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What Strategy Can I Use to Get the Most Out of Slots?

There are some online casino games that have, let us say, equal parts skill and luck.  These games are the table poker games such as the Caribbean games, blackjack, and video poker.   We call these games of skill even though there is a great deal of luck involved as well. 

Then there are the games of chance.  Slots are the primary games of chance while among the others are craps, roulette, bingo, keno, and Banana Jones.  So, the big question that we hear over and over is: Isn’t there any strategy in slots?  There truly isn’t any strategy in the sense that you make decisions on every spin as you do on every hand in blackjack or video poker.

However, in this article we will discuss “strategies” for playing slots that might affect your winning at the games but aren’t strategies in the general sense of the term.  If we have whetted your appetite, let’s go on!

Join Everygame Casino and Get Bonuses

The first thing you ought to do when playing slots is play with the casino’s money.  At Everygame Casino, you can avail yourself of not just one sign up bonus but five!  For that reason, many gamers call us the sign up bonus casino par excellence!  The sign up bonus is a series of excellent bonuses and a no deposit bonus at the end of the sign up process.  All together the five bonuses are worth $5555!

When you play with the casino’s money, you can be a little bit more adventurous with your betting.  But we always encourage our gamers to set a budget and to stick to it.  So, how can you be a bit more adventurous with the casino’s bonus money?

Slots are Not All the Same

Thank God for that!  We offer over 200 slots that are definitely not all the same.  Some are traditional—even old fashioned—three reel slots while the more modern slots are five reel slots.  It isn’t just the number of reels that is important.  Modern slots all have more paylines than the original three reel slots had.  Some slots have so many paylines that we call them “ways to win” slots!

Slots also have story lines or themes.  When you join Everygame Casino, we encourage you to play as many slots and other games as you can.  In this sense, we say that you can be more adventurous.  The main point here is that slots can be divided into categories other than the story line categories.


Some slots offer many small wins and some offer few small wins.  Those slots that offer a few small wins make up for it by offering a few very big wins.  In the online slots world we call the slots that offer a few big wins instead of many small wins volatile slots.

So, we encourage new players to make small bets even on the more volatile slots simply because there are other reasons to play slots other than the very desirable reason of winning a big jackpot.

Your budget might make it better “strategy” to play the less volatile slots.  But when you are playing with bonus money, you can be more adventurous and play some volatile slots.


Progressive Slots

The most volatile slots are generally the slots with a progressive jackpot.  In addition to being more volatile, these slots require that you bet the maximum on the winning payline in order to win the progressive jackpot.

So, a strategy of sorts for some players is to play progressive slots moderately if at all.  Here is where mobile gaming shows its most positive side.  Many gamers use their powerful modern mobile devices to play our online slots when they have a few free minutes during their otherwise very busy days.  Since they will be playing for just a few minutes, these gamers often play progressive slots at these times.

When they sit down at home to play, many gamers don’t play progressive games because they want to play the less volatile games.  This is the case even when they are playing on their mobile devices!

Find a Number of Favorite Slots

At land based casinos, most slots players play one favorite game.  That’s because they don’t want to give their seat to another gamer if they choose to check out different games.  At Everygame Casino, you can play all of our games from the same “seat” since in cyberspace there really aren’t seats at all!

Therefore, at Everygame you can play a very large set of slots, even at the same time.  As we said above, we offer more than 200 slots!  Some of our gamers play all of them regularly while most play a very large collection of slots if not all of them.  This leads to the next “strategy” for slots players.

See Slots Primarily as Entertainment

We put the term strategy in quotes at the beginning of this article because there really aren’t any strategies in the actual game play that can help you win.  Playing low volatility slots can conserve your bankroll.  So that is one type of strategy for playing slots.

Another strategy for slots is to play online where you can play over 200 slots in many different theme categories instead of staying with one so-called favorite slot at a land based casino.  When you check out each of our 200 and more slots here at Everygame Casino Red, you will probably find that you really enjoy a theme that you thought you wouldn’t enjoy.  You will also probably find several slots that you like as much as your “favorite” slot.  There is nothing better in the day to day world of online slots than having many favorite slots!

We also spoke about playing slots with the casino’s money.  This gives you the freedom to try a larger bet on a progressive jackpot game where you wouldn’t make that bet if you were playing with your own money.  The sign up bonus at Everygame Casino is worth potentially $5555 so it is very much worth your gaming fun to sign up at Everygame Casino!’

Finally, we might say that the single best strategy for playing slots is to see it as an entertainment.  We never complain about having to spend money on other entertainments.  When you see slots as entertainments, you will enjoy them much more.  As an entertainment, the fun of playing should always supersede the chance of winning.  We also always stress the importance of betting within your pre-set budget.

The best way to see slots as an entertainment is to curl up on your soft sofa and have some fun!  Slots are also the best casino game to play with your best friend, spouse, or significant other.  So, have fun!