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What Advice Can You Give Me as a Rookie at Everygame Casino?

Every gamer at Everygame Casino comes to our online casino for the many games we offer.  In addition to our many games, we also offer numerous excellent promotions beginning with our new player Welcome Package which can be worth up to $5555!  There are many hours of happy and fun gaming awaiting you when you join up at Everygame!

With an eye on keeping every garner, new ones and veteran ones alike, happy, we decided to write a blog on some of the most common “rookie” mistakes new gamers make.  To be sure, some long time gamers make some of these mistakes too.  So let’s get to it!

Still Thinking that You’re at a Land Based Casino

Let’s face it: land based casinos have been around for centuries while online casinos have just begun to shave!  Even now, twenty years into what we hope will be our long term online casino gaming time, most of our gamers first spun a slots reel, tossed the dice in craps, said 'hit me' in blackjack, or bet on their favorite number in roulette at a land based casino.

There are many very important differences between us as an online casino and any land based casino.


When you take a deposit bonus at an online casino, you also accept a play through requirement.  This means that you have to play a factor of the bonus before you can withdraw winnings.  This protects the casinos from the gamers—not you, of course—who might otherwise cash out as soon as the bonus is registered to their account.

Gamers who forget that they are playing at an online casino, sometimes don’t take a bonus because they don’t think they’ll have enough time to work through the play through requirement.  That certainly makes sense when you’re at a land based casino because how much time do you have there?  A few days to a week!

At Everygame Casino, you have as much time as you need to get through the play through requirement.  This means that gamers at Everygame and other online casinos can take a lot more bonuses - daily bonuses, if they'd like - than they can take at a land based casino.


A Lot of Flexibility

Let’s say that you plan to go to a land based casino for a long weekend.  You make all the reservations a couple of months in advance.  Then you get the sniffles as you are boarding the plane!

If you’re going to a land based casino, you go there even though you’re not feeling 100% up to par.  If you’re gaming at an online casino, you can drink some hot tea with honey, ginger, and turmeric and go comfortably to bed.  You might have a spouse, partner, friend, or significant other to help you get through this minor cold.

If you have the sniffles at a land based casino, you will soon find yourself as a persona non grata.  That means that even the blackjack dealers would rather you left their table!

This is just one of the many examples of how gaming at an online casino is a lot more flexible than gaming at a land based casino!  Here are a few more:

  • When you play online, you can play on any day of the week or month.
  • When you play online, you can play for as long as you like without getting the feeling that you need to get your money’s worth.
  • When you play at an online casino, you never have to give up your seat.
  • At an online casino, there is always room for one more player even at a table with thousands of players already!
  • Everygame Casino also has a great mobile gaming platform.  You can use it anytime, even when you’re at home.  It is kind of sad to travel to a land based casino and end up playing at Everygame on your mobile device in your bedroom because you couldn't afford the table minimum at the land-based casino!
  • There are no other players at the blackjack table to criticize your gaming decisions.  At Everygame, you can never be intimidated by another player for any reason at all.
  • When you play at an online casino, you can eat when you’re hungry, drink when you feel like it (and close the session before imbibing on alcoholic drinks), and sleep when you’re tired.  Rookies often play when they’re hungry, play when their decision making skills have been reduced by alcohol and play after they should go to sleep.  These three errors are so common at land based casinos that they often carry over in rookies at online casinos.

Online Bonuses are Very Different than Land based Casino “Bonuses”

The bonuses at land based casinos might be free food, free drinks, free tickets to shows, or free hotel accommodations.  At Everygame Casino the bonuses are deposit bonuses.  These bonuses enable you to play a lot longer over a much longer period of time all the while playing with the casino’s money!

Trying to Outsmart the Random Number Generator

At land based casinos, there are many games that you play with real people and real equipment.  Online casinos are entirely virtual so every game has to be generated by computer software.  The software is called the Random Number Generator or RNG. 

The RNG determines every outcome.  It doesn’t know what happened in the previous spin or hand.  Therefore, there is no way to say that an outcome is “due” to happen.  In roulette, for example if your favorite number hasn’t come up for more than 36 spins, that doesn’t mean that it will come up on the next spin or even in the next ten spins!

There is a belief called the gambler’s fallacy that states in general that some outcomes are due.  Gamblers following this fallacy occurs more often at land based casinos as some players watch the slots and determine in their own minds that a given jackpot is due to hit.  A lot of money is lost by gamblers following this way of thinking.  It is a big rookie mistake to think that the past determines the future at any casino!

The Biggest Rookie Mistake of All

There is a true phenomenon that occurs at land based casinos.  It is the phenomenon of gamblers wandering about the casino floor in a daze.  They probably have very little if any of their bankroll left and still have a day or more at the casino before their flight home.

This should never happen when you play at Everygame Casino Red!  We say again and again that everyone who plays casino games at our casino should have fun and entertainment as their primary goals.  So, emphasize the fun.  You are always still in your everyday life.  Incorporate gaming into your daily routine rather than making it the be all and end all of a few days’ routine.