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What Really Attracts Gamers to Online Casinos?

In the early days of online gaming, observers were able to make generalizations about the demographic groups playing online games.  The generalizations that women played slots primarily and men played poker and blackjack primarily no longer are reasonably applicable to the phenomenon of online casino gaming at Everygame Casino.

Unusual Observations about Online Casino Gaming

Let’s take a moment to explore some not so obvious reasons why the online casino gaming market has exploded in just the past ten years.  These reasons will probably change the way you view both online casino gaming and gaming at land based casinos.

The World is Affluent

Gamers today are far more affluent than gamers were just a couple of decades ago.  On the one hand, affluence might mean that gamers go to land based casinos more often.  What is truly interesting however is that affluence means that people can afford to go almost everywhere.

This leads many gamers to forego a trip to a land based casino in favor of a trip to Europe, the Far East, or even a safari.  Safari was once the dream vacation of the most affluent segment of society.  Today, there are safaris in many locations in both the eastern hemisphere and the western hemisphere and they are quite affordable for many people.

For many people, just the flight to the Far East was too great an expense but today while the costs might have gone up but people’s disposable income has also gone up.  So many people who love casino gaming choose to take a week off and go to an exotic location.  After all, online gaming awaits them upon their return and if they need some gaming while in Japan, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore or so many other distant locales, they can always play on their mobile devices!


Mobile Gaming

Mobile might be considered the elephant in the room regarding online gaming but mobile is far too subtle and gentle to be considered the elephant in any room.  Let’s think of mobile gaming as the incense stick of gaming: it provides a great extra “something” to the experience of online gaming.

Since mobile gaming is now the number one format for online gaming, we should discuss what exactly that extra “something” is.  In fact, it is many different extra somethings!

The mobile gaming platform is light years better than they were just two decades ago.  As the platforms improved so did the mobile devices themselves.  Mobile gives gamers the convenience of gaming wherever they are rather than needing to wait to get home to play on their downloaded casino.

Even when gamers get back home, they prefer to play on their mobile devices simply because both the graphics on the platforms are so good and because they don’t have to sit upright at their desktop computer to play.  A hard working professional or tradesperson who needs to relax can do so so much better lounging on a sofa rather than at their computer!

The gaming sessions on a mobile device tend to be shorter than the sessions at a desktop computer and far shorter than the marathon sessions so many gamers have at land based casinos.  The relative shortness of mobile gaming sessions puts a different perspective on online gaming generally.  People who used to play for lengthy periods of time now play for shorter periods of time and then get involved in any of hundreds of other activities.

Mobile gaming has the ability to make us all more fully rounded people!

Finally, although you can certainly play on your mobile device while in bed at a land based casino, that must certainly not be the reason people go to a land based casino!  A simple mathematical equation might be: the more one plays casino games on their mobile device, the less often they go to a land based casino!

Online Gaming is Romantic

You don’t have to play the more romantic slots to get that lovin’ feeling!  Even if you like to play blackjack or video poker, the two online casino games that require deep thought on every hand, you can enjoy some romantic moments together with your lover.

First of all, you’ll be playing together either on your comfortable sofa or, even better, together in bed.  At Everygame Casino we offer multi-hand video poker.  There is something super romantic about getting a good starting hand, discarding the correct card or cards, and then watching as the multiple hands play out giving you many solid wins!

It isn’t quite the same in blackjack but if you’re a big blackjack fan you probably also attract a partner who shares your intellectual bent.  So, the two of you will enjoy winning at blackjack and then, who knows!

We Live in the Entertainment Age

Television, streaming sites, the internet, ethnic restaurants, symphony orchestras in every major city, and hundreds of other aspects of the Entertainment Age abound.  Online gaming is merely one aspect of the vast array of entertainments available to us. 

Many gamers have caught on to the simple observation that if they go to a land based casino for as few days, they are stuck there with little to do besides eat, sleep, drink, and gamble.  When you play casino games at Everygame Casino Red, you can play games, then go out with friends, then visit your grandparents, then spend some quiet time with a good book, then go to a sporting event, catch a movie, have a party… get the idea: at home you are not stuck in any way, shape, or form.  You have myriad opportunities to be entertained, gaming being one of them!

Where Does Cyberspace End?

As much as we live in the Entertainment Age, we also live in an age of exploration far different from the explorations of a few centuries ago.  Cyberspace is so vast that at this point we believe that it is limitless!  That means that at Everygame Casino, we have enough space to accommodate as many billions of people as there are in the known universe!

By contrast, land based casinos are limited by their walls.  When they bring in a new game, they have to take out an older game.  They don’t have a million terminals of a favorite slots game.  We do; they don’t!  It’s as simple as that!  So, the next time you hear from someone who just got back from a long weekend at a land based casino, ask them how many different slots they played.  We would venture that the number is quite low, possibly just one!

Of course, at Everygame Casino you can play all of our hundreds of games from the same cyberseat!  We have millions of these babies!

So, join Everygame Casino Red today.  Our Welcome Package of bonuses is worth up to $5555!  Try finding that at a land based casino.  LOL!