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Is There Any Surefire Way to Know Which Slots are Best for Me?

Everygame Casino has over 200 great slots.  One of the most common questions online gamers, especially newer online gamers who are just starting out online after being used to gaming at land based casinos, ask is how can I choose the slots that are best suited for me?

On Being New to Online Gaming

We all know that there are several major differences between land based casino gaming and online casino gaming.  For instance, you can take advantage of many Everygame Casino promotions.  We have promotions that run for a week and even for a full month.

Very few people stay at a land based casino for as little as a week not to mention a full month so such long promotions give Everygame Casino gamers a built-in advantage over their land based casino gaming counterparts.  Another great promotion we have, and one that fits in perfectly with the theme of this blog, is the online casino no deposit bonus keep what you win.

It isn’t just that you get to keep what you win as good as that is.  It also points to the fact that you can try out as many slots as you might want from the comfort of your one and only “seat” at Everygame Casino.  We put that word “seat” in quotation marks because, ha-ha, in cyberspace, there aren’t any seats.  Or, as the professor from Back to the Future might say: “Seats?  Where we’re going we don’t need seats!”

Never Give up Your Seat

As we said, at Everygame you never give up your seat.  We have millions of seats and whenever a new gamer, such as yourself, comes along we easily add another seat!  What does that have to do with slots?

Actually, it has a great deal to do with slots since the question we hear all the time from new gamers refers to finding the best slots.

Categories of Slots

We have to categorize the slots since we have so many!  Keep in mind that there is a good deal of overlap in these categories.

  • High volatility slots
  • Low volatility slots
  • Themed slots
  • Three reels
  • Five reels
  • Six reels
  • Progressive


We should start here because this category relates to the importance of identifying your budget, the length of time you want to play, and your general slots personality. 

Setting a budget is the first and possibly the most important step you can take as a gamer.  Only true high rollers can play without being concerned about their budgets!

Volatility refers to the frequency of wins and their relative size.  A high volatility slot will have fewer basic wins but will pay out more when top wins occur.  A low volatility slot will have more frequent wins and they will be relatively small.

The overall return to player rate might be the same for both types of slots but some gamers strongly prefer high volatility slots while others prefer low volatility slots.

One of the great benefits of a no deposit bonus is that you can use the money to sample slots with different levels of volatility.  Once you get used to them, you might incorporate some short high volatility gaming into an otherwise low volatility slots gaming session.


Progressive Slots

Let’s skip down the list her since the highest volatility slots are often progressive slots.  We offer several very popular progressive slots.  However, you have to realize that in order to qualify for the progressive jackpot, you have to bet the maximum.  This is one way these slots become highly volatile.  Many gamers set a strict limit to their progressive slots playing.

The best format for quick progressive slots play is our spectacular mobile platform.  At any time during your busy day, if you have a few spare minutes or just need a short break, you can quickly access the mobile gaming platform and play a few spins on a progressive jackpot game.  More than one gamer has won the big progressive jackpot in just this way!

Slots Themes

The many different themes in modern slots are the key to choosing the slots that are best suited for you.  However, we also want you to understand that you are playing at Everygame Casino online.  That means that you can play, to choose a number, 50% of your slots in one or two favorite themes and divide the remaining 50% of your gaming sessions to the themes that you never realized that you like as well!

Do you like dinosaur themes?  We started to offer T-Rex a couple of years ago and it proved so popular that our games provider, Real Time Gaming, came out with T-Rex II.


As we are writing this blog, Halloween is in the air.  In addition to Halloween themed slots, we offer many slots with holiday themes.  In fact, our most popular Christmas themed slot, Naughty and Nice, is also in its second and third incarnations.

One of the elements that stands out in themed slots is how creative the characters and symbols are.  The people who put together the slots we run for Real Time Gaming are on the one hand, computer experts, and on the other hand, true artists!

Ancient History

We have many slots that start off from an ancient civilization.  These slots are fantastically entertaining to be sure.  They also have the power to stimulate an interest in those ancient civilizations.  We go back to Greece, Rome, Egypt, China, Japan, and the Native American civilizations of the Incas, the Aztecs, and the Mayans.

So, choosing just one of these many historical slots is purely subjective.  The great ability you have when you play at Everygame Casino Red is that you can play any slots for as long as you like and come back to any other slot whenever you want to!

Tongue in Cheek

We also run an abundance of purely fun slots.  Some, like the Bubble Bubble or the cash Bandits series might seem at first glance to be serious crime related slots.  NOT!  These slots more closely resemble the Keystone Kops rather than Scarface!

You can look those terms up if you don’t know what they mean! LOL!

The tongue in cheek slots provide that pure fun entertainment that helps many gamers relax and unwind at the end of a long day.  Each and every one of these slots is great fun and, once again, you can subjectively choose the ones you like the most by playing all of them for short periods of time over the course of several gaming sessions.

Take Your Time

The best way to play slots at Everygame Casino is to always look on the fun and entertaining side of gaming.  Secondly, when you play online you have a veritable all the time in the world to decide which slots are best for you.

We suggest playing all of them either for small wagers or in our unlimited free play mode and soon enough you’ll know which slots are in your own top tier!