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What are Some Health Benefits of Online Intellectual Games?

Everygame Casino is happy to be able to report some great news from the world of medicine: medical science is so good at the present moment that people are living, on average, well into their 80’s.  Lots of women are living well into their 90’s.  Medical science tells us that today’s youngest generation will probably live to be at least 100 years old!

That means that gaming in general and online casino gaming in particular have a fantastic future ahead of them!

Medicine also is guaranteed to get better as we learn more about nutrition, the activity of cells, internal organs, and we clean up the environment.  One revelation that medicine has given us in recent years is that playing intellectual games is great for both mind and body.

There are a lot of blackjack and video poker players who will be happy to hear that good news!

Online Casino Intellectual Games

We carry three different types of intellectual games: table poker, video poker, and blackjack.  Here are some of the unusual benefits you can achieve by playing our thinking person’s games.


Slots are Great Too

This is not meant as a knock on slots at all!  Slots also have many benefits but they are different than the benefits you can get from playing the intellectual games.

One of the biggest benefits many people get from slots is an interest in history.  We carry many slots based on ancient cultures.  We hear from slots players all the time that they went to the library and took out a book on the Mayas, the Incas, or the Aztecs!  Some read up about Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

Slots are also great for generating interest in computer graphics.  Our game provider, Real Time Gaming, employs many creative artists who developed an interest in computer graphics by playing computer games including slots in our free play mode.

Building Up Your Self-Confidence

Our intellectual games require that you pay close attention and make decisions on every hand.  By making the correct decision on hand after hand, many gamers develop a heightened sense of self-confidence that carries over into their professional lives.

These gamers may not even know where their heightened self-confidence comes from but they do know that somehow they feel a lot more capable of making a major business presentation to the people whose approval will enhance their careers!

Building Up Your Self-Control

We think of self-control as being connected to eating and drinking.  This is certainly the case.  Still, self-control also refers to using our time well, being organized, and having a well-rounded set of interests.

By playing intellectual games for a pre-set length of time, we put ourselves in the position to develop our intellectual curiosity in many other areas.  A gamer might set aside a half an hour to play table or video poker and then close out the session on time in order to pursue his or her many other interests.

Self-control and self-discipline are two sides of the same coin.  They complement each other and the resulting good feelings often carry over into other pursuits.

Intellectual Games can Make You Want to Exercise

We all know how difficult it is for most people to get up to exercise.  Intellectual games stimulate the brain.  They provide feel good chemicals in the brain.  It is well known that exercise does the same.

So, after a session of blackjack, many gamers want to go out and take a fast paced walk, lift some barbells, swim, ride their bike, or do any other physical activity.  We all know how good it feels after sitting in front of the computer for a time.

Slow Down Your Cravings

The feel good chemicals that intellectual games produce in our brains and often lead us to exercise afterwards also help tone down our need to indulge cravings.  A lot of gamers find it much easier to pass up a piece of cake or some ice cream after gaming and exercising.

While you’re playing video poker, you won’t want to snack because you need to devote your full attention on the decisions you have to make.  Even long after closing out a gaming session many gamers feel that they don’t really need to indulge in cravings. 

This doesn’t mean that meat lovers will suddenly want to gag themselves with roughage!  It means that the foods that we know we should eat less of are less appealing after we have stimulated our minds rather than our appetites.

Reduce Stress

Many people have highly stressful jobs in which they have to make many extremely important, even risky, decisions.  Intellectual online casino games at Everygame Casino Red also involve making decisions but the decisions involve far less stress.

It is actually true that making gaming decisions reduces stress.  This reduction in stress often carries over into the next work day.

Intellectual Games Provide Helpful Vicarious Moments

Work is the most real situation many people face every day.  Some people thrive on the in your face aspect of many jobs.  Others do well to simulate these moments and in so doing actually can become more skilled at traversing the many land mines our highly competitive society throws at us.

After all, blackjack is just a game.  If you stay within your monetary and time budgets, blackjack is simply a fun pastime. 

Games of Chance and Games of Skill

Games of chance are great for relaxing and winding down.  Sometimes we want some mindless fun.  Television used to provide mindless fun until television got so much more stupid than anyone thought possible!  Any television show that purports to be mindless fun will eat your brain and leave you totally mindless.

Gaming serves this very important role more and more nowadays.  That is the role of the games of chance such as slots.  There is also another game of chance that totally does not fulfill this role: the lottery.  Sure, you can buy a ticket and win millions of dollars, but while you wait for the drawing to take place, you still need some fun!

The games of skill provide many benefits such as the ones we detailed above.  For people in any decision making profession, the games of skill also challenge you.  This is a much less appreciated element of games of skill.  For some people, simply accepting the challenges of both games of skill and decision-oriented professions is a big step in their development.

So, do not under-estimate the importance and value of the online casino games of skill at Everygame Casino Red.  Try it - you'll like it!