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How Can I Know How Long a Gaming Session Should Be?

The question about how long a casino online gaming session should be pops up quite frequently.  The first thing to notice from the discussion of the best length of time to spend playing online casino games is that no one ever asks that same question about gaming at a land based casino! 

That’s because when people travel to a land based casino, they expect to play on and on for many hours.  That’s the main reason why land based casinos don’t have windows or clocks: they want gamers to keep that Game On attitude ad infinitum or at least until the wee hours of the morning.

Why is Casino Gambling Different than All Other Forms of Gambling?

The next aspect of this question is that since casino gamers also put money down on the outcomes of their games, there us something unsavory about casino gaming.  So, let’s set the record straight: online gaming should always be a fun and entertaining activity.  This is one of our core philosophies here at Everygame Casino.  We can say, at the outset, that if you ever get to the point that a gaming session is no longer fun and entertaining, then that is a clear signal that it is time to end the session.

One of the reasons why we at Everygame Casino offer so many online casino promotions is because the promotions add to the fun and entertaining nature of online casino gaming!

We also emphasize that we offer unlimited free gaming!  So, you can play for as long as it is fun for you to do so and not place a single bet on the outcome of any game.


There Are Many Forms of Gambling

This section began with a question about the nature of casino gaming that seems to set it apart from all other forms of gambling.  Let’s be clear: there are many, many forms of gambling that we don’t look at as gambling.  When a venture capitalist puts money on the future success of a starting up business, we say that he or she is “investing” even though to invest in almost any new business venture is a gamble in every sense of the term!

When we buy a new car we are gambling that it won’t turn out to be a very expensive clunker.  When we buy a house or apartment, we are gambling that the house will be neither too big nor too small but just right; that the neighborhood will continue to be the kind of place we want to live; that we won’t get struck by a powerful feeling of wanderlust and change our life’s course.

When we take a job, we are gambling that the job will satisfy us, will help us grow professionally and as individuals, that the company will grow and expand, and that the job will keep us interested for a very long time.  In other words, we invest a great deal of our future when we take a new job hoping that it will be fun and entertaining as well as satisfying in a business and personal sense.

There are many more examples of gambling in everyday situations but we are sure that you get the idea.  So, why is casino gaming seen in a different light?  The answer lies in two main areas.  First, too many gamers lose sight of the real importance of having fun and being entertained.  The second reason is that people often play for too long.

This brings us back to the original question: what is the best length of an online gaming session?  To begin the discussion, let’s look at a few things you might do instead of gaming.

  • Read a good book, the newspaper, or your social media connections.
  • Listen to or play good music.
  • Take a walk or exercise.
  • Visit with friends or family.
  • Have a quiet, romantic time with your most favorite person.
  • Cook a nice meal.
  • Clean up.
  • Spend quality time on the work project you’ve been involved in.

The Importance of Quality Time

The last bullet point mentions the concept of quality time.  Quality time is a modern concept that is rooted in the fact that we live in a high speed world.  We need to “find” the time to have quality time for ourselves, our friends and family, and our jobs.

It is also certainly possible to spend quality time playing online casino games at Everygame Casino.  Now we can get to the bottom of the matter of how long to play casino games.  To begin, we should play as long as the time we spend gaming at an online casino is quality time.

Quality time gaming might simply be having fun and being entertained.  It might also be the best way we can unwind and relax after the pressures of the day.  Quality time can also be the pleasure we get from accepting the challenges posed by the games of skill such as table poker, video poker, and blackjack.

At Everygame Casino, you can play all of our hundreds of games from the comfort of your desktop or laptop computer or, if you are like most gamers in this digital age, you play all curled up on your most comfortable sofa or chair with your phone or tablet.

The Importance of Budgets

Notice we said “budgets”.  Setting a financial budget is a must for online casino gaming.  We also recommend taking a percentage—perhaps ten percent—of every winning spin or hand and put it into a separate fund.  In that way, you “pay yourself” for your gaming!

The length of time that is best suited to you will naturally be a function of the budget you set for yourself.  In addition, you should set a wagering budget as well.  That means that if your gaming will be better in the most subjective sense by betting less then by all means bet less per hand or per spin.

Setting a time budget is the other side of your budget-setting responsibility.  Now we get to the crux of the matter.  How long you should play is a totally subjective matter but it is a function of everything we have said in this essay up to now.  When you play at Everygame Casino Red, you are usually at home relaxing or taking a few minutes to play on our fantastic mobile platform while at work, commuting to or from, or waiting to pay in a grocery line.

The length of time you should play reflects all the other things you normally do when you are “at home”.  There is no hard and fast rule for how long a session should last but it truly should fit in seamlessly with all of your other everyday activities.

If gaming for ten minutes fits in perfectly with a well-rounded schedule then play for ten minutes.  If an hour or longer fits in best then play for an hour assuming you have the monetary budget to do so.

In every case, always remember that at Everygame Casino, the most important thing we urge all of our gamers is have fun and stay entertained!