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Why are there So Many Promotions at Everygame Casino?

One of the best aspects of playing at a casino online is that they usually run serval promotions simultaneously.  As we describe the promotions at Everygame Casino circa late 2019, we also have to keep in mind two important things.  One is that we at Everygame Casino change some promotions at regular intervals while other promotions are more or less permanent.

The second point to keep in mind is that land based casinos sometimes have promotions that parallel online casino promotions.  The difference is that the same or similar promotion at a land based casino may be a lot more difficult to use to its fullest extent while the same or similar promotion at Everygame will be easily used when it suits the player.


In this promotion, which began in early September and has become extraordinarily popular, we gave away $30,000 every week!  The 300 people at the top of the game’s leaderboard every Monday get a prize.  The size of your prize is determined by the number of points you accumulate in the previous week.

We also give away some prizes every Thursday. At the end of our monthly leaderboard promotions, there's a lucky gamer whose name gets “picked” out of a virtual hat and who is awarded with a $1,000 cash prize!

In addition to being a great promotion celebrating the advent of cooler weather, the new beer production coming to age, and the fun of competing with players from every corner of the globe, Oktoberfest demonstrates the importance of having long promotions that we can divide into more manageable weekly segments.

After Oktoberfest our newest Witch's Riches promotion has just started. Join us this month for spookily good Halloween fun!

Week-long Segments

If our Oktoberfest or Witch's Riches promotions were a full month promotion with one leaderboard for the entire month, players who couldn’t play in the first week or even in the first few days, would probably not join the promotion at all!  By dividing the promotion into weekly segments we allow players who can’t play one week to start fresh with everyone else every Monday!

It would be very difficult for any land based casino to run a similar promotion since almost 0% of gamers at land based casinos stay for a week!  Their so-called leaderboard would be an amalgam of two-day or long weekend gamers, and some players on a vacation who “just stopped in” for an hour or two. 

A land based casino cannot proudly state that the “competition” is between players from every corner of the globe when most of the players are relatively local.

Welcome Bonus

One of the things we have found is that new gamers come via two primary ways.  The first is players who surf the internet and settle on a casino based on what they can find out from their internet search.  The second way for new players to come to Everygame is via word of mouth.

Promotions such as Oktoberfest work well as a way to attract new players via both methods.  A player who is looking on his or her own will see the Oktoberfest promotion, will read about it, and might join just from that promotion alone.

More likely, however, is that the interested gamer will quickly see that our Welcome Package for new gamers is potentially worth $5555!  That is quite an incentive for players to join!

As a word of mouth promotion, Oktoberfest works extremely well.  A player who has a great time playing in the promotion might tell a friend, colleague, or family member!  In this way, new Everygame gamers are born!

The Welcome Package is a series of deposit bonuses of 125% or 150%.  The Welcome package covers four deposit bonuses and is then topped off by a $55 no deposit bonus!

Wheel of Fortune

This is one of our most popular permanent promotions.  All you have to do is play any game and you’re automatically put into the pool of players for the promotion.  Every day, repeat: every day, we choose twenty players to spin the wheel of fortune.  We give away $1000 every day in this promotion.  A lot of gamers qualify to be one of the twenty chosen as soon as they sit down at home to unwind and play a few games! 

Mobile Award

We began this promotion before mobile gaming became the most popular platform for online gaming at Everygame Casino Red.  You make a small deposit, play for a little while on your mobile device, and you may win $100.  Just as in the Wheel of Fortune promo in which twenty gamers win money every day, in the Mobile Award we give $100 to 20 gamers every week.

Loyalty Points

This is a very popular promotion at many online casinos.  The loyalty points promotion at Everygame Casino awards the same number of points for every game you play.  You’ll quickly start to accumulate points and when you have enough points, you can convert them into casino credits.

The Loyalty Points promotion is one of the clearest indications of why it is better for most players to play at an online casino.  You can get a player’s card at most land based casinos and they also accumulate points.  However, will you be able to play enough in a single long weekend to accumulate enough points to convert them into credits and will you have enough time to actually use those converted credits?

In other words, the casino loyalty program at most land based casinos is a kind of bluff while the Loyalty Points promotion at Everygame runs all the time.  Many players accumulate points every day as they set a slots game on auto play and curl up to relax and unwind.  At Everygame, you can play every day for weeks or longer, and then convert your accumulated loyalty points into casino credits!

Land Based Casino Blues

Another point that few bloggers ever mention is that many land based casinos are located in cities with several, even many, such casinos.  Why would you go to such a casino rich city and play at only one casino.  So, on a long weekend, many gamers at a land based casino haven go from casino to casino.  They never accumulate enough loyalty points at any one casino to make it worthwhile to convert them in to credits!

A Haven of Promotions

We spoke earlier about lower operating costs for online casinos.  These lower operating costs are often turned into Welcome Packages such as the one here at Everygame Casino that is worth $5555!  We turn the lower costs into numerous promotions that we can afford to offer.

Free Play

One promotion that is usually not recognized as a promotion is our offer of unlimited free play in any game.  Once again, we can make that offer because we have truly unlimited space here in our location in cyberspace!

So, play at Everygame Casino for both the games and the great promotions!