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Did We Hear Correctly? Are There 6 Reel Slots at Everygame Casino?

Everygame Casino is always in the forefront of every development in online casino games.  One of the recent developments in slots is adding a reel and producing six reel slots.  Our game provider, SpinLogic Gaming, has four such six reel slots and we expect them to develop even more going forward.

Adding just one reel changes the complexion of a slot.  So, in this article, we will begin to review and explain all the exciting activity you can have in the six reel slots here at Everygame Casino.

The Big Bopper

His real name was J.P. Richardson, Jr but everyone called him the Big Bopper.  He was a rising star in the world of 1950’s rock and roll when he tragically died in a plane crash along with Richie Valens and Buddy Holly.

The song "The Day the Music Died" is about the day Don McLean heard about the plane crash.

A Happy Slot

The theme of the tragic plane crash is sad indeed but SpinLogic Gaming has succeeded in making the slot a celebration of early rock and roll.  First of all, the game includes real film footage from the 1950’s—in black and white, of course—of the Big Bopper playing his top songs.

The music will get your toes a-tappin’ that’s for sure!

In addition to the musical feature The Big Bopper slot has two free spin rounds and an instant win jackpot!


The backdrop for the slot is the stage of a 1950’s style movie theater with drawn curtains exactly like the ones you (or your grandparents saw) way back in the 1950’s.

Millennials might be interested to know that way back in ancient history circa the 1950’s we had movie theaters that sat hundreds of people.  Before the feature films—the price of a ticket entitled you to see two feature films—there might be a series of film clips.  New recording artists such as the Big Bopper might have been featured on a short clip of this type.

Symbols Straight Out of Yesteryear

This game has a leather jacket, a glass soda bottle, a guitar, and glasses in the style of the day.  One symbol is simply music of the period.  There is also a jukebox, a transistor radio, and small records.  Finally, the usual 9 to ace symbols here are different musical symbols giving the slot a truly musical orientation.

The symbols are so 1950’s that older players will revel in nostalgia and younger players will be amazed at the items we considered essential for civilized living in the 1950’s!

The Big Bopper

Who else could be the wild symbol in a slot patterned after his music and the music he brought to millions of people before his tragic plane crash.  When the Big Bopper symbol creates a win, it erupts into song and dance!  This happens very often as the slot is one of low volatility.  That means that there are many winning spins that pay small but acceptable payouts.

Instant Bonus

Whenever the Big Bopper is singing, you are in line for an instant bonus win!  That means that getting the Big Bopper symbol active brings about a musical reverie and the possibility of a monetary reverie as well!

Since the instant bonus comes about when the Big Bopper is singing, you’ll want to continue listening until he finishes any song.  The instant bonus is in incrementally rising multipliers that can reach 250x the bet!

In the free spins rounds, the multiplier is 10x and you can get more free spins, again while the Big Bopper is singing.

Richie Valens La Bamba

Since SpinLogic Gaming came out with the Big Bopper slot, they also thought to include a Richie Valens slot and make the pair a set.

Richie Valens was a lead in act at age 17 when he passed away on the flight that also took the lives of the Big Bopper and Buddy Holly.  His signature song was La Bamba.  No doubt, many younger players are very familiar with La Bamba and think that it was a classic of Latino or Mexican folk music.  Actually, it was a breakthrough song in the1950’s bringing Latino rhythms to the majority white audiences of the day.

Symbols of the Time

In the 1950’s no one had a stereo system much less modern musical technology.  They had record players!  So, La Bamba slot has a record player as one of its symbols.  Young girls, especially, collected signed photographs of their favorite heartthrobs so a signed photo of Richie Valens is also one of the slots’ symbols.

The other main symbols are concert tickets, an autograph book, dancing period shoes, a standing radio of the time, and a guitar.  Richie Valens himself is the wild symbol.  He expands on the reels in the same way that his influence has expanded over the years!

Richie Valens La Bamba has different multipliers.  They can reach as high as 6000x your bet.

The slot is set in a small town 1950’s style ice cream parlor.  Today it would be called a coffee shop but the kids of the 50’s drank ice cream and fruit drinks, syrupy drinks based on soda water instead of coffee, and ate ice cream concoctions while sitting in booths and playing La Bamba and other hits of the times on the ever-present jukebox.

What Six Reels Have Wrought

Both La Bamba and The Big Bopper are called “all ways pays” slots.  There are so many combinations that can win in a six reels slot that instead of having paylines or bet lines, these slots simply require that three of the same symbols adjoin each other for you to win.

These are two of the four, six reel slots we feature here at Everygame Casino Red.  We will talk about the other two in the next article.

The Big Bopper and Richie Valens La Bamba are perfect examples of the way that slots can take a theme from the past and turn it into something futuristic.  In the case of these two slots, the theme of 1950’s rock and roll combines with the newest type of slot on the block: the six reel slots!

We might also say that slots will always evolve so seven reel slots cannot be far away!  The types of themes that SpinLogic Gaming will employ to tell a story as a slots game will also evolve in the same way that 1950’s rock and roll evolved into 1960’s rock, 1970’s heavy metal, and so on.

So hail to 1950’s rock and roll and the icons of a breakthrough musical genre!