gamble even long after you should stop for the night.  In fact, they also don’t want you to know that night has fallen because land based casinos don’t have clocks or windows. 

So the free alcohol clouds your judgment.  It makes you bet for longer than you should, for more money than your bankroll is set to wager, and it leads to a lot of poor strategy decisions in games like video poker and blackjack.

Free Food

You get a free meal at the buffet.  The full price for the buffet may be $20 or less.  So, the “bonus” is for a very small number of bets in almost any game.  A lot of players feel that anything that’s free is a great deal but a bonus of a free meal is not a great bonus.

Free Accommodations

In the middle of the week, depending on the casino and competition in the area, one night in the hotel might be for more than $100 or for a lot less than $100.  This is a reasonable bonus if you can get it for two or three nights.  But most casinos offer one night.  So, you have to still pay for the other nights you have “committed” yourself to gambling at a land based casino.

Free Tickets

The show may be very expensive.  It may be that a free ticket to the show is a great gift.  You can only imagine how much money you have to wager before your casino host or hostess will offer you a free ticket to the show. 

And let’s not forget that not every show is exactly the type of entertainment that every gamer enjoys.

The Nature of Casino Gaming

The amount of time you generally spend gaming is enormously different if you play at a land based casino or at an online casino.  The nature of gaming at a land based casino is that it is the single most important reason you’re there.  It overrides the needs to eat, sleep, and rest.

You travel for a long weekend with the single-minded purpose to gamble.  Sadly, many gamers at land based casinos end up playing one or two games because they are afraid to give up their seat.  Blackjack players often play at tables with minimums that are just a bit too high for their budget but the lower minimum table is full.

Sadder yet are the players who run out of money on the first of three days and simply wander about the casino with nothing else to do.

Online Gaming is a True Game

Whereas gambling at a land based casino is the be all and end all reason you are there in the first place, online gaming is a pastime.  We find that most of the gamers at Everygame Casino Red play in relatively short sessions.

When players play on their mobile devices, which is the most popular gaming platform these days, they generally play for very short periods of time.  People may play at home to wind down after a long day.  We have also found that many gamers play for a little while in the evening and then go out to have a nice evening with friends or family.

What is a Bonus Again?

A deposit bonus at Everygame casino is a way to extend your bankroll.  It is a gift in every true sense of the word.  Many bonuses are for 100% of the deposit which means that you get $200 to play with for a $100 deposit.

Since you have as much time as you need to work off the bonus, each bonus represents free time gaming at your own pace and with every game at the casino if you choose to play all of them - slots, blackjack, poker, video poker, specialty games, progressive jackpots and more and more!

Welcome to Everygame Casino Red

If you’re a new gamer here at Everygame, WELCOME!  If you have been with us for a while, WELCOME AGAIN!  We offer so many bonuses that you can take one at almost any time!

Happy gaming!