Quiz Time

Let’s Take a Fun Quiz about Everygame Casino

Let’s have some fun!  One of the main reasons why Everygame Casino is considered to be a top casino online is that we always emphasize having fun!  We mean the kind of fun you have whenever you play be it online casino games at Everygame Casino or any other kind of fun activity.  We all work hard and we all need gaming as a way of winding down and relaxing.  Our idea today is to give you an online casino quiz.  Let’s see how much you know about online casinos!

Spoiler alert: We can say for sure that online casinos are a lot more than a place to play hundreds of slots!

We’re going to ask the questions and then you should take a little time to formulate your answer.  Then you can look ahead at our answer.  It will be interesting to see how closely your answers jive with ours!

What is an Online Casino?

Naturally, this would be the first question in an online casino quiz.  We can give a fancy, highfalutin answer or a more normal, down to Earth answer.  First, the highfalutin answer.

An online casino is a computer software driven emporium that specializes in providing players the fun and excitement of playing casino games for real money even though the players are at home and not many miles from home at a brick and mortar casino.

The down to Earh answer is more, well, down to Earth.  An online casino has everything a land based casino has in terms of games but it has much more than any land based casino can offer and therefore is a better venue for playing casino games. 

Why is Gaming at an Online Casino Better than Playing at a Land Based Casino?

There are many answers to this question!  This question goes directly to the heart of why the online casino market is growing so fast.


  • Gamers come to an online casino to have a little fun playing casino games.  People go to land based casinos to gamble.
  • Gamers can play every game at an online casino from the comfort of their favorite chair or sofa.  Gamblers at land based casinos have to go from terminal to terminal or table to table to sample every game the casino has to offer.  For those reasons, land based casino gamblers never sample all the games the casino has to offer while we encourage our gamers to sample all of our games!
  • Online casinos understand that you have a life outside of the casino so they make it fun and easy to play for as long as you like and even for free if you wish to do so.  Land based casinos know that you’re “stuck” gambling there for a couple of days to even a week so they keep you on the casino floor by confusing you as to the time (no clocks or windows) and ply you with free alcohol to lower your guard and cause you to make poor gambling decisions.

Don’t People Like the Excitement of a Land Based Casino?

That is true for the first hour or so.  After that, the excitement wears off; people go to the buffet to have something other than gambling to do; and depending on how much luck the gambler has been having, they might quickly start counting the hours until the flight back home.

What is the Most Popular Game at an Online Casino?

The answer here is the same for online casinos and land based casinos: slots are the universally favorite casino game.  Modern slots are called video slots because even at land based casinos they are digital.  The workings are all computerized.

The biggest differences between slots at a land based casino and at an online casino are two-fold: first, the return to player rate at a land based casino is lower than at an online casino because land based casinos have a lot more overhead and second, all land based casinos have limited space so when a new game comes in an older game has to go out.  Online casinos have limitless space giving gamers the most options for fun slots play.

Do Online Casinos Have the Same Number of Promotions as Land Based Casinos?

Actually, online casinos have a lot more promotions than land based casinos have!  For one, gamers at Everygame Casino and other online casinos can play on any day of the week.  Our gamers come back often to play.  We get to know our players so that you are not anonymous people to us.

Being able to play every day of the week means that gamers don’t have to squeeze a lot of gaming into any one session.  We encourage all of our gamers to see online gaming as a pastime.  Land based casinos have different gamblers every couple of days, even sometimes every couple of hours.  Unless you are a high roller or live within minutes of the casino, you will always be an anonymous gambler to them.

Furthermore, if you come on Friday and intend to leave on Sunday, you will just be one of many such gamblers this weekend and you’ll be replaced by Stepford Wives type of gamblers next weekend.

So, online casinos can run promotions that reward gaming even for just a few minutes.  There is almost never a phenomenon of gambling for just a few minutes at a land based casino!

Land Based Casinos Give away Free Food, Alcohol, Rooms, and Shows.  What Do Online Casinos Give?

We give you money!  Lots of money!  First of all, our games all have higher return to player rates than land based casino games have because we don’t operate hotels, support theaters, employ bartenders and cocktail waitresses and so forth.  You wouldn’t believe how much turnover there is at land based casinos, how much the turnover costs the casinos, and who pays for all those costs.  That’s right, the gamblers do and they do so through high hotel rates but especially through lower returner to player rates.

The second way we give you money is through bonuses!  We offer great bonuses that may reach 100% of your deposit or higher.  We offer a set of five bonuses to new signees that can reach as much as $5555!  We can offer you these bonuses because you can take all the time you need to work through the wagering requirement.  This detail protects us from the few gamers who might take a bonus and then cash out immediately.

Still, you have all the time you need to get through the requirement and then you can withdraw your winnings.  At land based casinos very few gamblers have the time to work their way through the wagering requirement so cash bonuses are less effective at these casinos 

Well, we have barely touched the surface of what an online casino really is so we will probably run part 2 of this online casino quiz soon!  So stay tuned.